Prototype 2 Makes It A Date: April 24, 2012

Prototype 2 will release for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on April 24, 2012, Activision said today at San Diego Comic-Con.

A new CG trailer, the first of in a series of three, went up at the game's official website. Shape-shifting superhero Alex Mercer and blade-armed badass Sgt. James Heller will also throw down at Activision's Comic-Con booth, where the game will have its first public showing in a 15-minute presentaton performed throughout the expo.


    After inFamous 2's sheer style and brilliance, Prototype 2 has a lot to contend with. I loved part 1 initially, but when I got into inFamous I realised how shallow and repetitive Prototype really was. I hope this has been fixed for 2. I really do.

    I really enjoyed the first Prototype. Not a blockbuster title but it was damn good fun and it made me feel like a total badass.

    I don't know about this. It seems very far away for something that (should have) been in development for a long time.

    Prototype 1 came out at the same time as Infamous IIRC, so why wouldn't 2?

    I think that by then, it's going to be way outdated, especially after Skyrim, ME3, and all the other blockbusters coming out shortly. The graphics only just seemed passable for this generation, not the next one.

    Looking forward to this. Loved the first. The free running and gliding was one of the most liberating experiences I'd had at the time so personally this is on the purchase list as a definite.

    inFamous didn't really grab me after claiming it free with the PSN Welcome Back package. Not a terribly bad game, but I will not be buying inFamous 2 any time soon.

    For the record, I only recently purchased Just Cause 2 and that instilled the same sense of freedom and enjoyment that Prototype did...

      the first inFAMOUS is kinda hard to enjoy until you get about 50% of the way through the story, where more of the city is open to you and you have all the locomotion powers unlocked and upgrades purchased and whatnot. If you haven't progressed to that point I'd recommend it. It's pretty fun.

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