Put Mass Effect's Normandy On Your Shelf (Again)

That little toy replica of Mass Effect's Normandy we showed you a few months back will soon have a twin. But not an identical twin.

While the first ship is in Systems Alliance livery and will be out in November, there'll be a second version of the Normandy available a month later. This time in the Cerberus colours of Mass Effect 2, it'll cost $US35 and be available from the BioWare store.


    Bah humbug, give me a decent size model none of this tiny Hot Wheels size crap.

      "Measuring at 6 1/4" long"(Bioware shop.) So it's just over 16 cm long.

        Make it double the length, and I'll consider buying one.

        Which is pretty freakin' small. Sure it's only $35 but they double the size make sure it's detailed and I'll pay good money for it.

    Ooh, this is a nice idea.

    I prefer the Alliance colours, personally.

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