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    My shameless gaming was not as successful this weekend as I'd have liked.

    On Saturday, instead of playing Darksiders, I went down to the Gold Coast and went PEWPEWPEW with a .38 revolver. Then we had pancakes.

    And on Sunday I ended up hanging out with a friend all day and bought myself an office chair. A very throne-like office chair for managers. Therefore, I shall sit in it like a boss.

    I did get some Starcraft 2 campaign done. That's fun, mainly because of all the imbalanced units you get.

      I put Homefront in again.

      Then I vomited everywhere because it's so terrible.

        I've been putting off releasing more Let's Play videos of that game. The reason? I didn't enjoy the game and having to watch it again is painful.

      "A very throne-like office chair"

      Please tell me it's made out of the swords of your defeated enemies and melted into a chair shape with dragons fire?

        Whilst that was tempting, I assumed that it would get a little uncomfortable.

      I did have some success - I finished Mirror's Edge on Saturday night and then knuckled down and did a boatload of missions in GTAIV (still about 20 missions to go I think - plus a lot of side missions)

      Started our 'Name your Shame' competition last night Trjn, put a post on your website :)

      Going well, we declared GtAIV dlc as both needing to be finished to get 1 point.

      Started Dragon Age 2 last night and was so bored! I turned the music off, started up iTunes and ZOMG a good rock track makes that game actually enjoyable???

      One guy is playing thru Doom 3, another thru GH Metallica, another Hitman 1... Should be awesome :D

    Hi all

    Saw the love in KotakuDOS on Friday, thanks, Mark.

    Can't do Kotaku anymore cos it's on the "list" of no go sites at work. I can view it but I need to make it quick and on a break.

    I'll be visiting when I can but unfortunatly not with the frequency of olde.

    Someone keep me up to date with the Strange Brisbameet, still on in 2 weeks??


      Strange posted about this above (maybe below?)


      How have you not worked that out yet Jimu? TAY needs you! Your our only hope!

      Damn man. That's balls. You need to employ some made tech wizardry ala every hacker movie made in the 90s and bypass that shit!

    While I like the cold, camping in July is frelling insane and having to go through the entire weekend with no games, man I had a bad case of the shakes by the time I got home sunday.
    For the rest of winter I am staying all rugged up and warm with my xbox craddled in my arms.

      Well, if the only thing you ever wear is fur underwear (and maybe a bear head on top), then yeah, I can imagine you'd be feeling the cold bite.

      When I first came to this country I would just walk around practically naked. My battle hardened Scottish nipples could bear any temperature.

      Now, I've acclimatised, and it's grim. I can't handle cold mornings. I actually have a jacket. I never used to have to wear a jacket in Australia.

      I've changed. Man.

        I experienced a similar phenomenon in Canada.

        People walking around in T-shirt's going 'ay' while I was shivering in two parkas and a long sleeved shirt. In Spring.


        I think with my family, each generation has become weaker than the one before it.
        I used to hear stories of my father getting up before dawn to do chores while slugging through the snow.
        Then there were stories of my grandfather who would often bathe in the nearby frozen lake.
        I think I might just settle for my blanky and hot chocolate!

        When I first came here I went simming in the sea. In winter. Thought it was roasty toasty. We used to holiday in St Andrews back home. The sea in summer was freezing.

        Last week I was ready to kill the tradie on the train so I could crawl inside him to keep warm.

          I am imagining you saying 'roasty toasty' in my head.

          It is making me smile.

        "battle hardened Scottish nipples"
        Most amazing thing I have read today.

      Invest in a portable! then you can get 20 min in before you got to sleep even when camping!

        Yeah, I almost got a 3DS before the trip, this thing is just so damn tempting, but not sure about the games available.
        Still, I saw an earlier post, thanks ThaJman, that has it with Zelda for $348 at GAME. So very very very tempting.


    How are we this fine Monday?

    I am so fine, I am going to dub it funday.

    One more sleep and I finish at my cruddy job!



