Remember This?

Can you remember this game from a single screenshot? Let us know in the comments below, and if someone manages to guess correctly feel free to share your rose-tinted memories and get crazy drunk on nostalgia.

EDIT: My bad - I used the wrong image! Fixed now!


    Metal Gear on the NES

    Metal gear for sure

    Metal Gear, right at the start when you first see the guard.

    The dialogue at that part is hilarious

    "I'm getting sleepy"

    "I feel asleep"

      Actually after a second viewing, it looks a lot like Alpha Protocol.

    I'm getting some intense Ocarina of time vibes from this... something around the temple of time maybe. Has been 10 years since I played it though so I'm slightly hesitant to commit to it.



    Minecraft lololol

    I played this game for about 5 minutes and rage quit and never went back.

    Thumbnail made me think cannon fodder but have to agree with Metal Gear.

      I don't think you ever see the sky in Cannon Fodder (except at the title/pre-mission screen with the graveyard).

    Rambo on NES?

    Commando for Sega Master System.

    The screenshot initially reminded me of Cabal, Predator & Platoon on C64 - but I don't remember any of them having pitch blank night skies.

    I'm thinking Cabal,
    but it I'm also thinking it was from a horizontal scrolling shoot like Canal, whos name I can not find!!

    METAL GEAR?!?!!???!! (on NES)

    I Feel Asleep!

    Metal Gear. Without a doubt. Though as to whether or not its the NES version and not the MSX, I have no idea.


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