Professor Genki Wants You To Preorder The Platinum Edition Of Saints Row: The Third

The host of Saints Row’s top-rated reality show makes killing time fun with Professor Genki’s Hyper Ordinary Preorder Pack, the perfect octopus-shooting, pedestrian-catapulting compliment to the Saints Row: The Third Platinum Edition.

Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax is a show that places contestants in shiny, happy, life-or-death contests, where winning is half the battle! Contestants participate in colourfully named games like Baby or Cobra, Monkey Money Grab, and Professor Genki’s Super Sparkle Lab. It sounds like the sort of game show I’d love to see other people play for hours on end.

With that much fun in the show itself, you know Professor Genki’s Hyper Ordinary Preorder Pack has to be filled with pure joy. It comes with three items to make your day in Saints Row happier: Professor Genki’s Super Ballistic Man-a-pult, which scoops up pedestrians and fires them out of a cannon; Professor Genki’s “Octopuss” Cannon, which shoots baby octopi at people’s heads; and the ever-stylish Professor Genki’s Leisure Stunt Suit, complete with mask.

These items can be yours if you preorder the regular edition of the game or the lovely $US99 Platinum Edition, which comes packed with the game’s soundtrack and a custom auto-tuning headset. Boy is multiplayer going to be fucking annoying!

Saints Row: The Third hits the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox this Australian spring. Will you be playing?


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