Sunrise Tomorrow At 8.10am: Seamus And The ACL Discuss The Oslo Attacks

Our very own Seamus Byrne is heading onto Sunrise tomorrow at 8.10am to discuss the Oslo attacks and Anders Behring Breivik's reported links to video games such as Modern Warfare 2 and World of Warcraft. He'll be joined by Jim Wallace from the ACL.

We've already responded to claims from some news outlets that violent video games had some impact on the Oslo shootings, and while we're worried to an extent that such claims are being given credence in mainstream media, we're glad that Seamus will be there to help argue the case.

Tune in tomorrow on 7 at 8.10am to check it out - you can read a preview here.


    Good luck Seamus. I don't think I could ever do something like this, I don't know how to deal with such utter stupidity. I think it would just degenerate into a screaming match if I tried.

    That'll be a barrel of fun.

    I trust Sunrise will treat the issue with all the thoughtfulness it warrants?

      hahahahahahahahaha, good one

      Seems they didn't need to, they just let Saemus speak a rational argument, and then cut to Jim Wallance making an absolute ass of himself.

    Best of luck Seamus! Show em gamers are normal people too!

    insert ****storm here

    @ Seamus - don't let Wallace bait you into saying anything he can use. But you probably already know that, because you are a beast.

    The fact that Seamus needs to go onto the show at all shows just how borked the media is.

      Also, ask if he's personally killed anyone during his SAS/army days.
      Though that might be a bit too inflammatory.

    eh like always Seamus will own the ACL even though they will be given 10 times the screen time.

    Make sure you hammer home the point as often as possible that the guy is a Christian, then demand the ACL justify their own religion if they're going to demand you make some justification for violent videogames.

      Actually Make sure you hammer in the fact that his type is one of the types of people that the ACL actually speaks for besides the normal Flanders and Helen Jovejoys.

      I agree, if they're going to pick a random claim in his manifesto to point to and argue that is the reason behind the shooting, then why not the fact he's a right-wing fundamentalist Christian (rhetorical question, we all know why)?

      I'd also be interested to know if ex-SAS Jim Wallace has ever played a Modern Warfare game, because the idea a videogame could train anyone to commit mass murder is laughable to... well, anyone that's ever played a shooter, I'm willing to wager. If he has, ask him how it compares to actually shooting a real person.

      where's the damn +1 button for this post. You've got it spot on.

      I think Seamus should just ask "if this guy was a Muslim terrorist (as opposed to a fundamentalist Christian Terrorist) would we even be discussing video games?"

      Actually make sure the guy is a Christian to begin with. I did some quick digging and can't seem to find anything solid.

    I hope they don't electronically add flames and devil horns around Seamus, ala, Mayor Quimby.

    Jesus....what is there to discuss? Nothing! It's a non-bloody-issue!
    The ACL are just stirring shit.
    Literally millions of people play WoW and CoD - why aren't they all going out killing people too?
    Because that has NOTHING to do with what happened!

    okay, i'm so pissed off, look how god damn leading the sunrise page is

    "Do you believe there should be concerns about video games following revelations from the Norway killer, Anders Behring Breivik, that he used the game "Modern Warfare" as training for his massacre?"


      He wrote in the manifesto that is attributed to him that he did consider modern warfare 2 as training. I have personally played MW1 but not 2 but I can see how the mission in 2 where you have the option to kill fleeing civilians at the airport may have been considered training for him. But it is certainly no simulation. Personally I didn't buy the game because of that level.

      Why not a real spine ripping fatality, increasing the irony of the situation due to MK being banned, then Koschie can pop his head in the corner and go "toastie!" for good measure.

    The fact they still try to make the connection is frustrating, you dont see people up in arms because football seems to correlate with numerous forms of bad behaviour. Its not causal, end of story.

    at least sunrise has been mostly on our side though when its come to the R18 debate. Infact i remember Sunrise being more on the Side Fiona Patterson's Sex party in general.

    I can't think of anything that sums my thoughts up better than an internet meme... ITS A TRAP!

    This really dissapoints me. Having Seamus go up against the ACL on this matter gives the public the appearence they both have an equal evidence backed point of view. When in actual fact it is nothing of the sorts.
    For me its a rocket scientist up against a guy who thinks he found alien technlogy in his back shed and should be heard on it's effectivness.

    If it were me, I'd be making a point of how shockingly similar the ACL's views are to those of that bastard. Videogames are simply irrelevant here and we should make it clear that the ACL are only trying to drive their agenda. They are shameless, fear-mongering twats and the less respect the public gives them the better.

    I wouldn't suggest it, but it would be amusing to see the response if Seamus was to point out that Anders Behring Breivik was a Christian.

    Aww, I'll be getting ready for school but I'm definitely record this tomorrow.

    BRB gonna go skin the neighbours cat for a new shirt like wow taught me!

    Wait, I'm not an idiot.

    Seamus, gl;hf doesn't work here, so play hard and destroy them instead. Remember that games can indeed be triggers, but it's not the "game" aspect that's the issue - it's an individualised trigger, and could be anything from a certain string of words, to a game, to a kitchen appliance(more commonly passive experiance, like a movie or book, than one that requires you to make choices, though). Once the trigger is found, the psychotic episode goes off; the fact it was a game is irrelevant.

    And push the Christian thing. That might wake a few people up and help solve more problems than just those related to gaming.

    This is so silly, does anybody remember the birth of rock &/or roll? If memory serves me correctly it received about the same amount of negative attention when it first became the dominant form of media (or a sub-genre in media to be more precise, but my statement still stands).

    It really disappoints me that this has been allowed to get this far. . . That Sheamus has to go on national television to defend a point of view hopefully the majority of the population already agrees with against blatant fear mongering arrogance.

    The ACL are out of touch with mainstream society and reality and as harsh as this may sound I think they are not even worth talking to. The more people acknowledge them the more chances they will be called upon for interviews. Jim Wallace never should have been called upon to speak to the media again after he Tweeted "Just hope that as we remember Servicemen and women today we remember the Australia they fought for - wasn't gay marriage and Islamic!" If anybody were to say this in a workplace they would be sacked but for some reason Jim Wallace can spout this crap and still get newspaper and Tv interviews. Good luck trying to REASON with Jim.

    Good luck Seamus. Show the damn media who's boss. I'm very tired of seeing the media blaming every violent act on games. Has it ever occurred to the media that your everyday Hollywood movie also has the potential to fill these criminals with ideas, too?

    All the media has shown me is their PATHETIC ability to make deviated "news", and their lack of providing the world PROPER and informative news.

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