Summer Is When Cosplay Gets Skimpy

It's hot and humid in Japan. Time to head to the beach, or don colourful costumes and hang out with nerds. Whichever!

The bi-annual figure event Wonder Festival was held over the weekend in Tokyo. Cosplayers came out in droves. Kotaku already posted some creepy and cute highlights.

This go-round, perhaps, features more skin, so take note and a gallery of what website Gigazine called "beautiful young ladies" Possible NSFW photos ahead.

Note famed cosplayer Ushijima Good Meat!

露出度も夏全開、魅力的な女の子たちによる美少女キャラのためのコスプレ, 有名コスプレイヤーうしじまによる「綾波レイ(グレンラガンヨーコバージョン)」のコスプレ [Gigazine]


    Wowzers, I've sneezed into small pieces of cloth that were larger than what a couple of those ladies had covering their naughty bits.

    I find it funny that there was a female T.V presenter that was asked to leave as her costume showed a bit of cleavage, but some of these people can walk around half naked.

    I like how they have to wear a sticker saying 'Cosplayer'.

    In case you couldn't tell.

    Did you check out the Bat Girl next to the Hello Kitty shorts girl?

    More Pictures please!

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