Street Fighter’s Ono Vs Tekken’s Harada: Round One – Fight!

Street Fighter’s Ono Vs Tekken’s Harada: Round One – Fight!

Context is key. While this video shows Tekken prevailing over Street Fighter in a series of challenges at Comic-Con 2011, what you don’t see is what led up to it.

Earlier, at the Street Fighter X Tekken panel on Thursday, Yoshinori Ono, producer of the Street Fighter series, played a video in which Tekken counterpart Katsuhiro Harada demanded to appear in the game as a playable fighter. Ono politely refused. The two agreed to settle their differences in a series of thirteen challenges. Among the feats of strength, in my notes, I have bat races, wood-block striking, milk-chugging, and a weird competition where both did chair-poses against a wall with a plank spiked with nails placed underneath their crotches. At the end of the video, Ono-san prevailed.

That begat the whipping Harada receives at the beginning of this video, from six people cosplaying as Street Fighter‘s Poison, revealed last week as a combatant in SFxT. Three of those cosplayers were dudes, I might add, one of which was Ono, which explains why he is wearing a white tank top while he battles Harada on the fight sticks during the panel (seenb in the video).

Afterward, both sides agreed to take it outside to a nearby park, where fans representing both Namco and Capcom battled it out for the pride of each franchise, where Tekken prevailed.


  • Not very active are we? It’s not chair poses, it’s trying to hold up your own body weight. It’s core/quad training. They used to make us do that in basketball training at school. Try it yourself it’s very difficult after 15-20mins. They just put some spikes on the ground as somesort of punishment for failing..

    • I’m pretty active (or was, once-upon-a-time) and I’ve never heard of that stretch. Plus, the whole crotch spiking thing makes me not want to try it out in a hurry. Are they supposed to be better than situps (like, more demanding) or just an alternative?

      • Its not a strech. Just try squatting for as long as you can. Basically the same thing.

        Anyone who goes to the gym should know this (and I don’t even go to the gym).

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