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    Good morning all! Hope you had much gaming fun over the weekend, as now there is only one shamefulless pineapple weekend left!

    A lot of people ask for advice on gaming journalism on this site. I found some advice online. Don't know how good it is, but it might help:

    And O'Connor goes to bat for games again:
    That man is quickly earning my respect.

      "50 most popular adult games could no longer be played by 15-year-olds."
      Looks like I've got a bit of buying to do before the end of this year...

      "The debate gained fresh impetus with reports that Anders Behring Breivik, 32, accused of killing some 92 people in twin bomb and gun attacks, was fascinated by violent games such as World of Warcraft and Modern Warfare 2, as well as right wing politics"

      I'm sorry, but World of Warcraft?

      oh, and nice mention of the right-wing politics. lol

        The weird thing is, this guy, went on Modern History's worst killing spree, and he is not psychotic. He's most likely a psychopath, but he is grounded in the real world(except for saying that Modern Warfare 2 is a good simulator for terrorist actions, that's just dumb).

        People will try and associate a thousand different reasons for why he did this, but the simple reason, is that he holds human lives to be worthless. We shouldn't sit here pointing fingers, and trying to lay the blame, and I'm sure the people at the youth camp are not. We should ask "why?" and be thankful for everyone that is left.

        Sorry, the attitude of the media in times like this just pisses me off. People have died, have a little compassion, and don't just try and push your moronic agenda.

          Speaking of moronic agendas, Jim Wallace of the ACL wrote an article in the Weekend Australian today, titled "Virtual classroom for cold-blooded murder".
          I'm not sure what to make of it after reading it all.
          Also, this guy was an SAS commander?!

    Goood Morning KotakAU, I for one would like to start thius week with...

    R18+ RATING BY THE END OF THE YEAR!!!!one!!!

    Sorry, I couldn't controll my self...

      GD MFer, Lurn 2 spellz.

      I meat this week, and control myself

        NO, before you get any ideas, I am not hosting a meat, I ment to type 'meant'

        P.S. Note to self: Proofread your comments, man

          Screw proofreading!

          We'll never hit five-thousand without repeated mistypes having to be corrected!

        But you won't BE 18+ by the end of this year :P

          But it's the principle of the matter, would you rather be playing Sugar and Rainbows 9 or Street Fighter 9

            Unless SF adds Fatalities in place of Supers, I think it will probably remain PG/M :p

            Of course I'm in favour of R18+. but I'm also in favour of teasing the young'uns.

      Every media report I have read only talks about bumping up some MA15 games into this category. It does not look like the upper level of games allowed has increased.

      Please enlighten me if I am wrong.

    I'm feasting on Meat leftovers for breakfast.

      The start of inside jokes most of us won't get ='(

      So I heard it was delicious! And that your kids are adorable.

        Mini-tiny-Strange is the coolest kid ever.

          And yet when I make similar comments you label me a pedophile.

            I said that I heard her kids were adorable!
            I also didn't chat up Qumulys' daughter and her friend!
            *throwing around rumours :D*

              *rocking chair, squeaks on porch*
              pats his chester


              I... But... umm....

              Hmmmmm... This looks like a job for a sit-com style plan to clear my name.

              I can't hit on anyone over the age of twenty-five, as they're just OLD, so it looks like I need to find an over-age girl to clear my name...


              Hey Rocketman, is your sister hot?

        Don't worry, the Snail Master thing is not from the Meat. And I did invite you to my Meat but you didn't go. I was expecting you to jump out of a cake or something. I am disappoint.

          I got bored and ate the cake.
          I thought it would be awkward if I showed up covered in icing.

      I hate you. Also, chick in front of me on train was eating chicken wings! GD chicken wings! I have not had brekky yet. :(

      mmm met leftovers! Those muffins were killer!!! Seriously well done with that! ;)
      Although I couldn't stay for long, I still had fun! Was great seeing all of you again! And great to meet AnonPessimist! For all concerned, LittleJJ is much better now. Pain has subsided and spewing has stopped and she's gone off to work today, so all is well! Typical that she'd have to come down with something like that right at the wrong moment though :\ Oh wells.. at least I got to go for a bit. Better than nothing! Can't wait for the next one :)

        ... met try meat....

      Good thymes were had, yo.

      Silly Japanese games amiright!

      Me, AP & Sughly trying in vain to play NBA Jam was a highlight. By trying I mean, getting our asses handed to us by Sughly. Me and AP tried to play a game against each other. It looked like if we actually went outside and attempted to play sport for real. I ended up just running around in circles while AP somehow found the fumble button.

