Report: The PS Vita Is Powered By Samsung

According to Japan's Semiconductor Industry News, Samsung is manufacturing the 45 nanometer processor that will power the PS Vita's central processing unit.

Semiconductor Industry News provided no further details, and Kotaku is following up with Sony.

In related Sony-Samsung news, the two electronics giants recently denied that they are ending the joint liquid crystal display venture they established in 2004. The venture was created to manufacture slimmer TVs.

半導体産業新聞 [Semiconductor News]

(Top photo: David McNew | Getty)


    when I opened up my old PS3 after YLOD i noted that half the chips/semiconductors (i'm no tech head) on it were Samsung.

    Samsung + CPUs ?

    Samsung have really become the number one electronics company in Australia, and good products and big advertising really is what done it for them. So for people outside Japan it seems like no bad idea but once you head into japan with korean stuff and the PSV. I doubt this will do anything, especially since everything made in China anyways.

      Not just Australia but the world’s number one electronics company now. A lot of people aren’t aware but Samsung are actually Korean and not Japanese which is a bit of a twist ;)

    Samsung are really king now, their S2 is top of the cellphone market too.

    Samsung powers tonnes of shit. The iPhone is powered by their processor.

    Samsung fanboi from way back. Their displays have always been top-notch and it's been interesting watching their rise to prominence.

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