Spot The Difference In House Of The Dead: Overkill Extended Cut Covers

It's obviously much colder in North America than it is in Europe. Spotted on the US and Euro PlayStation blogs by reader tomo_cjt.


    What's the difference between this and the Wii origional? Updated graphics?

    This game was one of my favourite Wii games, it had that perfect blend of humor and action, and while pretty short (although, what would you expect of a rails shooter?) it was extremely entertaining.

    Great party game

    I know this bugs some of my friends, so I'll ask, how can a game that is effectively just a HD port of a Wii title classify itself as only on PlayStation?

    Is Sony just acting like the Wii doesn't exist anymore?

    Well it does have an extra level or two in it as well.

    Don't like the cover, they look wrong :P

    the age thingy-mah-bobby, in the bottom left, is different

    the 'playstation move features' is in a different spot

    and her breats are more visible on the right one

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