Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? I'm guessing you can, so if you get this before I check back in, feel free to reminisce over this classic game.


    Stab in the dark here. . . One of those Micro Machines games on the PS1? You know, with the tiny cars that race around tracks in your kitchen or garden or something?

    micro machines?

    Micromachines racing?

    Micro Machines I think - First time I've had any clue at all...

    No idea on this pic

    But I have an idea for a series of these:

    Remember this explosion?
    Pick the old game from a screenshot of the explosions in the game and nothing but the explosions in the game =)

      ...but cool guys don't look at explosions...

        So you're forever looking away from your screen, putting on sunglasses and walking off during the explosion right?

        Must make using rocket launchers a pain.

      That would be cool.

    MicroMachines V2, One of my favorite racing games back in the day.

    Definitely Micro Machines... not sure which console though.

    Micro Machines 2

    looks like one of the treehouse tracks from MicroMachines 2... now if only we could see if this one had the cars or helicopters... probably cars for this one methinks

    my first thought was micro machines... but it could be a trap...

    micro ma...

    hey, that's got to be someone taking cover behind wooden crates about to activate modern warfare 3's tactical airstrike weapon

    That takes me back... I think.

    Anyways, reminds me of Micro Machines.

    micro machines fro mega drive. didn;t that game have a make your own track editor too. fun times.

    Micro Machines (Sega Mega Drive)

    Wasted quite a few hours when I was a kid playing that.

    Micromachines 2 for PC!!
    Why does it have to be a console guys? It was a PC game too.

    I looked at this at 12 o'clock on the dot and thought micromachines, but didnt post because I thought for sure it wasnt and that I was stupid :/

    Haha oh well.


    Those things are called radios and are what people used to use before mobile phones.

    WTF in the world is Carmen Sandiego?

    Someone may have already mentioned this, but it looks like Micro Machines.
    The chalk outline for the track brings back memories.

    Damn, one of the few times I actually know one of these and I'm too late.
    Definitely Micro Machines, The little wooden nobs in the wood and the yellow marble are dead give-aways.
    Awesome game, I never actually owned it, but I must've hired it out from the local video shop over 9000 times...

      WHAT! 9000?

    Lol, I LOVE this game so much I have it on my 27" Core I7 12GB RAM 2TB iMac and still play it religiously. Yey for MicroMachines

      sorry to say this dave but you wasted your money buying a mac bet it cost u like 4k aswell. u have no street credit with that rig the moment u mention mac. get yourself a PC like a real man.

        This = WIN!!!

        lol. I'm a PC guy too man. I use Everything I can including my commodore 64, Linux, Window, OS2, BEOS and Mac OS. I just like the design of Mac and if I get sick of it there's plenty of suckers out there who play almost RRP for them second hand. Everything has it's uses. Even if that use is being a bit prettier than a home built desktop.

        Totall cost was $2670 AU$ too. Not cheap but not like old school Apple prices

        Well, have you ever owned one?

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