      The Bangles disagree with your selection of Funday.

        what's a bangle, Bishles?



            Because I have good taste in music?

              These are 80s pop classics, man.

              How do you ever expect to spontaneously burst into song in TeamSpeak without knowing this!?

              You just walk your ass on out of here. Like an Egyptian.


                /me lights candle, starts wind machine.

                Is this burning, *whisper* burnin', an eternal flame!??

                Oh wow, that takes me back.

    So. Brisbane Meat, now with more Pessimism! And apparently nipples.
    Saturday 23rd of July.
    That's less than two weeks away, eek!

    I need to know whether lunchtime, afternoon or evening is better for people please.
    And because TAY can often mutate into a monster here's my email address again (smitemeisterathotmaildotcom) so it's on Page 1. Anyone going should probably let me know by email so I can let you know my address when everything's finalised.

      I'm going to go ahead and flag that pdf as "NSFW". Just a warning.

        Sorry Tad! I assumed it was fine because DAN! Posted it last week when he made it and nobody screamed NSFW.

          Nah it's cool, I just want to warn people in case an "inquisitive" boss walks past at the exact wrong moment!

            Nothing wrong with a nipple pizza, you Palestine.

              I think you mean "Philistine", you Philistine.

                You mean panini, you panini.

                  I watched Master Of Disguise on the weekend.

                  These jokes remind me of that.

                  For shame AP.

            You say wrong, I say right.

            Tad "Wrong"
            Me -nod- Riiiiiiiiiight.
            -awkward silence-

              This has the makings of a SitCom.

                Vivica A Fox would play me.

                  And George Clooney on stilts would play me. It'd be perfect.

      As the humble guest I would like to provide snackery and/or beverages.

      Will alcohol be consumed at this gathering or is it strictly a cottee's cordial affair?

        Arnott's Shapes for $1.39 at Woolies from Wednesday!
        Just buy a mountain of them, because really, who doesn't like Shapes?

        I'll be providing some alcohol to people who'd like to drink some. Obviously not silly quantities though, as my kids will probably be there too.

        The amount and type of food will depend upon how I'm feeling the day and morning before the Meat. Unfortunately, I can't make nipple pizza.

          I shall assist with enough delicious sweet foods to give the combined turnout the diabetes.

          Purchased from the store, of course. I'm so bad with food I turn cereal into a flambe affair.

      I can make an appearance at any time.

      I will never be able look at peperoni pizza again without being reminded of this :(

        I have a similar problem with Skittles.
        I won't go into details... *shudder*

          Did you know, the gutting of a clown produces a shower of skittles from their colon. This is where skittles come from.

      I feel mean, I read the first line refrencing AnonymousPessimist and the next thing I noticed was the end of the link where it says half-sized.

      Don't worry Anon, on the inside your mine craft towers are as big as anyone's! (and much more randomly shaped, all hail the giant rain catcher!)

    if anyone hasn't got there 3DS GAME has a great price you get Zelda OoT and the console for $348.

    Also does anyone anywhere care about Call of Jurez?

      I'm interested to a degree. Having only seen the cover art I'm hoping that it's not a run of the mill Western.

      Gawt info?

    I only wish I could've recorded that LoL match last weekend. I managed to kill all 5 of their team in under two minutes with my Warwick.

    In other news I couldn't play the ps3 to continue Dante's Inferno cuz the step brother was hogging it with his occasional weekend visit, so in the end I started KOTOR2 with the "Fix-up" mod. So far it's still a bit buggy but not as much as before which is good

      If you had two boots (one for each foot) you probably could have killed all 5 of their team and solo'd all there turrets in less than half a minute. Its a pro strat, or so I hear...

        ROFL I still can't believe that person believed that when you tried to justify accidentally buying the boots twice! xD

      HoN automatically saves every match to their servers so you can literally pull up a replay of every single match you have ever played. Just sayin'.

      *angelic smile*

        I love it.

        I randomed Aluna. She is AWESOME (Read: OP).
        I got 10/3/10.


