Sorry, I Don't Speak Australian!

Feel like making a protest about how long Kinect's Australian voice functionality is taking? Why not do it via the power of t-shirt. You never know, maybe someone at Microsoft Australia will see it, realise our pain, and hurry the process along? Most likely someone will just stop you in the street and say, 'cool t-shirt' - but isn't that enough?

You can buy this t-shirt here!


    "Most likely someone will just stop you in the street and say, ‘cool t-shirt’ "

    Or they'll say "what's that 2X/3X year old doing wearing a Wall-E shirt?!"


    Man i so wasn't expecting to see this when i jumped on here today hahaha
    Thanks Mark :D

    Since my room is too small to use my Kinect, and I'm Australian, I can't use any functionality at all. :( Just sits there collecting dust. No idea why I bought it. Hopefully voice functionality comes out before ME3, as I may actually use it then.

    Out of curiosity, does it work for you, Serrels? Or is it literally USA accents only?

      For what it's worth, in August Nyko are releasing some lenses for Kinect that will reduced the required playspace by about 40%. Which is great, because I have about 60% of what's required - I can just barely play Dance Central and most of the stuff in Kinect Adventures, but anything that requires the full amount of space like side-by-side multiplayer? Forget it.

      Then you need this:

        My games room is HUGE and it still wasn't in the 'recommended' space. I don't think it'd work in my room even with that :( I'll have to move it back out!

      Funny how in one of the most sparsely populated countries on the plant people still don't have room for the Kinect...

    Plug for mates? Poor form, says I, especially when it's conspicuously absent from the brief accompanying text.

      He's a Kotaku reader and regular. Plus this is relevant. Now go away troll.

        Indeed he is, and if anyone is going to benefit from selling some tshirts, there's no reason at all it shouldn't be someone who contributes to this site on a copious and regular basis.

        However, is it really *that hard* to include a "You can buy this tshirt *from Kotaku regular and much loved guy, Chuloopa* here"? That way, other readers know in advance it's a redirect to a regular user's website/money making portal.

        Hell, it might even drive more sales.

        Side note: I think dismissing people's valid questioning as trolling is the new decade's Godwin's Law.

          Fair point - especially the last part - if you had said it that way instead, I might have been less inclined to call you a troll.

            Fair point - I'll work a bit more on my phrasing, I can see how that might read as trolling.

            Speaking of this though, maybe there might be a call for a "Plug Your Stuff" thread like the trading/resale ones? Once a week give everyone a chance to plug what they do, if they want.

            I'd happily prefer to buy from good contributors if I'm in the market for >whatever it is they're selling<

              Yeah man - sounds like a good idea. My only issue with these things is that sometimes things dry up! Like with the Set-up posts I was running before. No-one sends their pics anymore!

                I'm still getting mine together!!

                I'm going to have somehting for "show us yours" soon...

                Wait.. it's not called that anymore is it?

                Maybe make it a monthly thing? Every Monday it's a different 'send in your x' post. First Monday of the month is send in your setup pics, second Monday is send in your sales/plug your stuff as mentioned, etc.

                Send in your game ideas (it'll be pointless but could have some funny results)
                Send in your screenshots
                Send in your gaming stories


                I know I'd contribute to most of the above.

                I support this. My graphic novel The Lesser Evil (see my link) is coming out in the next few months, and I would LOVE to be able to plug it for free on a site with huge traffic and some personal connections :)

                I was intending on sending one in a while back, but then it seemed like they weren't being done any more so I didn't bother with it. And now my room is too much of a mess to bother trying to do it :P

          I would also like to add that my policy with this stuff is - would I put it in if I didn't know who made it? In this case the answer is yes.

            haha if it wasn't so dam relevant I'd agree with SuperFred, but I think its quite fitting... and very funny :P

          I'd also like to add that i reallllly don't make much money from this at all.. in the past 6 months i have made a total of about $20 lol
          I don't sell that many shirt which means they are probably too niche or poorly designed.


          Also, I understand why Mark jumped the gun on the old Troll thing a little.. i mean we have been getting an influx of trolls over the past few months - so i say we should all just group hug it out ;)

          But once again, thank you to Mark again, and to you for your rather constructive criticism :)

            Mate, absolutely no issue from me here, and you have much love for all your work! I'm honestly much surprised you haven't been snatched up as an on-staff writer and comm mod/etc.

            I'm just a stickler for disclosure and totally shouldn't rush post during lunch when I'm work-grumpy.

              Nah you had a point mate. I jumped the gun as well, I have to watch myself at times!

                God i would freakin' love it if you became a troll!!

                "Chuloopa... more like shitloopa lawl!"


                *sets a mirror up at Serrel's desk, so he can "watch himself"*

              Man i hate being work grumpy..
              I get that a lot recently

              You know what makes me more work grumpy? I'm doing economics at uni, so everytime something wastes my time i'm getting economics-work-grumpy because people use my VALUABLE time for STUPID STUFF! lol

                Sounds like there be a DEFICIT of fun!

