Privacy Is A Game For Zynga

Zynga's bajillion-dollar bid to go public came with oodles of fun insight into the company, thanks to that filing with the securities and exchange commission. It also landed around the same time that the Facebook game developer launched a new game, one all about your privacy.

While Zynga assures users that they take privacy seriously, they also say they wanted to figure out a way to get people to understand the information they collect and how they use it.

"In that spirit, we are excited to announce the launch of Zynga's latest privacy initiative, PrivacyVille," the company wrote on its blog today. "PrivacyVille is a game-like tutorial that rewards players for learning more about our privacy practices and provides easy access to additional privacy resources."

While the company says they made PrivacyVille by "by leveraging our creative and gaming talents to build a more accessible (and rewarding!) privacy education experience" the end result sort of looks like a bunch of text boxes with a single button to click in them.

You do get rewarded for clicking your way through those boxes, and taking a silly quiz. But to reap those rewards you need to... sign-up for RewardVille.

Enjoy the entire "game", less the reward at the end.


    Spoiler alert, geez

      Genuinely laughed out loud at that, Tim. Well played.

    massive joke... thats is why i stopped playing farmville...

    So they're now trading publicly on StockMarketVille?

    If I do something outside the EULA will they take me to CourtVille?

    I'm hungry, I'm off to the SuperMarketVille.

    Despite the cutesy graphics, I think Zynga are a little E-Ville.

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