        Still not going past the cons of HoN, not even fricken close. Just sayin'

          I think we can all agree that the superior game is Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

            According to Tadmod the superior game is the my little pony one he bought off steam over the weekend.

              It's amazing. Expect a walkthrough soon.

                I bet those 10 year old girls can't wait to get all your awesome tips.

                  I'm sure the yogscast already did a review! Pretty cool game, those races are nail biting!

            You know, just going to throw this out there:
            Apart from making you feel like the biggest paedophile ever, Hello Kitty Online wasn't half bad.

              Sometimes I wonder why we're all single.

              Then I see posts like this and it all makes sense.

                Clearly my last girlfriend didn't like it enough to put a ring on it.
                ♪ All the single dudes,
                All the single dudes.
                All the single dudes,
                All the single dudes. ♪
                ♪ Oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, oh! ♪

                Oh man! Apparently 'All the Single Ladies' (which I was googling the lyrics, clearly, because I don't know the words off by heart... yet.) has a line going "I need no pessimism, did I mention".

                  IT'S A CONSPIRACY!

                  And to think... I do that dance in the mirror EVERY DAY!

                  She's turning me against myself. DEAR GOD, SHE IS CUNNING.

    Mornin' everyone.

    So like apparently I'm being sent to Canberra for a work trip on the 28th July! I'm pretty sure its a one-day thing only and the entire time I'm going to have to be a slave for work, but if any Canberran's might be free yell! I'd love to meet you :)

      We've already met, but odds are I'll be free!

      I'd say that I could show you all the cool places to go, but they're known as "Sydney" and "Melbourne."

      May I ask why you're being sent down here?

        hahah, good call. Unfortunately it appears I'll be flying in during the morning and flying out in the evening, which leaves no room for my own social endeavours ;(

        Just a work thing. Some conference going on at Canberra Hospital which I'm supposed to be at.

          A work thing at TCH? Now I'm really intrigued.

          Did I mention my Dad works there? He's a DOCTOR, with a PhD in KICKING YOUR ASS (he doesn't have a PhD, hell he doesn't even have his masters yet. Tut, tut, tut)!

            Your dad's a doctor? He'd definitely kick my ass then. That's awesome! He'd also probably be familiar with the company I work for - Wolters Kluwer Health.

    Guys... Two worlds II/Shogun II/Fable 3 on sale on steam.

    Any of these worth getting?

      Fable 3 has some amusing writing but as a game is rather ordinary. Not sure about the others.

      I just bought the limited edition of Fable 3 for $37. From the reviews I read the gaming experience might match the price haha.

      Shogun 2 yes but you can get it from overseas for $35ish if you're okay with waiting for 2 weeks.
      You can laugh at the possibly racist heavily accented Japanese people speaking fluent English in the 16th century!
      Also, 18GB download, woooooo.

        18gb? Dear lord that's a lot of GB.

        So I suppose I'll just let that one go on sale down the track and pick it up even cheaper.

        Now it's really just down to DoW II: Retribution and Two Worlds II.

        *heads to metacritic*

    A LAN friday night and a bucks night on the saturday have hampered my attempts at tackling the shame. Last night however, I found an old backup with some game saves on there. This puts me at roughly %60 through New Vegas and %75 through Neverwinter Nights 2 so hopefully I'll get through them now rather than starting from scratch.

    Borderlands playdate tonight!

    Everyone interested, assemble onto the TS server at 7:50pm tonight. From there we'll split into even teams and go nuts.

    We're rolling fresh toons so that everyone can be on equal ground.

    Don't forget... Borderlands GOTY on sale on steam today! GO BAI, NO EXCUSES K:

      Bummer, I have it on PS3.
      I'll buy it, but I doubt I'd have it DL'd and installed in time.

        yeah its 12 gb...

        Also, I have it on PS3 so if we want to have another special 'just friends' gaming session, let me know..

        Buy it... I'm setting up recurring Monday/Thursday Borderlands playdates so it's going to be a regular thing.

