StarCraft II Brings Its Players Closer Together

StarCraft II Brings Its Players Closer Together

Blizzard’s strategy smash StarCraft II will soon be “linking” many of its regions together, in a move that will give its players a whole new world of people to kick arse with/against.

Beginning July 25, will link the following servers together:

• Europe -> Russia

• Korea -> Taiwan

• North America -> Latin America

Blizzard says “having a larger pool of players means the automated matchmaker for ladder games will be faster and more effective at finding opponents at or near your skill level.”

You’ll also be able to make friends with these newcomers to your server. Provided, that is, you can understand what the hell they’re saying.


Coming Soon: StarCraft II Region Linking [StarCraft II]


    • You can also play NA on an Aussie CD Key. Much better for later-night sessions when the population is much larger than SEA’s. The pool’s also easier too, so it’s almost instant Master’s.

  • What? Why not link SEA with NA?

    Ever since they allowed SEA players to shift to NA; it takes forever to find a game on SEA.

    • Latency. Ignoring for the moment that our latency in aus to the rest of the SEA is the same, americans tend to cry like babies when faced anyone near them having more than 50ms – team mates, opponents, random chatting three games away.

      I find it amusing that accepting people who don’t speak english generates less complaints than english speakers who are better skilled because of the latency we have to overcome.

  • Seems to suggest that Starcraft is losing people on its multiplayer aspects.

    Server merging is a sign of a shrinking market – no wonder Blizzard isn’t doing anything in the way of Microtransactions since the market is collapsing. Looks like they do have a brain, watch now as they rush to get Swarm out earlier then usual to a less then tepid response from the playerbase. I played SC2 once and ignored it since probably should uninstall it if I haven’t already.

  • As far as RTS games go, it’s probably the best. I play it semi-regularly, and love it to bits.

    The long term RTS player base is just smaller than, say, the player base for the FPS or MMO genres.

  • It’s actually really funny how bad the lower level leagues are in NA compared to SEA (all my friends who are silver/gold in SEA are platinum/diamond in NA). Maybe Blizzard is aware of that skill level disparity.

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