SOCOM Mobile HQ Challenges Players Via Android Phones

SOCOM Mobile HQ Challenges Players Via Android Phones

Is every moment spent away from SOCOM 4 on the PlayStation 3 a lesson in agony and anxiety? Now available on the Android Market, the SOCOM Mobile HQ app is the free cure to what ails you, as long as you’re up for a little challenge.

The SOCOM Mobile HQ puts access to the SOCOM 4 community in your pocket, giving owners of Android devices (like the Xperia Play, for instance) easy access to their career, friends, clan, and the latest SOCOM news, directly from the official blog. Review your career, keep track of your friends, and obsess over your position on the leaderboards, all without leaving the relative safety of your bathroom.

The SOCOM Mobile HQ is more than just a connectivity app, however. It also issues tailored exclusive challenges to its owner, tasking with and rewarding them for completing special goals, such as going five rounds in a row on the winning team, or building up their kill-to-death ratio. By completing challenges the player will unlock accolades, proving their prowess. Do well, and it’ll be just like having a massive virtual penis in your pants pocket. Fail, and nothing much will have changed.

Get the app right here, right now.

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