        Q-Bo is in the same boat, he's currently DL'ing it. I'm off work this week so I'm cool with helping people catch up in levels (I heart teh borderlandses).

          I left my PC on overnight to finish the download... all night it did a pathetic 500mb..... I'm still 2gb away from success! Steam, why must it go so slow!!???? *cranky pants*

            Crazy, I also only dl'ed a small amount (1.6gb) last night... I thought it was due to my other downloads running but maybe something wacky happened with the steam servers?

              It's because of the sales. Steam always downloads slow during massive sales because so many people are downloading.

              I'll be able to play an hour or two of Borderlands tonight. Fresh toons is good because Borderlands is actually on my pile of shame and the highest toon I've got is level 5 or somthing.

              I'll be on the TS server listening to you guys but I wont be able to talk. I've got a headset but as I found out during the L4D2 playdate it doesn't seem to want to project my voice. It recieves sounds fine but it struggles with sending them. Still trying to figure out why.

      I'm working from 2200 so It's probably not worth my jumping on for 30 min.

        That's cool, we're playing on Thursday as well!

        I finish up at work tomorrow, so if anyone wants to catch up in levels over the next week for the recurring games just drop me a line and we'll grind away!

      I can play tonight!

      But, I don't have the TS server details. Would it be possible for me to get them, or shall I just hassle someone on Steam, tonight, before the game?

        drop me a line at

        the [dot] tsharp [at] gmail [dot] com

        or holla at a brother when you jump on steam tonight.

      I'll be up for that.

      I've only installed about half of the dlc, because it takes forever and destroy my machine slowly from the inside, will the remaining stuff be necessary, or will we be postponing all that stuff?

        nah, we won't need the DLC content until we've finished the main campaign so you have plenty of time.

    It took me almost 2 hours to download and start playing Terraria over the weekend.

    Because of Steam. What a great big pile of poo that seems to be. Why the hell do I have to go through multiple downloads and installations, just to be able to buy and play a game. And the download speed through Steam was ridiculous! I think it was a 16 meg d/l, at one point my PC said it was going to take over 1 day! Ended up being something like 15 - 20 minutes, which is still totally pathetic.

    I didn't have this problem with Minecraft! Think I'll stick to my consoles, damn PC gaming.... :)

    Terraria is really fun though, if a little frustrating.

      I noticed Steam seemed to be really slow with downloads recently. I honestly think it's the fact that the Summer Camp sale was on, and lots of people were downloading simultaneously.

      Have you tried switching which download server you are using in the options?

      I haven't had any problems although last night was a different story (though this could have been due to the animes I was downloading).

      Been averaging about 14-16gb of steam downloads each night.

        Of course I didn't think to try switching the download server, I just a dumb console gamer ;)

        Thanks for the heads up, if I ever decided to buy a game through Steam again, which I highly doubt I will, I'll definitely have a look at that.

          Yeah AP - I don't see why you got so worked up. Until now most devs have been happy to develop for console as is, mainly because of resources - but now you're starting to see more and more devs getting frustrated by the limitations. That was my point really - there's a bit of a sea change in attitudes. Developers are ready for the next step, and so are a lot of consumers.

            I don't see why it's newsworthy though?

            Fair enough, most devs are happy to sit on the console bandwagon, but the fact that PC hardware far surpasses the xboxes/ps3s/wiis is hardly newsworthy. PCs were outperforming consoles years ago.

              And to cover myself, whilst I practically live on a PC I'm not one of those 'master race' people.
              The way the article was framed seems to imply that all of a sudden PC's are these magical devices that consoles should look towards for their next iteration.

                The article was not framed in that way at all - I don't know where you got that from:

                To an extent Mark Rein is merely stating the obvious truth – console hardware is beginning to look increasingly dated in the face of PC technology, and while mainstream AAA development has been focused on console formats, there does appear to be an increasing need to move forward. This console generation has stretched farther than most would have predicted and this has been good for the growth of gaming as an industry…

                But are we ready for the next generation of consoles? Being perfectly honest, I think we are.

