Remember This? [UPDATE]

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? Now that it's 3pm, I've added a second part of the screenshot to help you guys out!


    Bionic Commando.

      Are you a bad enough dude to hit your own dick with a hammer?

    Golfy Golfy Golf Golf?

    I'm gonna go with Solitaire on an old version of windows...

      I think you're right, even if you're not.

      certainly looks like it lol

      That sounds pretty solid. I'm running win98, so I opened it up to check. I'm not so sure it's right (might be win95 versions?), because the corner on my one's card borders like that is rounded, not straight. Hmm.

    If it is a soccer game I'll say World Cup Italia '90 on the Mega Drive

    That being said, the 18yard or penalty box should be white, not black...

    Police Quest 1 driving map screen?

    mario kart SNES?

    That's cheating, Mark! At last have a few other sprites.

    Other than that, it is still funny.

    Thought it might be an old Game Boy screen, but it's too bright.

    Yeah I'm going to go with an early version of Windows Solitaire.

    I love how the theme in these posts has gone from 'reminisce about an old favourite game' to 'I'm gunna git you, suckers'. In essence, if not in words...

    you're a competitive soul, aren't you, Serrels?

    Well that pic certainly narrow's it down!

    There's a lot of green so um - Captain Planet?


    Sore loser much Mark?

    True story, I went to an art gallery once, and there was a painting of a green canvas. Thats it. Worth $1 million! Weird.


    Well played, old bean.

    Well played.

    Oh come on Mark... so its come to this... having to resort to cheating.

    Google images isn't helping at all this week!

    Hollywood Adventure: Mastering the Green Screen

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