Remember This?

I literally can't believe that you guys got the right answer to Remember This on Friday, so today I'm making it even more difficult! If you guys pull this one off, I may just have to retire! So, once again, can you remember this game from one single screenshot? Let us know in the comments below!


    I know it's wrong, but i can't stop thinking about Wonder Boy IV


    Seriously, if anybody gets it this week i'll be amazed. I will bow down to you.

    Secret of Mana?

      That was my first thought. But I couldn't find any images to support that.

      It looks like a SNES era RPG map, but not from any of the games I've played from what I could find.

    It kind of reminds me of "The Fools Errand" or "3 in Three" but I know I'm wrong.

    That's so ridiculous, you just want to win now don't you Serrels lol...

    Looks familar...something on the SNES. King of Dragons?

    Chip and Dale: rescue rangers for the NES?

    I have no idea - good job serrels. :P

    Guys, you know if you don't let Serrels win this one, the next one will be a single pixel?

    It kinda looks like one of those bugs that shoots yellow things from Sonic, but its too small for that reslolution.

    Is it Sonic 1 on the Master System?

    Ahh crap I'm too busy today to apply myself too seriously to this one.

    Hello Kitty Island Adventure!

    My initial reaction was 'Space Harrier'..

    TinEye search didn't yield any success :-(

    Second thoughts are a Donkey Kong Country game, possibly on a GBA or something (Thanks Brett_Worthington for giving me the idea)

    Could possibly be one of the part of one of the backgrounds in one of the Super Robot Wars games back on the snes?

    Its shadow or sonic - I think. Robotniks bean machine LOL. no? Its been flipped or inverted

    Just a wild guess really but it kind of reminds me of Megalomania's map.

      ha! I looked up screen shots of megalomania and it's way much for my memories. ;)

      I still think it's something similar like an overhead map in the corner.

    or toad? in a car/ well done!awesome pic its doing my head in


      I think you are right, it looks like an Orc Zealot phasing in a Pylon on Creep, the colour of it tells me they require more gold to build it and need a refinery before a Decard Cain rush happens.

        I was thinking more along the lines of a close up of a coursair and a mutalisk from starcraft 1. But the background isn't tiled so probably not.

          sorry not a coursair, one of those attack ships from the protoss carriers.

            I can see what you mean but no, the palette is all wrong for a PC game, it's a GBA game.

    It look like mario in a toad car killing a koopa? So Mario kart?? on GBA?

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