Street Fighter's Ono Vs Tekken's Harada: Round One - Fight!

Context is key. While this video shows Tekken prevailing over Street Fighter in a series of challenges at Comic-Con 2011, what you don't see is what led up to it.

Earlier, at the Street Fighter X Tekken panel on Thursday, Yoshinori Ono, producer of the Street Fighter series, played a video in which Tekken counterpart Katsuhiro Harada demanded to appear in the game as a playable fighter. Ono politely refused. The two agreed to settle their differences in a series of thirteen challenges. Among the feats of strength, in my notes, I have bat races, wood-block striking, milk-chugging, and a weird competition where both did chair-poses against a wall with a plank spiked with nails placed underneath their crotches. At the end of the video, Ono-san prevailed.

That begat the whipping Harada receives at the beginning of this video, from six people cosplaying as Street Fighter's Poison, revealed last week as a combatant in SFxT. Three of those cosplayers were dudes, I might add, one of which was Ono, which explains why he is wearing a white tank top while he battles Harada on the fight sticks during the panel (seenb in the video).

Afterward, both sides agreed to take it outside to a nearby park, where fans representing both Namco and Capcom battled it out for the pride of each franchise, where Tekken prevailed.


    Not very active are we? It's not chair poses, it's trying to hold up your own body weight. It's core/quad training. They used to make us do that in basketball training at school. Try it yourself it's very difficult after 15-20mins. They just put some spikes on the ground as somesort of punishment for failing..

      I'm pretty active (or was, once-upon-a-time) and I've never heard of that stretch. Plus, the whole crotch spiking thing makes me not want to try it out in a hurry. Are they supposed to be better than situps (like, more demanding) or just an alternative?

        Its not a strech. Just try squatting for as long as you can. Basically the same thing.

        Anyone who goes to the gym should know this (and I don't even go to the gym).

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