Retired Sony Engineer Says 3DS Copied His Patent

The Nintendo 3DS uses glasses-free 3D technology that infringes on a patent held by a former Sony engineer, according to a lawsuit filed two weeks ago.

Seijiro Tomita, the founder of Tomita Technologies and holder of a glasses-free 3D patent, alleges that neither Nintendo nor Nintendo of America have appropriate licensing to use his invention in the 3DS. He holds patent no. 7,417,664 in the United States and the same patent in Japan.

In addition to an injunction against Nintendo, Tomita seeks damages, legal fees, and a finding that the infringement was "deliberate and willful".

Retired Sony Engineer Sues Nintendo Over 3DS Tech [Gamasutra]


    Someone from Sony saying Nintendo copied them? Thats rich lol

      *cries with laughter* so true

      This isn't Sony suing Nintendo. The only connection is that the person suing Nintendo worked at Sony until 2002.

      The patent in question has a 2003 filing date, so it doesn't really have anything to do with Sony.

        Your common sense pleases me.

          Common sense on Kotaku comment section? I'd say we're more like to see Sony and Nintendo merge to become Sotendo.

    Wow. Sony ARE desperate to stay alive if they have to resort to relying on Nintendo's income.

      Read the article again and don't be so thick.

      Once again, this has nothing to do with Sony but a former Employee who is sueing Nintendo because they copyed his Patent without permission.

    My first thought after reading: "Yeah righto mate"

    It seems like whenever anything new comes out, in any industry, there's always someone saying that they came up with the idea first. :P

    (Though I'm prepared to eat my hat if this ever goes anywhere, but I doubt it). xD

    you guys need to read properly.

    Surely this would have come up before release..when Nintendo tried to patient it?

    Looks like we have a new PATENT FIGHT people!

    Book your tickets early and you may have a chance to sit right by the ring!

    Weren't there mobile phones first for glasses free 3D so why not sue them as well?

    To the people telling others to read properly - it doesn't help with Kotaku US's horribly sensationalized articles, but I guess 'Retired Engineer claims that 3DS copied his patent' doesn't get as many people to click your annoying fucking ads does it?

    I thought that Sharp made the 3ds screens, not Nintendo?

      Yeah your right. Sharp made the screens so I don't see how he could sue Nintendo.

        Sony didn't make the motor in dual shock and they got sued by Immersion.

        It's not who made the components, it's all the components are used. The pattern is on the idea.

    any updates..sorry guys!

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