Swamp Ass, The Silent Tragedy That Strikes Each Summer

July is now upon us, and even for those who use the month to explore the great indoors, that means humid conditions that trap heat and condensation. Nathan Fillion is here to urge gamers to know the risks, protect themselves, and do their part to eradicate the antisocial disease known as Swamp arse.

Thanks The Ombudsman!


    Fillion is such a freakin' awesome dude!

    The best part is how i'ts your mum's hair dryer, coz there's no way you'd have a wife/gf to steal one off :)

    If God commanded his followers to stop worshipping false idols, why did he put Nathan Fillion on this earth?

    Fillion is my hero.

      Maybe Nathan Fillion is God.


    While I find a lot of videos clever or funny, I find I see so many of them I don't even laugh anymore... This however nearly had me splitting my sides, the only thing holding me back is I'm at work.

    That video was gold!

    A legitimate socially responsible message I urge many gamers I know to heed, PLEASE. Also moderately amusing.

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