                It was framed in a 'consoles have fallen behind, devs were happy to create games with less resources, now it's reached a point where we need new console hardware' angle.

                But whatever. It was just the way you came in, dropped four comments in quick succession bagging out the story and the quote that irritated me. I think you have a fair point though.

                  Yes, my comments were brash and in hindsight 4 of them weren't needed to make my thoughts known.

                  You do have a valid point. To anyone who has been keeping up with hardware trends the glaring lack of power on consoles these days is fairly obvious, however.
                  Ultimately the game developers are at the mercy of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Despite game dev's thoughts on the matter we are stuck with the lifecycles of each console that are ultimately determined by these 3 companies.

                /me positions AP at one side of the table and MS at the other end, inserts long string of pasta to both your gobs.
                Awaits romance.

    Big shout out to Cephalxn for the impressive run on yesterdays 1000 Heroz track.

    2nd overall!!!!

    PS.. I got 4th overall. 2 spots in the top 5... we are awesome gamerz huh? I was hoping batguy would swoop in and take another top 5 spot also..

    good work mate.

      Congrats dudes! I was mighty impressed when I saw you both at the top of the scoreboard.

        Yeah, wow! Thats great work! Onya you two!

        btw... I've had FatShady beat on Trials for 2 days now... Just thought I'd put that out there.

          Which track mate...

          I always told you that if you wanted to stay ahead of me, you gotta keep it quiet.. Last time it lasted 12 minutes because you went around bragging... OH, that is what you just did again!!!

          Let me know which one mate and i'll have another go. If it is roadkill, that is going to be tough! Nice work regardless mate. Good to see your skillz improving at a fast pace.. How you going with the extremes?

            I couldn't help myself, the grin I wore made it to my ears! Yeah... it was Roadkill... I completed all the extreme tracks ages ago, now so far have gotten gold or higher on all beginner, easy and medium tracks. Trying to decide whether to attempt golding the hards now, or going back and getting platinum on all the golds I've done...

          Now he knows! He's going to bend your high score over the table and do terrible things to it!

    Today is the last day of the steam sale. Finally my wallet can breathe!

      Yeah, my quota may be able to stop screaming in terror now...

      Just gotta make the most of purchasing things today!

    I'm back from New Zealand. Got home late last night. It was a good trip but it was raining almost the entire time.

    Went to see Cars 2 with my 4 year old cousin while over there. I was pleasantly surprised. It wasn't Pixars usual quality but as far as kids films go it was pretty good. The graphics and animation was quite nice.

    I played catch up on Kotaku last night after I got home. Read through 25 pages of stories, though I didn't read every single story, and then of to bed. Because it would be stupid of me to reply to days old stories I'm going to post my thoughts on several of the stories from the last week here. I know no one will really care but I'm an opinionated person and like my views being out there for the world to laugh at.

    First up a reply to Halo CE remake about the 18 year old kids not playing the original. I'm 19 and I played it when it came out. It was my first fps and one of the greatest games I've ever played. I'm really looking forward to playing it again on 360.

    Next I'll reply to the ME movie thing. I love ME but I can't say I'm looking forward to the movie because, simply, the Commander Shepard up on the big screen wont be my Commander Shepard. The movie Shepard will be completely different from the Shepard I've been following all these years. Ignoring things like gender, I play a femShep and you just know movie Sheps going to be male, and appearance the personality and choice making will likely be way off. The film Shepard could end up doing things I don't think the real Shepard would ever do but because it happened in the movie it's going to be considered canon in the ME universe.

    Next reply is about the Dragon Age 2 dlc. I'm exited for some DA2 dlc because I loved the game but I also don't really like what I'm hearing with talk of more tactic based combat. One of the things I really liked about DA2 and I thought was a huge improvment over Origin was the move away from tactic based combat. I liked that I wasn't always pausing the game or jumping around from character to character. I liked being able to spend the whole game playing as Hawke instead of having to just sit on a mage companion and spam spells. Apart from not being all the fun it also broke immersion. I should be playing as my character damn it not NPCs. BioWare moving back towards tactics for the series worries me. I'd much prefer a move in the opposite direction and make the game even more action based. Don't get me wrong, I'll still play the dlc and DA3, it's just I wont be enjoying them as much as I would have with a more action oriented combat system.

