Remember This?

Can you remember this game from a single screenshot? You guys continually blow my mind with your skills of deduction, so I'm trying to make this a little tougher for you!


    Damn. For once I'm first in and I have no idea. I Win and Loose at the same time. ehhhh.

    Eazsy Peasy.

    This id the old SNES game Gold Brick 2: The Brickening, precursor to Gold Brick 3: Brick Hard Or Gold Home

      I laughed at this way more than would be considered decent.

    Prince of Persia?

    I want to say Double Dragon, so I'm going too. Double Dragon?

    I feel like it's Zelda 2 on the NES but I'm probably wrong.

      It reminded me of that too, but I don't recall that weird sideways ladder thing (is it meant to be a window?)

        There's shadows behind it. This would seem to imply that the bricks are actually the floor.

          Actually scratch that. I'm going to say it's a bookshelf. Hope that helps.

    Asterix on the Master System?

    Who framed Roger Rabbit on the NES?

    I recognise those bricks anywhere, bad luck Serrels you screwed up again, it's clearly that classic game, the one we've all played many years ago yet you thought you could trick us, but let me tell you it won't work this time because quite frankly it is easy to see what game this obviously is, so hang your head in shame because you have failed to fool us yet again!

    Is it pokemon by any chance?

    I almost would've said metal gear NES BUT it doesn't quite match up. It does look a lot like a NES game though, ducktales or something like that. New Zealand Story? I got nothin'.

      Hey Mark, looks like this guy had the answer a few hours ago. ;)

        It wasn't conclusive enough - just a scattershot of random guesses.

          I agree it's got to be a solid declaration of a game, not a buck shot spread.

          if you gonna call it, call it...

          and he finished it with "I got nothing!" so there you go... the comment was clearly "it's in this ball park somewhere, even if it turns out to be nothing like this. Maybee!"


    I'm thinking it's a Pokemon :S

    Is it Untitled 13?

    It sort of looks like bellsprout tower in pokemon gold. That can't be right though.

    How long will it be until you just show us a single pixel of a screenshot and ask us to guess the game? lol

    Wonderboy? Or Wonderboy in Monster World? Both on Master System.

    It reminds me of the Count Duckula game on the C64... doubt its it.. but damn that was a good game.

    Give us a hint. Maybe what century it was made in?

      It was made sometime in this, or the last, millenium.

        Thanks Tad, you have no idea how much that narrows it down for me =D

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