See More Of Hard Reset, The PC Exclusive With Shades Of Blade Runner And Painkiller

The people who teased their PC exclusive shooter with a single screenshot last month have finally unveiled the mysterious sci-fi project they're working on. This is Hard Reset, the cyberpunk first-person shooter from people who worked on Painkiller, Bulletstorm and The Witcher 2.

PC Gamer has exclusive details on this "dark sci-fi" shoot 'em up from the Polish game vets at Flying Wild Hog, a robot apocalypse of a game that's due in September. Yes, this September, not next year like every other game announced over the past six months.

Get a little Hard Reset hype at the game's official site and/or its Facebook page, if more than just one screen shot has your interest finally piqued.

Exclusive-Flying Wild Hog announces cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset [PC Gamer]


    Eyegasm. Shame it's coming out the same month as human revolution...

    Anyone else hopeful cyberpunk is making a comeback?

      We can only hope so

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