Remember This? My One And Only Victory!

Yesterday was a glorious day. After being soundly defeated each Monday and Friday, I finally posted a Remember This screenshot you guys couldn't get. Now, I've decided I'm going to post another part of the screenshot, to see if you guys can get it!

Can you guys guess it now?


    Full Throttle?

    Looks like Mario Kart SNES

      Definitely no Super Mario Kart, there were never any cliffs to race around.

      It does look like some sort of racer with the yellow line snaking around the cliff though. Outrun?

    Street Racer!

    I got it my cheating, so I won't post the results.

    Congrats Mark, you beat us all! How about a new section where you take a portion of a screenshot from a game released in the last 2 years and see if we can guess it?

      we wont have a chance, it will all be brown or grey

      If you make it the view down the gun sights, then no one will be able to tell.

      That wouldn't work at all! How are we supposed to distinguish one game's brown & bloom textures from any other's?

      i also cheated couldnt help it :P
      am i right in remembering this game being 2 play coop? one driving (its clearly a driving game) and the other... shall we say taking care of business?

      Jeez, you guys really think that all games are made in shades of Gears of War brown? Expand your horizons, there are plenty of colourful and unique games on the market.... Or do you not want to get off your online FPS to actually find them?

      How about "What Game Is This Explosive Red Barrel From?"

    kinda looks like out run

    Certainly a racing game, but not one I'm familiar with.
    Not that I've played many racing games.
    Anyway, congratulations Mark, you've claimed your first kill. I'll be hoping to see a video of your victory dance posted on youtube at your earliest convenience.

    my guess is UNTITLED17.JPG

    I got it by google image searching. I feel dirty now.

    Its Chase-HQ.. Bam!


        I was trying to figure out what the objects in the first screenshot were.
        Now I know.

          Is the passenger in the black car flipping the bird in that last screenshot ?

      Ok then..

      Chase H.Q. II: Special Criminal Investigation

      If you want to be specific..

        oh SNAP.
        buy this man a coke...oh wait, it's still a day late.....nevermind.

    haha I found the pic on google, it wasn't upside down at all. Classic.

    looks like Power Drift to me.

    I'm terrible at this, so I ended up using Google Images. Drag n' dropped the screenshot and bam: Chase H.Q.

    Man, Google is amazing.

    Awesome job to the guys who got it.

    I still can't even see where the section was taken from. Nice work, Mark!

    well done - I wasn't even close - i would have put money on the fact it was upside down

    Bah Humbug - I had no idea until the second screenie and even then I got it wrong.

    The second screenie made me think Chase HQ, from the sounds of everyone further up there I was somehow right. So many years of visiting my local bowling alley and being greeted by that machine at the door, sitting in it and pretending to play so many times but never actually having a go. And now the place is closed :(

    I think this is a shallow victory, based on that screenshot posted, the original image shown was nigh useless. Maybe if you had of included some car, track or even idle scenery it would have been a more respectable win. Posting an image of schrapnel, that would have passed in the blink of an eye and would only have been discernable for a moment, seems cheap.

    Still it kept everybody guessing, the ecco the dolphin guess yesterday was pretty mint in my opinion.

      You mad?

        Nah not at all, I don't get many, ad I certainly like them to be difficult, I just thought the first piece was a little too limited, and without a screen shot at tha particular moment in time, you'd never pick it.

        I do like what Mark has stated where he slowly reveals the shot each day.

    Alright well done guys! It was Chase HQ!

    Alright - this is my new plan for Remember This.

    1. Monday I post mega obscure part of screenshot.
    2. No-one gets it?
    3. Post another part next day.
    4. No-one gets it?
    5. Post another part...

    And so on? I think this could be fun.


      Do it!

      It was only by chance that I was home yesterday and could participate.. something really obscure first up will give me and others in similar situations a chance to have a proper go..

      Today's could have been even more obscure.. once I knew it was a racing game it was pretty easy to nail down..

      Drag it out I say! Make us suffer..

      If we got it on day one do we win something for being awesome? ;)

      Sound's like a good idea, by the time i usually come on at night, its already been solved

    This bothered me all day at work (yesterday and today!), well played. I'm glad it was finally solved lol >.<

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