Saints Row: The Third En Route To Breaking THQ’s Pre-Order Record

Saints Row: The Third En Route To Breaking THQ’s Pre-Order Record
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At the moment Homefront is currently THQ’s most pre-ordered title, but it’s looking increasingly likely that Saints Row: The Third will blitz that record.

“We already have very strong indicators that Saints Row: The Third will be our best pre-order title ever,” claimed UK marketing director Jon Rooke speaking to MCV. “Homefront was our last best one, and we are now well ahead of the curve with this title.

“Since we’ve started this Genki activity, we’ve seen our rate of pre-orders increase dramatically week-on-week. That’s not a pattern we’ve seen this early in a product before.”

The Genki activity Rooke refers to can be seen here. And while we’re at, here are some dance explosions.

Yes. Dance explosions.

Saints Row smashes THQ pre-order records [MCV]


  • Every time I see more on this game, it makes me realise that Rockstar REALLY have to up their game on the next GTA outing to impress me as much as this one is so far…

  • I’d be amazed if Saint’s Row 3 didn’t do amazing with preorders after the excellent SR2, but considering they’ve built up the game to be one non-stop spectacle the marketing is basically just finding ways to extend that spectacle into reality. Professor Genki’s Manapult? You show that off in a video, drive a REAL one to Comicon, then tell people you only get the car for pre-ordering.


  • Just waiting for a CE similar to the Pizza box from SR2…

    No doubt this is one that will be pre-ordered at some point.

  • I remember playing Homefront when we hired it from Blockbuster. I remember getting up to the Bridge, doing that awesome mission and then suddenly the credits rolled… I remember sitting there in disbelief and thinking ‘What the fuh….’… when a COD game has a more fulfilling campaign than yours, you’re definitely a shit developer…

  • I want to pre-order this, but when GAME is the cheapest pre-order (I’d go with Ozgameshop but I don’t know if they get the pre-order pack or not) at $99 I’m tempted to wait

  • I got in very late into Saints Row 2, always dismissing it as a cheap GTAIV rip-off but I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s guilty fun and I’m def picking up this one.

  • Does anyone know how many pre-orders are left in the THQ Store then? I pre-ordered it two days ago, i want to know if i was under the first three-thousand.

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