Space Station Internet Too Slow For Online Video Games

Space Station Internet Too Slow For Online Video Games

Regarding life in space, everyone has three questions: How do you poop, has anyone screwed, and can you play video games up there. Alright, maybe the first two are more commonly asked, but we have an answer to the third question now.

Chris Hadfield (pictured), a Canadian astronaut, said the Internet connection aboard the International Space Station is simply too slow for games. He compared it to a 56K dialup modem, although the speed (or lack thereof) is because of the Space Station’s orbital velocity—roughly five miles per second.

Hadfield is the first Canadian to walk in space and is in line to become the first Canadian commander of the Space Station.

He didn’t answer the first two questions, though given that this was during a Canada Day presentation in Edmonton with a bunch of kids around, that’s probably for the best.

Astronaut Says Space Station Internet Too Slow for Games [Canadian Press, thanks James C. Image via Getty]


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