Sure, Let’s Watch Twelve Minutes Of Deus Ex Footage

Sure, Let’s Watch Twelve Minutes Of Deus Ex Footage
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We’ve been talking a bit recently about all the leaks and legal matters surrounding Deus Ex. It’s enough to get you down! So let’s change the pace this morning and watch twelve minutes of gameplay footage.

Note this is “proper” gameplay footage. Not a compilation of prostitutes being punched in the face.


  • This video has me concerned. The game is almost out and yet, so much looks really bad like the guard walking around (before the twin blade stab).

    Then you move a vending machine around and climb it to get to a balcony and the lady nearby doesn’t bat an eyelid?

    And the interview made it sound like even if you raise an alarm and shoot your way past the first restricted area, guards in the second public area won’t be alerted?

    This game is starting to smell of bad design… I have the CE preordered… having doubts 🙁

    • Agreed….this was very disheartening to see. The AI pathing looked terrible, and awareness was shocking. The gameplay mechanics didn’t look very polished and seemed to be dated. And it was a PS3 version, so you can speculate whether it has all been slightly simplified for console controls. Even a good story can’t always make up for other problems.

      That said, we can only hope…

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