      We also head bopped to some tight drum loops. TIGHT!

      Endu almost dropped a plate which lead to Sughly laughing hysterically, which lead to me laughing hysterically, which lead to Mini-Strange laughing hysterically and telling me to get off his chair. I obliged.

      There was a bitchin' collection of thangs all up in that crib. A mini Serenity (that I was trying to figure out how to steal) That Africa game that I always confuse with Far Cry 2, a folder full of Firefly cast autographs (you crazy brown coats, you) and tons of hidden gems I didn't dare touch in case they were supporting another of the amazing towers of knick-knacks.

      The fairy-bread flowed like some analogy where a solid somehow flows like a liquid (some sort of number 2 joke?) The muffins towered high and the Starburst were never in short supply.

      When I got home and unlocked the dungeon where I keep my girlfriend I made sure to tell her about how great the fairy-bread was. Let's just say all her crayon drawings aren't of her standing outside anymore, the sun kissing her face for the first time in years. I'm seeing alot of drawings of what she thinks fairy bread looks like. I still feature heavily as the black shadow with the red eyes.

      Mrs Endu was there, bringing some class to the festivities that I tried to dash by arriving and making a blowjob joke.

      Mr Strange was an all round rad dude, wailing on that mic like he was born with one, firmly grasped in his leather adorned hands. Him and Trjn swapped sports scores, something along the lines of 20 wickets to the home run. GOAL!

      All in all, a great Meat that made me proud to be part of such a great community.

      When's the next?

        Man, now I'm insanely jealous.

        Canberra Meat 3.0 here we come. *Grabs a bottle of vodka*

        I was going to write something along those lines, but I guess you beat me to it. Either that or I'm just claiming the fruits of your rambling labour. Getting to the point, it was awesome good! Next indeed! (Something-something-2000? Arcade? Beer food and arcade? And karaoke? Tell Strange's husband, he would be excited)

        Also, Strange your husband is a cool dude! I have to say I was slightly intimidated at first, knowing his love of metal and then meeting him, all bald headed and adorned with leather and big enough to crush me. But he was actually nice and not intent on killing me, which was a nice turn of events for me!

    Favourite shapes flavour?
    I would have said Pizza hands down, pre flavour nerf, but over the weekend, I had some damned good Nacho Cheese ones. Either that or I just kept eating them whilst I was dead in TF2, so they had a soothing effect.
    [/totally related to video games]
    [/totally not sponsored by Coles, who currently have boxes going for $1.30 right now]

      Yeah pizza used to be awesome, sadly no more.
      Cheese and bacon all the way now, occasionally chicken crimpy.

      Pizza flavour. All the way.

      I see Pizza as the OG Shapes flavour. They probably weren't the first but they are to me god dammit.

      Are we counting Sensations, or kicking it old skool?

        Yeah those sensations ones are craaazy good. My favourite is called Mexican or something, totally blew my tastebuds away.

        Old school Pizza is still my number 1 though.

        Also, I'm going to be stopping by Coles this afternoon. THANKS A LOT BISH

          My sole existence is to bring people joy and happiness through the power of food! Cheap food is better! I HELPED!

          Also, I would have said old school, but I'm pretty sure Texas BBQ and Italian Woodfire Pizza aren't part of the originals, but also aren't under the Sensations label, so I guess to be fair, all flavours are included.

      I'm eating Cheese and Bacon ones right now. I think it's a toss-up between those, Nacho Cheese or Vintage Cheddar and Chives.

      I have a fondness for the original.

      Many a time I've woken in a sleepy stupor and stumbled towards the pantry.

      Then I wake up coated in delicious red and green dust :(

      I'm going to go with the one with the stuff.

      You know, it's delicious!

      OK, I don't know. This looks like a job, for a randomised (no randominity involved, I'm afraid) trial!

      Barbeque pre-flavour nerf was my tastebud drones' pick of that year.

      Barbecue is by far the best flavour. Pizza just doesn't taste as good.

      Damnit, the real old-skool shapes were around even b4 the stupid old skool nonsense. Back then, those bastards were fried, YES FRIED. The greasy hexagons left a coating of greasy perfection down your throat holes and the flavour you could see, was ACTUALLY VISIBLE ONCE UPON A TIME.
      Then, I remember the sad gloomy sunday, when they told me they had changed them. They took the last true snack, and ruined it. Baked. Asshats.
      *goes back to creaking on porch*

        I was going to say something about this but then I remembered you've ranted about it before so I figured I'd leave it up to you. You didn't let me down!

