Red Faction: Armageddon Outta Here!

Red Faction: Armageddon Outta Here!

Red Faction: Armageddon Outta Here!Following disappointing sales of Red Faction: Armageddon, THQ has stated that it will not continue with the franchise.

“Given that that title now in two successive versions has [only]found a niche,” said THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell, as reported by Gamasutra, “we do not intend to carry forward with that franchise in any meaningful way.”

It’s a shame, given the fact that both Red Faction: Guerrilla and Armageddon really did push the boundaries of in-game destruction physics with the Geomod engine. Hopefully this tech will find its feet in another Volition franchise.

Good night sweet prince. Daddy’s going to miss you.

THQ Phases Out Red Faction Franchise Following ‘Disappointing’ Sales [Gamasutra]


    • Agreed. Guerilla’s open world and free reign to destory were both really great. The small side missions like the hostage rescues and where you would be given limited ammo and time to destroy a structure, they were a lot of fun.

      Unfortunately the storyline was pretty poor and the core shooting mechanics weren’t very solid. The wold could certainly use more to it to make it feel more alive, much of it was just empty wasteland. Which did fit with the concept but made the long drives pretty boring.

      Even the upgrade system wasn’t bad but could use some tweaking. The only other criticism would be that once you destroyed buildings, they never came back so the game got stale. If they had put the regenerator in the single player, say as a reward for finishing the campaign it would have given the game hours more fun.

      I think Guerilla was a good game that was just shy of being great. Why they took it in such a different direction for Armageddon I don’t know, when they were already on to something good, it just needed polish.

  • I bought it!


    Because it was $45 for the slightly better than normal edition.

    I would love to see the sales comparison between Guerilla and Armageddon, because the latter really did seem to appear out of nowhere, and I didn’t see that much in the way of marketing…

  • Haven’t played Armageddon yet, still gotta finish Guerrilla (pile of shame) but it’s on my list to buy.

    And yes, hopefully the destruction physics with the Geomod engine is used in other games, lot’s of fun has been had with the hammer.

  • I played the demo of Armageddon and actually liked it, I was surprised to discover that the game actually did poorly.

    I might have to read some reviews and find out where it went wrong. My wife did remark watching me play the demo that it’s silly that they let you destroy stuff you have to walk across because then you just have to repair it anyway – but that’s more of an itpick than a criticism.

  • And I just started playing Armageddon yesterday after a Guerilla marathon.

    Real damn shame…I was enjoying it so much I didn’t even realize that evening turned into mid-morning.

    Guess I’m a part of that “niche” gamer base.

    It deserved more attention than both Duke Nukem or Amy Winehouse.

        • HAHA!
          Small world.
          I used to live around the corner from it.. now i’m up closer to the coles area, sort of lol

          I love driving past that place – it looks so awesome… pity they’re going to tear it down and build apartments there instead

  • This makes me sad 🙁

    Absolutely loved this game. Played through it twice but couldn’t even get through Guerilla once. Got bored well before the end!

  • I loved the open world of Guerilla. When I read Armageddon was going to be linear, I lost all interest. I’ll probably still pick it up when it goes cheap, which from the tone of the article won’t be too long.

    Thank boognish Saints Row is still open world.

    • Considering the linearity of most games nowadays, its not a bad game at all. The destruction/construction mechanic of the game is entertaining enough to distract you from wanderlust.

      Also, consider that the first Red Faction was a mostly-linear underground game. Armageddon fits perfectly in the franchise.

  • Man, this sucks. After Guerilla I was hoping they would improve that formula. But no they went about making a lame brown 3rd person shooter & killed it!

  • Aww man, I really enjoyed the Red Faction series, and I quite enjoyed the last game despite it only lasting 6 hours 🙁

    On the bright side, give it another 10 years and I’m sure they’ll sell the series or resurrect it.

  • Volition and Techland (CoJ) have both pulled really dumb moves this year. Take a successful franchise, turn it on it’s head from what made the previous iteration a winner, then watch it bomb..

    • Notice that they are saying that they are closing the curtains on the franchise due to the fact that BOTH Guerilla AND Armageddon didn’t win them a lot of money.

  • I played the demo and the only thing I could think of was “Magnetizing a bucket to a large water pipe should not make an entire building explode”. I let this problem go in Guerrilla because it was a new system and they were just getting out the original concept. They should have been improving on the initial design so that it will require more effort to bring something down.

    Also they should have stayed and built on the initial concept that the heroes from the previous game were the villians in the new one.

  • I hired Armageddon the day I finished and took Duke Nukem Forever back. I enjoyed it soooo much but I think this had to do more with getting over the pain I endured with DNF.

    Also, I thought it was a brainless ‘blow shit up’ romp that is needed every now and then. Not as good as Guerrilla but it is definitely underrated.

  • It was a good game! I think I enjoyed the previous one better for its open world and such and the online was a blast with some friends. This one had the infestation mode but once I got the achievements I didn’t go back. One thing I hate in a game is ugly, dark,moist, brown caves that you just run around endlessly in. And this game had at least 2 levels of that (the final missions especially). I just can’t stand them, boring.

  • I bought RF:A cheap at EB.
    Had a blast playing it, played 3/4 the game just using the mag gun.
    Big, bad alien pissing you off? launch a building at it.
    Big, bad alien pissing you off with back up from smaller aliens? launch big, bad alien at smaller aliens.
    But I did miss the open air feel of RF:G though.

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