Remember This? [UPDATE 2]

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? I've now added the second and third screenshot for your perusal!


    Okay I'll take a few stabs.

    I'll start with Silver Surfer for the NES

    DAMN, why does this look familiar? I'm just seeing it zooming out to reveal something in a test tube/chamber, like an alien (from alien), or... something like metroid.

    Waiting for the day of the single pixel 'Remember This'

    Conway's Game of Life

    you have got to be kidding me.

    me think Mark has become vindictive. . .

      I've decided to stagger it. Make it hard, then release more parts of the screen as the day goes on. Next part at 2pm!

    I'm thinking Galaga but can't remember if there were stars in that or not. Otherwise something random like James Pond 2

      Yeah, I was thinking it was something like Galaga too. But then I thought it was too obvious for the current gen of 'Remember this?'.

    Off the topic of answering the picture maybe you could try some screen shots but add a heavy blur effect or something tricky like that to make it a bit more interesting. So we see a blur of blue in amongst big blurs of green and orange and then "oh I know it's sonic the hedgehog" if you catch my drift.

    Gyrus on C64

      I meant Gyruss....with an added s at the end.

    Reminds me of the flamey bits at the start of Street Fighter Alpha 2.

    I'm going with Conway's Game of Life.

    Some later iteration of Space Invaders or similiar type of game.

    One of the donkey kong country series? I'm feeling DK2 Diddy Kongs quest.

    beat 'em and eat 'em

    Reminds me of Asteroids.

    Wizball on C64

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