      I watch ads all day. I laugh in th eface of their commercial propositions. Like this "HA HA HA HA HA!". That kind of laugh. That's what I do when they try to sell me stuff.

      Then you and your talk of Shapes comes along. 'I can deal wit hthis!'I tell myself, but the more I read, the more I craved the delicious shapey goodness.

      Soon the lunch hour is upon me and I find myself outside, walking purposefully towards 7eleven. I enter and walk passed th edeals, ignore th ecrisps and find myself before the Shapes. TWO BAGS FOR $2.50! it yells to me. 'That's not as good as Coles' I ponder to myself, ponderously. But halt! Whao there! Steady on! 2 bags? But there are 3 flavours present! BBQ, Pizza and Cheese & Bacon. Which to pick. I select Pizza... then I put it back. I rushed in. Gotta think this through. AP swears by the Cheese & Bacon, so that is pack one. Pizza or BBQ? BBQ or Pizza? I reach out and I reselect Pizza. Playing it safe.

      Now here I sit, victim of your savoury biscuit discussion. You have succeeded where countless advertising exectives have failed

      Well played, Bish. Well played.

      Om nom nom nom nom.

        I don't even get paid for Arnott's PR!
        I would be more outraged at this, but I just bought 6 more boxes of Shapes, and Iamokaywiththis.png

    I thought Brisbane was meant to have nice weather, not whatever this is.

    Fun times were had at the meat. Much rocking out ensued, Mr Strange belted out "Bring Me To Life" while one of the Strangelings bopped along.

    We all watched in amazement at the madness that was the Catherine demo and there was fairy bread.

    Fairy bread is awesome.

      Meat was indeed fun. Thanks to everyone who made it (Jimu, we missed you!) and especially to The Elusive Endu for his extremely thoughtful surprise.
      I don't think Mr. Strange expected everyone to be so, well, cool. He had a great time with you guys and was especially happy Bunny played pool with him.

        There's a place on Kessels Rd that I play pool at most Fridays with some friends. Haven't gone lately so I was more than happy to join in for a little cramped pool playing, as was the little Strangeling :p

      I'm pretty sure I single handedly ate half of the fairy bread on offer. I regret and apologise for nothing and noone.


    *** Seriously, there are spoilers***

    Okay, so I finished Mass Effect 2, bringing my Pineapple score to 3. But I don't actually care about that anymore, I'm just glad I played Mass Effect 2. I suppose I should thank you Trjn, for getting this Shameless Gaming thing together, because without it, there is a high chance Mass Effect 2 would've stayed in the shrink wrap and my Mass Effect 1 save would have remained at Virmire. Although Wrex would be alive still. Hence, it's your fault Wrex died Trjn. Don't questions my logic though.

    Anyway, so ME2. Loved it. Great game. Only Jack died in the suicide mission, which is great, because I though Jack was the stupidest 'companion/teammate' and didn't fit in at all with the Normandy Crew. Garrus lives, which is pretty much all that matters to me though. I found that because of the Suicide Mission I played with a lot more teammates, such as Tali, Mordin and Samara, and I kind of regret only playing with Garrus and one of Thane and Miranda. They should totally make your squad size bigger, to be 3-4 people. That would be pretty freaking sweet. I love the characters and the story though, and definitely can't wait for Mass Effect 3 now. I can definitely see why so many people were reviewing about it, and it's definitely GOTY for 2010 for me. Even though I played it in Mid-2011. Shutup. Also, decisions. I decided to keep the collector's base, as I thought it made the most sense. Though in the epilogue, the illusive man does sound somewhat sinister as to what exactly he'll be doing with such techonology. And walking around on the ship, everyone sounds disappointed and questioning me as to whether I did the right thing. I DON'T KNOW. I'm half tempted to replay the suicide mission just to change my decision, but I suppose that kinda ruins the point of it, doesn't it? That you have to 'live' with the decisions you make, such as letting Wrex die, the council die, etc. I don't know.Still. Fantastic game.


    Now, onwards with the pineapple!

    Do I:
    - Get some of the Mass Effect 2 DLC (I have 900 points, and I heard Lair of the Shadow Broker is the best one of the bunch, but costs 800 points)
    - Play past the first 5 minutes Limbo because I got stuck at a puzzle and then was distr - Ooh, shiny thing!
    - Play ilomilo
    - Finish Halo Reach (though I'm kind of tempted to wait until Halo CE Anniversary edition comes out so I can play them back to back. Also, the original Halo was pretty awesome)
    - Unwrap the shrinkwrap off of L.A Noire and start that
    - Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty from the PSN Welcome Back dealio
    - Start Sly Cooper Collection again
    Maybe I should resign myself to the fact that I'll never end up playing Bioshock. It's not that it's a bad game, the atmosphere and the story seem really well setup, it's just that I can't be bothered. I don't really know why I can't, and it's not that it's a crap game and I force myself to play it, it's simply.....cbf? Can anyone else relate or am I rambling lunatic?

