Sitting On Your Ass Playing Halo For 12 Hours: The Silent Killer

Chris Staniforth was standing outside of a jobs centre, awaiting an interview, when he dropped a pack of chewing gum. When he reached to pick it up, he began to spasm. In moments, he was dead.

Actual cause of death: pulmonary embolism as a result of deep vein thrombosis. Proximate cause of death: Playing his Xbox 360.

That's the reasoning of the coroner and the parents of Staniforth, a Sheffield, England 20-year-old who was like most guys his age, especially in his enjoyment of video games. The problem is that he'd game for incredibly long periods, up to 12 hours, without getting up to take a stretch.

"Kids all over the country are playing these games for long periods," his dad told The Sun. "they don't realise it could kill them."

The Sun showed remarkable restraint in reporting this tragedy without hacking Staniforth's cell phone. It did, however, diagnose him as a video game addict in the headline and second paragraph. For his part, Staniforth's father says he does not blame video games, consoles or their makers for his son's death.

But he has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the risks of deep vein thrombosis associated with gaming for hours on end. Microsoft, reached for comment by The Sun, said it recommends periodic breaks from gaming "to exercise as well as make time for other pursuits." Good advice.

Game Addict, 20, is Killed by Deep Vein Thrombosis [The Sun, thanks Ricky B. Image via The Sun]


    Restraint? This is the second article in the sun in a week that have essentially said "OMG!!! XBOX KILLS!!!"


      Damn, how about showing some basic human decency and respect for the dead, you insensitive asshole! I hope you're not expecting anything more than snarky remarks when YOU suddenly drop dead.

      On topic, I'm glad people aren't going out of their way to demonize games for this, but quite frankly it wouldn't be that unreasonable of them to do so. Games addiction IS actually quite a serious problem (it hasn't done me much good) and these kinds of consequences are sadly quite possible if, like all activities, you don't use common sense when gaming.

        This is a joke right?

        Massive Lightweight

    It's nice to see a parent who, even in the face of such incredible hardship, still has the integrity to not just blame everything in sight in the effort of painting their child as an innocent angel. Raising awareness for people taking a damn break once in a while? Good idea, really.

      Course they can't say too much, if they were aware he was gaming for 12 hours at a time, then it's partially bad parenting to just shrugs your shoulders and ignore that fact. Flick the mains off every once in a while, then he'd have to get up of his arse.

        Bad parenting? The guy was 20 years old.

          Even as a 20yo, this is still part of their responsibility, and his own too. Just because he's of that age doesn't mean they can't get him to get up off his ass and do something outside (or in his case, get a job).

          I'm 26, live out of home, play games all night after sitting for 7/8 hours on a computer at work. My mum still tells me I should go do something outside (on weekends). She's right.

    I have an exercise bike in my lounge and try to use it while waiting for matches.
    I recommend it or something similar.

      I have an exercise bike in my lounge that I use WHILE playing matches =P

        THAT is brutal.

        I used to have an exercise bike i would ride whilst playing but put simply it made my balls numb. I chose to lose the bike and keep my testies rather than the other way round.

          You sir have won the internet for the day.

    I remember when I used to play WoW for around 8-9 hours a day... good thing my times were broken up with sporadic toilet visits and drink refills. The video Nathan Fillion did about swamp ass could be remade to be about DVT...

    How did a 20 year old unemployed geezer afford an X360 in the first place? And doesn't every game manual harp on about taking regular breaks?

      Hmm... if we actually apply our brains to this, we may come up with a simple, logical explanation... perhaps something that happens once a year... 'round the end? Hmm... what could that particular day be...

      Or maybe he's like me, someone who has a part time job, but does not want to be a shelf packer for the rest of his life and was looking for an actual career while still earning a slight income from the part time job he still has... or had.

    damn, how about some excersie people?..

    It wasnt the xbox it was his LIFESTYLE!

    If you cant handle the thrombosis get outta the gaming chair. I really think his life didn't have much purpose if he was on halo 12 hours at a time @ 20.

    I don't understand how he didn't get up to take toilet breaks. Or is this something better left un-understood.

      peeing in a bottle? Only surviving on liquids?
      Either way, it's essentially the guys fault for sitting down so long. I couldn't do that myself.

      ... perhaps he did? You do realize that walking a few steps to the bathroom does not count as "regular exercise"... right?

      Toilet breaks are for n00bz!

    Poor kid. RIP.

    Great, another story that the media picks up, morphs and exaggerates. And it's always the popular game franchises too that people hear about - halo, COD, battlefield, etc. this doesn't help the gaming community one bit...
    (I'm surprised FOX hasn't done a story yet on how games wreck the lives of every casual gamer because of this one story)

    I get up every couple of hours and walk around outside for five to ten minutes and have a smoke....

    I think anything done in excesses can be bad. Excercise, drinking, watching tv, eating ect. It's a terrible shame =(

    SHIT!!!!! I remember when I got my ps3 6 yrs ago I totally played it for 24 hrs straight! But I do go to the gym 5 days a week though, maybe that helped.

    playing through zelda oot 3d, seems every hour or so navi tellin me to take a break, dont remember tha from the original!

    This is the EXACT reason why I drink beer while playing.

    1. I have to get up to go to the fridge to get another beer.
    2. I have to take regular trips to the toilet.

    Low carb beer too. Don't want to get too fat, already got sweet man titties.

    ummm this isnt death by xbox??? this is death by sitting on your ass all day eating junk food.

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