    It's been nice seeing a few Secret World posts pop up the past week. I've been keeping an eye on the game for years but it's seemed like Funcom hasn't been making much progress. Glad to see they're still chugging along.

    That's all for replies from me. As I was reading posts last night I kept making mental notes telling myself to remember to leave a comment about a certain story and I'm sure I've forgotten half of what I was going to write. Lucky for you guys I guess.

    So how's everyone else been doing? I haven't read any of last weeks TAY. Anything major and groundbreaking happen or was it same old same old?

      Hi DW!

      We missed you - here, help yourself to some potato chips.

      I agree on the ME movie front. It sort of flies in the face of the entire concept of ME. Pigeonholing the story and characters into what the director thinks is going to ruin ME for me. My Shephard is an absolute evil SOB and that's just the way I like him. I'd rather people stop trying to turn game franchises into movies as it feels like a cash grab 9/10 times.

      Like the space invaders movie.

      Srsly, wtf hollywood.

      The polar bears are disappointed you did not visit.

        I would have but the damned pilot was just too good at keeping the plane in the air. Curse him and his skillful aviating ways.

          You should have flown Tiger, tsk.

            This guy?


            I agree, very unreliable. I booked him for a trip to Melbourne once, then he bit my shin halfway there because I held onto his mane too tightly.

            This being said, there *was* ample leg room.

    Mark Rein - idiot.

    You can see my all-caps posts to that effect in the comments.

    Good to see that Epic employs people who can state the blindingly obvious.

      "Idiot" is a pretty strong word. I don't know anything about Mark Rein, but I wouldn't say that that article makes him seem an idiot at all.

      He was obviously asked a question as to whether he thinks consoles are the future and his answer, although obvious to some, overlooked by others, is that PCs will always be much more capable than consoles.


      So I was a bit too hasty to criticize this article - further discussion up above for those who missed it.

        Nah, I was just butthurt. My bad.

          I do think I missed the bigger point of the article, which is that Game Devs are also starting to push for more powerful consoles.

            I think that the new hardware is being shopped round developers.
            Six months ago they were all talking about how there was no need for new consoles... but now the big companies are talking about how much it's needed.

            I'm saying the hardware exists.

            I don't know if we need graphical improvements... but I'd hope for increased storage, and major advances in AI.

    I miss having games to look forward to that aren't sequels.

      I miss having games to look forward to, period.

      2011 has been a pretty mediocre year for games. Lots of over-hyped releases.

        I'm mostly looking forward to Skyrim and Dark Souls, which isn't technically a sequel but close enough.

          Skyrim is another matter entirely.

          I've built a shrine to Skyrim in my room with incense and candles and pictures of the devs.

            And then you do the 'put a ring on it' dance in front of them? How have those devs not beaten your door down to get at your abs!??

              I really don't know Q-Bo, I ask myself that very same question every day.


            'Cept replace "Skyrim" with "The Jonas Brothers" and "Devs" to "them shirtless"

            On topic, I've got the same feeling. I remember when Arkham Asylum came out I was blown away because I had no idea what to expect.

            I'm trying to replicate that feeling again by having a complete media blackout for Arkham City. Same goes for Bioshock Infinite.

              Reposted from twitter.
              Re: Bioshock.

              "An entire game based on an escort mission... what could possibly go wrong"?

      I am only really waiting on Trials Evolution. Because it is not Trials HD 2 then I say its not a sequel also. You can look forward to that with me if ya want?

        You're just hoping they answer the riddle in the new game.

    My pineapple is one delicious slice less.

    Just Cause 2 had a laughable plot, but it was very fun.

      The man has a magical parachute and grappling hook and you expected the plot to make sense?