      But, but... Shepard, my friend. You look well for dead?

        Ironic that the man who says that is dead....

        NOT MY FAULT. Go blame Trjn.

          Fcuking Ashley and her sitthy existance. I DIDN'T WANT HER TO KILL HIM! SHE JUST DID!

          What a bovine.

      Re: Bioshock, I am exactly the same. Played it for an hour, didn't mind it, couldn't figure out why I never picked it up again...

      Congrats on taking another slice of the pineapple.

      Also on beating a simply fantastic game.

      I'll take all of the credit for encouraging you, but none of the blame for [SPOILER]'s death. I can guarantee that they didn't die on my watch, so it's your own incompetence that resulted in that little mishap :p

      with Bioshock, i know what you mean. I was playing it on super-hard, about maybe 3hrs in, ran out of ammo, and fighting a big daddy, so i've also given up there...

      While skimming over what you wrote there because I'm still playing ME2 (have just done Miranda's loyalty mission and am about to find Thane) I totally agree with you squad sizes, you should be able to bring more people with you on some missions.

        Yeah almost the whole the point of the game was assembling the best team ever, but then you always have to leave most of them on the ship?! Stoopid.

          Exactly. Especially towards the end, there are a couple of cutscenes where you see half a dozen of the team shooting at the collectors, and it just looks absolutely insane/hectic/like an actual battlefield, and it make me sad I can't actually fight with all of them at my side. I wouldn't even care that I can't control all of them and their powers, I just would like them to fight with me!

      Poor Wrex. :(

      Congrats on finishing it, ME2 would be one of my favourite games from last year.

      Do you have XBL Gold? If so, wait till the DLC goes on sale later in the week!

        Seriously? That's awesome! How much % off?

          Don't know, but probably 50% given that's the discount for this week's GTA IV DLC.

          I really enjoyed the DLC missions for Mass Effect 2, so I'd say it's definitely worth grabbing a few of the better rated ones if they're half price.

      I know a lot of critics didn't like Bioshock 2 (thoughts were mixed), but I managed to complete it, while the first still mocks me from my pile of shame...

        Bioshock 2 was just Bioshock 1 without the plot twist.

        Also, I used bees in Bioshock 2. So that's a plus.

          Oh aye, but its controls were so much more fluid. I could not get over how awkwardly the first Bioshock played.

            Is Jump still mapped to the Y button? That always felt pretty bizzare to me.

      I'm the very model of a scientist Salarian.
      That is all.

      Lair of the Shadow Broker is well worth the points. I would also recommend getting the Arrival, it's a nice set-up for the Reaper invasion and also worth the points IMHO

      Best game of last year by far, can't wait for 3.

      I can't believe you killed Wrex though, you bastard! *Krogan Headbutt* :D

        HE HAD IT COMING! (Not really. Blame Ashley. I refuse to accept responsibility for his death.)

        I heard Arrival wasn't that great though, and that it was Shepard all on his own, which is kinda crappy... But then again, I love the story of ME, so does Arrival deliver on that front?

          Its not AS good as Shadow Broker, but I definitely enjoyed playing as JUST Shepard, it's a different vibe to the rest of the game but not an unwelcome one, and it does extend the main plot quite nicely. If you're keen to see a glimpse into the Reaper invasion of Earth it's a must-buy.

    First Blood has been drawn - the mouse which has been terrorising my computer wires and food staples has been slain! It has been a war of attrition, including a standoff involving me trying to corner the thing with a bucket at 2 in the morning. Scarily the trap which scored the kill was put up high on top of the fridge for when my 2 yr old nephew visited - that mouse was ninja! The trap however put a ro-Dent in his plans (lame, couldn't help myself).

    Also in gaming news, I completed Prototype and can remove it from the pile 'o' shame. Am going to attempt to finish of New Vegas next, which should be possible provided I can resist spending precious gaming time on LoL.

      That story was an epic tale nonetheless, and love the humour :D. Now you have about 30 seconds until that mouse respawns right? Faster if it has Revive? Who knows you might get called Dominating soon.

