Still We Wonder Who'll Stop Mortal Kombat's Rain

The story of Rain, the latest fighter coming to Mortal Kombat is a story of revenge. Furious that he would be denied the rank he felt he deserved, Rain joined the faction that orphaned him.

I'm not sure how being second-in-command there is any better, but there you have the motivation for this character when he arrives on Tuesday, $US5 on PlayStation Network or 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live.


    Rain isn't new.. He was in Mortal Kombat 3 on the arcade machines as a secret character.

      Who said he was new?

    why post this on the australian kotaku site??? hey owen fuck you!

      Because people in Australia play it. I.e. Me and my friends

        Yeah, but you can't get the DLC.

        Really?!? How do I get a copy without getting arrested?!

        Yeah, I am loving it! Importing ftw, works out cheaper anyway so banning it did us all a favour!

        Yeah but we can't access DLC or even play online without screwing around with an overseas profile on xbox. Screw you online passes and AU ratings.

          Yeah the whole 15 minutes of your life that it takes to make the US account and get the DLC...tragic.

    Because us people's who haven't illegally imported the game can't play it, lol

      It is illegal to distribute not own it. Much like you can legally have copies of dvds for personal consumption but cannot distribute them.

        That depends entirely on which state you live in... I checked up on that, and at least here in WA, if you have a game that is RC, t's illegal to possess it as well.

    but you can get the dlc (at least on ps3)

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