      For shame...

      I bet you were holding out for the plot twist with the ninjas, no?

        I was stunned, STUNNED, when the ninjas appeared.

        Then I got bored and just flew around blowing up things.

          Have you got the DLC?

          The airgun is full of hilarity. You need to buy it and run around blowing people away (literally).

            I downloaded it but haven't really had the motivation to use the stuff yet.

            I did like the ridiculously overpowered plane though :D

              I just flew the ridiculously overpowered planes into things (because I'm tactical like that).

              I wish it was easier to earn money in the game... I often find myself avoiding purchasing things as a result.

      The voice acting alone was worth the price of the game.. great fun.

    I had no idea Newgrounds featured game music - found the soundtrack from K.O.L.M. the other day!


    It even lets you download the .mp3...

    Finished off Dead Space 2 on the weekend. This has raised an interesting question regarding Shameless Gaming Month:

    Do I get to remove Dead Space 2 from my pile of shame now that it is finished? The reason I ask is that I have the collector's edition which also includes Dead Space Extraction as a bonus. So does DSE constitute it's own entry in the pile of shame, or is it inextricably linked to DS2 by virtue of being part of the same package on the same disc? If they're joined by a bond that cannot be broken then DS2 must remain on the pile of shame until I complete the associated DSE. And I'm not sure if I'll even WANT to play DSE all the way through, since it seems like a bit of a pain to play without a Move controller. Have my attempts to remove DS2 from the pile of shame all been in vain?

      The rules are incredibly loose but generally, if you are satisfied that you are done with a game, you can remove it from your pile of shame.

      Also, I'd just count DS2 and DSE as separate entities.

      You answered your own question. Extraction is a bonus so is not included in finishing Dead Space 2. also, as bonus content rather than a separate game you bought it probably shouldn't even be included on your pile of shame.

    Been playing a bit of Minecraft. Farmed a bit of Obsidian and made a portal into the Nether which was a bit anti-climactic. The unfortunate thing is it's all single player, so you're kind of making your own fun, and after a while it gets a bit tired.
    The next update sounds pretty cool though with NPC villages and biomes etc..

    Definitely keen to do a bit of multi player when the server is back up and running.

      Server is up and running now Exploderlicious!
      Send me an email jeffkent at pacific dot net dot au and I should be able to get you access on the server. Just will need your username to put you on the whitelist. Oh, same for you too Lucifer/numbers!

        I think numbers is just '9783'?
        Can you or Blaghsy magick things into existence yet?
        Because sticky piston time, wooooooo!

          There are sticky pistons as well as normal pistons?

            If you know what I mean.

              By which I mean yes.
              Normal pistons are good for pushing things or blocking things off, but sticky pistons are where the real fun (and horribly convoluted circuits) are. Hidden passageways and all that jazz.

          We can 'magic' things yes, but, sticky pistons are not in our list of hand out goodies. But we do have the powers needed to gift the parts required to build them, but it will be more fun trying to make them from scratch, yes? (until it becomes to hard, and the building too grand ;-) )

            I've never, ever come across a Slime.

              In all the time I've been building that giant cavern at the bottom of my tower I haven't seen a single slime. Though I read up on them and apparently they can only spawn on 10 % of the chunks on the bottom 14 levers where there is room.

              My cavern fits the last two conditions but the 10% is randomly decided and the only way to know is when a slime spawns.

              PS: I've instructed my best friend (handle: Pyrean) to introduce himself and join in on TAY but he was working until 8 am so it'll probably be past TAY time when he wakes up today.

              If he does start talking you can ask him about his Word of Warcraft account being hacked. He might not know about it yet, his sister just informed me and is trying to contact him still. All their stuff is gone.

                If they contact the devs they can restore all their stuff for them - similar thing happened to me guild a while back and we recovered everything.

                Also, get them to change their bank account details and any other important credentials - when our guild got hacked the guy's account that had been used also had attempts made to log into his bank account.

