Super Mario's World


    That is sooo rad.. i wish i could do stuff like that :(

      I'm guessing Bowser is Julia Gillard/Bob Brown, look where the final level is next to...

    haha i cant believe i never realised that the map was actually the same as the world map of earth. weird to have an "OMG" moment for a game that is over 20 years old hahaha

      You're kidding, right? This fanart only has a passing resemblance with the original game map.

      lol I can't believe such a simple concept went so far over your head.

        wow harsh much? lol, not sleeping much combined with having not played all that much of the game add up to me having that reaction. still a cool idea for fanart. i does approve yall

    Would LOVE a hi res wallpaper of that! Quick someone link me :P

      I second the motion!

    Really nice! Do want this

    Valley of Bowser = Christmas Island. >_<

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