Square Enix Demands Valve’s Help In Catching Hackers

Square Enix Demands Valve’s Help In Catching Hackers
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While pursuing those responsible for leaking a preview build of Deus Ex Human Revolution onto the internet, publishers Square Enix discovered that the game (well, part of the game) had been a copy they’d hosted on Valve’s Steam service.

This happens all the time; often with PC preview coverage here at Kotaku, for example, we’re able to access and download early builds of games on Steam.

The problem here is that an Italian writer’s login details were obtained by hackers and Deus Ex’s code lifted, then leaked.

Valve says that it has a lot more information on those responsible than it’s released thus far, but also says it’s unable to give that information to Square Enix unless the publisher can present them with a subpoena.

So Square Enix is doing just that, asking the Washington court hearing its case against fifteen unidentified Italian hackers for permission to get just such a subpoena.

Subpoenas! Shady European criminals! It’s like a cop show! Only, with paperwork instead of guns.

Square Enix Files Suit Over Deus Ex: HR Leak, Valve Caught In Middle [Gamasutra]


  • So a leak that has given their game free advertising and seemingly resulted in a greater interest in the game is a bad thing? Man, Square Enix are not very bright.

    • Actually leaks like this are double edged swords and square enix is awhere of the good publicity that Dues Ex has recieved. But this hackers still stole the code/build/whateveryouwantocallit.

  • i dont understand this, why would Valve actually be asking for a subpoena to give out the rest of this info, when blizzard happily give all the details to the cops if you tell their CS that your going to commit suicide/bomb some place etc

    it just so that valve cant be counter sued for some BS privity legal issue?

    • You’re comparing apples and broken eggs, though.

      Blizzard works with the various law agencies when they feel someone is in danger – assault, rape, pedophila, etc. Everything else gets the standard red tape – want login details, ip addresses, names? Get court orders.

      This doesn’t have human danger in it, and falls in a different category. If someone was in danger, Valve would release the data – if for no reason other than to ass cover for the “If the data had been given sooner they’d be alive” cases.

    • as Seegray said stupid comparison.

      By Law your Lawyer even under Attorney-client privilege has to report the fact that your threatening to kill yourself or harm others. Actually i think hiring a lawyer with the express purpose of discussing any crime technically the lawyer is able/has to report you

      As does your Shrink or Priest.

      Valve is sitting on a bunch of data after the crime. Them holding back the data is a positive in this day and age.

  • To be honest, I’d be disappointed in Valve if they had released the information without subpoena.

    While Square Enix has a right to track down the breach, Valve also has a duty to protect its customers’ data. If word got out that Valve would turn over customer data to corporations on request, then customers would lose confidence in them pretty quickly.

    In this particular case though, SE will get their subpoena from a court and Valve will hand over the relevant data, which is the way things should happen.

  • Not being a fan of the second Deus Ex game, and never getting past Battery Park in the original game, I was honestly going to pass this game up. However after playing the first mission in the leak, and spending a good 2 hours doing so, I placed my pre-order for the Human Revolution edition. it’s down right amazing and is oh so worth my money.

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