      I think I might voice disagreement with you here. As kindly as possible, cause I never really do this. But not only is this t-shirt all forms of awesome, Mark has written about this Kinect voice stuff a few times for us before, interviewing MS for answers as well. MS deserve to be given the hurry along, especially since it was an advertised feature when sold. Also, have you got any idea the amount of work Chuloopa does for this site over the (not weeks) but YEARS? Not only is he working, and now studying as well, but he still spends the time each day giving us many lols and always posting bargains for us all. Also, he writes short stories for us to enjoy, and has had articles on Kotaku, which he does not get paid for, he does it out of love. So, I think what you wrote is a little short sighted, and rather hurtful.

        Seeing you've changed your wording above, and the huge heart shown by loops (as usual), I guess I will take back what I typed above (the responses were not there b4 I typed). Thanks for clearing things up a little better, but yeah, it did sound harsh I thought. All's well that ends well. Now, everyone buy a shirt!

      I don't know if you've noticed but Kotaku AU plugs merch at random times, and they're not always for mates.

      I love this place... just read this entire thread. Someone makes a fair point about an article plugging a community members wares, Mark defends his post, it is discussed further and after some back and forth, we all agree.

      I see this as the internet for adults. We dealt with this issue like a bunch of people out to dinner. We discussed it, were all heard and we came to a reasonable conclusion.

      Is that group hug still going on, can i get in on the action?

        Nominating Mark for kudos this week.

        This all seems a little weird. We're on the internet, people! Where are the Nazi references? The unprovoked and unwarranted name calling? Misrepresentations of arguments and hopeless strawmanning?

        I am disappointed in all this maturity, it's totally unacceptable in this environment.

          This isnt the ACL's wbesite.....oooooh too harsh?

        What has this site become? I know you have all hugged it out now and whatnot, but why is Serrels instantly dismissing posts that don't agree with his train of thought as trolling?

        Are people not entitled to opposing opinions anymore? They have to bend over and take it from Serrels? Can I join your band of skirts guys? LMAO!!! That comment was soooo funneh Marky Mark! OMG... you are the best web guys evar!!

          I'll take this on the chin. I got a bit too butt hurt. Which is why I apologised.

            I seem to remember there being something about getting you to "plug" my own product. So now we're editing peoples posts aswell? I don't seem to remember it containing any harsh language or anything - definitely no worse than butt hurt

          Oh my gawd. You got me man!

          [I clicked with the meinkampychair email address, then got the ZyklonB reference! You're good man. You're very good!]

            Pure coincidence there I'm afraid

              So you didn't take Trjn's comment:

              "Where are the Nazi references? The unprovoked and unwarranted name calling?

              "Misrepresentations of arguments and hopeless strawmanning?"

              And then deliberately make a user name based on the chemical used to kill Jews in WWII, with an email ref to Mein Kampf and then deliberately misrepresent my argument and start calling people names?

              I thought I was being really clever and working it out and stuff.

                I think you're misrepresenting me here Serrels.

                First off... ZyklonB was only one of the chemicals used to kill the Jews (probably the most famous one though)and my email address is in reference to my favourite comfy chair.

                And how did I misrepresent your argument? You admitted yourself that you got "butt hurt" by Superfred's comment and reacted too suddenly.

                As for the name calling... I thought "skirts" was a fitting description. You're allowed to call people "trolls", even though alot of the time, they are just voicing their difference of opionions. You're labelling them just like "gamers" Serrels - and this is a no-no

                  Okay, whatever. I'm out! I already said I took the points on board - what more are you looking for.

                  I don't know what to believe anymore :'(

    But knowing my luck, the second I recieved this shirt, a Kinect update will be released.

    Not that I have an Xbox or any friends who would understand this reference anyway. :P

    Haven't MS already confirmed Kinect voice recognition be out in Australia by this December?

      Yeah - by the end of this year they're saying. Should be a little bit sooner though. Hopefully.

        Awww man.. now i'm going to have to put a little sombrero on the Kinects and cross out Australian and add "mexican"

        Was this article in reference to mine, and others comments in???:

          Aha - yes! I saw that comment, loved the t-shirt. That's why I posted it.

      A Microsoft "confirmation" isn't what you and I might think of as a confirmation though - its more an goal...

    So Microsoft AU are as incompetent as Sony AU???

    Hey there was an Xbox Live update last night (at least on my machine) - anyone know what that was about?

      After my Xbox360 finished updating last night, I tried talking to it...

      Nothing happened.

      According to Major Nelson it was just a pre-update before the next major update (whenever the heck that will be).

    Lol the caption I suggested to Chuloopa is now on the front picture of its own article on KotakuAU. WIN! :D

    The biggest joke of all is that kinnect does recognise Autralian.

    You can try it by creating a US account.

      Yeah works for me as well. Problem is yanks think we all sounds like we're from Northern Qld thanks to Steve Irwin and the like

      Wonder how they will go with kiwis. Some of the "Thucka" accents I struggle with

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