Remember This?

I think its time for me to crank Remember This up yet another notch. So can you remember this game from a single image? Let us know in the comments below.


    For some reason, my first thought was Boogerman, but I'm certain it's something much older than that...

    Also, does that say "Gholland"? What the..?

    spectrum - the way of the exploding fist? maybe ik+

      bahaha someone got it in 8 minutes (the way of the exploding fist), crank it up another notch Serrels!

      I was going to guess International Karate or even The Last Ninja for the C64

        You guys are ridiculous man...

        Anyway - this is how it's going to be from now on. Insanely small parts of screenshots.

        You guys have forced my hand man. You're too good!

          Hmm, maybe you could...

          ... invert the colours?
          ... pixellate them?
          ... greyscale?

          Yeah I duno, you guys are crazy..

          And apply a random Photoshop filter on top.

          I feel as though it's going to be a 10x10 pixel image soon... or something smaller

          I hope you're not still pulling the images from the net, try generating your own.
          If you still have the old systems.

          When you hit 8 pixels, and they still guess it... I will be worried.

          Though please if possible, don't just use older or more obscure games. You can make a more recent or popular title still hard to guess by choosing the right picture, and hopefully then more of us would have a chance. I'm afraid the oldest console I've ever played on was the NES so I don't have much hope with some of these.

          Sick, at home, check the front page, and as soon as I saw the, I thought "Way of the Exploding Fist"

          MARK! You are not trying hard enough! You need to be like Demon's Souls, or Ninja Gaiden - You need to make us work for our victory!

    c64 ye air ku fu...
    internation Karate?

    It's a japanese arch..

      You got it! Man, you guys really are too good at this.


    I was thinking IK+ too, but it's definitely "Way of The Exploding Fist", perhaps on Amstrad or C64

    International Karate Plus? Not sure which system.

    Awww. I knew this one but I was stuck in a meeting until 5 minutes ago only to pop in here and find someone had already got it.
    Mark I want to see a Remember This? using just a screen grab of the score. That should make it interesting.

    International Karate I punch your balls

    The attribute clash alone gave it away as a zx spectrum title ;-)

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