Rumour: Crysis Bound For Xbox 360?

Today, the South Korea GRB (Game Rating Board) apparently approved Crysis for the Xbox 360. Crysis has not been released on the Xbox 360. It's a Windows-only title.

According to the Korea GRB, the game will be published by EA Korea. The rating page, which also went live today, specifically states the game is Crysis. Crysis 2 was already released in South Korea earlier this year. Does this all mean the Xbox 360 is getting a Crysis port?

Kotaku contacted EA and will update this post should the company comment.

Update: South Korean game site Inven apparently contacted EA Korea, who supposedly confirmed the Xbox 360 version of Crysis, adding that the release date was TBA.

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    I seriously doubt this is a straight port given the concessions (in terms of scale) required to get the sequel onto the xbox. It could still be pretty good though - I thought Farcry: Instincts, was more fun than the original.

    Flame shield up.

    aside from obvious graphical/hardware lacking in a xbox 360, (mostly ram issues, you need quite alot more for crysis to run...)

    the gameplay wouldent be translated well on console, infact the xbox 360 controller options in crysis are pretty well useless as more buttons are used than what is on the controller.

    the only way it could be done is with severe graphical/scale downs, and ruining the gameplay (like crysis 2, its lacking alot of what made crysis 1 *somewhat* enjoyable.

    not to be trolling or anything, i just think this makes no sence, unless crytek are realy pissing up the console tree, when they should be working on the crysis 2 SDK and cryengine 3 sdk/kit

      They released the SDK with the DX11 and HiRes texture patches. So they did do what you think they should of.
      Crysis 1 was good if you played it how you want to play it in my opinion... not trolling or anything.

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