              Seriously? Maybe you should venture down into my mine because I've come across a few already. The first time I encountered one I was in shock - it was like, 3 blocks high or something and bouncing erratically.

              Then I whipped out my bow. GG.

                "Then I whipped out my bow" - I read the start of that sentence with high expectations.

                I was disappoint.

                If you do too much damage per hit they don't break into smaller ones, only the smallest ones drop slime balls (neede to make pistions sticky [AnonPes, don't think dirty]) I found even a stone sword is too much, not sure a about a bow though.

                I just sit find someonere only 1 block wide (the big ones can't fit though) and punch them when they can't punch me.

                I think I went down into your mine once.
                Then I got lost.
                And then I was told I was possibly in Pessimist's mine.
                Which did not help the fact that I was lost.
                I originally started out in Gorzy's mine too.
                And then I logged out.
                And later when I logged back in, I was even more lost because there was no one on the server to teleport to.
                I wandered around a bit more and cried in a well-lit corner.

                  I don't have a mine. Well I have a giant hole at the bottom of my tower that I've been treating as a mine by making it bigger but it's kinda had to get lost there.

                  I have, however, borken into a rediciously convloluted series of natural caves in which it is easy to get completly lost and I've mounted many an expiditoin to attempt to light the whole place up.

                  I've now also broken into Harli/Anon's mine which must makes it even worse.

          Bish is very much correct, my Minecraft name is infact 9783

        As always, thanks for offering to add them mate. one less thing for me to always have to do. I dont mind, but if i forget or am too busy it is good that you can help.


        *Wets himself a little

        logging on now!

          Don't do it man.. you were cured!!!

            Lol, not quite, I've been running my own server from home for me and my mate. My upload rate is horrible.

    Heyo heyo, I'm back from a wedding hiatus that didn't give me much net access. Whadimiss?

      Zombie apocalypse, unicorns and tall busty women.

      So nothing much.

        Unicorns? Dang... always wanted one of them.

        Snoo Snoo!

          The spirit is willing, but the flesh is spongy and bruised.

          One of the best quotes. Ever. In the entire universe.

            You win again... gravity!

              Leela, Serious question. Does the company that makes your bra make a gurdle? aswell. I ask because a friend of mine....

      Stamperiffic gave up dubstep for celtic folk music and Strange is now known as Normal.

      Also, I've decided that mac gaming is the best.

      Not that much, really.

        Mac... gaming? What is this nonsense!?

          There's this one game called 'photoshop' - the end boss is hard.

            Hahaha, tell me bout it. I cant even get past the first level.

            Hahaha, Photoshop

            You mean like this:

          Thanks Man... but I wouldn't say my gaming is the best. It's no better than anyone else's.

    Dr What? (and other lovers of Dr Pepper and Cherry Coke) this is for you -


      The cheapest I can get Dr Pepper in Brissy is $70 per carton.

      If someone lives near here, I am extremely willing to pay for you to pick me up 2 cases of Dr Pepper and drop them off to my works Sydney office at Chatswood.

      I will pay cash/favours/goods in return.

        USA Foods is your friend.
        $46 a slab, delivered to our place so I imagine it's a similar cost for you.

          oh my god, they have salt water taffy!!! I've always wanted to try that. Thank you Strange, er, Normal!

            They do have a minimum order value of $20 before postage so be warned.
            You should have no problems finding enough things to make up the $20 though.

              This *is* the girl formerly known as eats-a-lot.

              Knowing her, she'll ask for one... of everything.

    Well, this morning was an exercise in futility for me. I checked the Ticketek website for prices on
    Foo Fighters tickets, and... it turns out I'm a week early... oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait...
    *sits in corner looking at watch*
    "167 hours and 50 minutes to go..."

    For those of you who believe you are dedicated to gaming:

    They ran out of room for a LAN and some guy goes to new heights to make it work.

      You know what? That actually looks really comfy.

      Next LAN game we're at... bring duct tape.

      LOL! OMG, that is epic. It totally makes SGL look tame in comparison.

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