Study: Bulk Of iPhone Game Earnings Come From 'Free' Titles

Nearly two-thirds of all revenue generated from the top 100 games in the iTunes app store in June came from people spending cash inside "free" games, according to a recently study.

That means that according to the study by mobile analytics company Flurry, just 35 per cent of revenue was brought in by paid downloads. This is a huge shift from back in January, when paid downloads accounted for 61 per cent of revenue among the top 100 games, according to Flurry.

Flurry also says that all of that money is generated by only 0.5 to 6 per cent of gamers. Games like Smurfs' Village and Tiny Tower allow players to use real world money to speed up the game's built in delays.

Freemium Titles Generate Two-Thirds of App Store Gaming Revenues


    LOL at 0.5% of phone-gamers paying 61% of revenue? Just how much money can you sink into Smurfs, Zynga and Gun Bros.

    golly i can't wait to release my first indie game. i hope to one day be able to swim in a room full of hundred dollar bills

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