        I'm not so much worried about a rodent revival as I am about rodent reinforcements - hopefully he was solo. I didn't get away without any casualties though - my front USB are gone, as it chewed through the mobo connector wires but it could have been worse.

    My Wife bought me a 3DS for my bertdaye.

    I wander around the Brisbane CBD somehwre between the hours of 12 and 1 (lunchtime) trying to catch streetpasses.

    Just so you know...

      Congratumalations, I hope you got the tramampolines!

      *Stares completely straight faced*

      Happy Birthday!

      Happy belated birthdayyyy! Unless it was today, in which case its not belated at all!

      WHERE WERE YOU ON SATURDAY?! *glares angrily*
      I was already given an explanation, but... I still wanted to yell.

        Some Brudda you are, his birthday was last weekend. One week ago, Patricia!

          YEah... I knew that... just ah, testing you guys. Haha it worked! Suckers.

      Happy Birthday Jimu sir! Good to see you posting again!

      Also, Efluvian Boy, I think your macabre birthday greetings are awesome and all, but that knob in Oslo totally spoiled my birthday now forever soiled with tragedy. :-( Speaking of which, what happened in Oslo is horrible, truly horrible, thoughts go out to them.


    If you smoke, please have the courtesy of NOT smoking while you walk... and, if you absolutely cannot resist one else your family die and the apocalypse come (for that's the only valid reason I see to smoke-walk), then please make sure NO ONE IS BEHIND YOU.

    I have no issues with sit-down or stand-up smokers; you guys are cool.


      What I really hate are the smokers that are walking along, light up and then just merrily waltz along with their cigarette in hand, never taking a puff.

      If you're not going to smoke the damned thing, why are you making me walk behind it?

      It's the main reason I started walking quickly through crowds. That and impatience.

      I'm pretty sure Elly is the only dirty smoker amongst us.

      Or at least, she was... did she quit this month?

        Due to "Dry July" she's stopped, but there are a few other smokers here, IIRC.

        I smoke, but I don't walk-smoke in crowded areas. I always try to make sure my stationary smoke area is downwind of groups and I make an extra effort to keep my smoke away from children.

        What I dislike is when people enter MY personal space while I'm clearly having a cigarette then start fake-coughing at me.


        Just in case it looks like my +1 was for Matthew Kermeen's post in the mobile phone version, I was actually agreeing wholeheartedly with Tadmod's post.

      I totally agree!

      I've been burned twice in Sydney by smokers walking with their lit cigarette at their sides and not paying any attention.

      Do what I'm planning to and that's get a gas mask module to wear over your mouth.

      Seriously with humans like them, second hand smoke victims are even worse off than the humans that MADE the choice to do it!

      I smoke, and do agree it is annoying when other smokers light up in a crowd.

      I'll always try to get out of the way, get in an alleyway or something, even smoking outside of a train station as opposed to at the edge of the platform.

      But I totally agree with Matthew Kermeen, smokers in a crowd are rude, but people coming up to a smoker who is out of the way and all but abusing the poor sod with snide looks and fake coughing is a symptom of a hideous personality.

        But you know what's annoying?

        Many things, but I think I've made that joke many times before.

        But when smokers are all "I know, a good place for a group of five of us to sit and smoke is at the bottom of a stairwell! Nobody uses stairs in a car-park, right?"

    gee. . . who could see this coming. . .

      Good old Herald Sun.

      First 3 sentences are the actual news story, then the entire page is copypasta from other stories about the attack.

      That's a really, really sneaky subheading. Linking the two is stupid.

      I despise the Herald Sun because of dribble like this, but I have to read it in the morning cuz my parents like it... urgh!

        Noooo D:

        Read The Age instead! At least it has actual news!

          Read "the internet" because it's far more up to date, typically more accurate, and you can find a place with articles that have just enough bias in the direction you lean so that you view them as unbiased.

          In a related point, biased (to the left for once) and hilarious:

            (You probably won't read this, but I'll reply anyway!)

            I loved that article, yeah. Annabel Crabb is probably my favourite Australian political journalist. She has an amazing way with words.

        I would be more inclined to read The Age or The Australian if they published in tabloid size.

      just because apparently one scaremongering article isn't enough. . . I present 2 more of nearly the exact same thing.

      and what the hell, have the same thing from the Australian. . .

      because everyone knows that vidya gaems are the cause of all the bad things in the world. . .

        Let's have a look here...
        The Herald Sun, The Herald Sun, The Australian.

        Why am I not surprised that these attacks are coming from Murdoch's papers?

          Its not just Murdock's papers though, here's an article from the Sydney Morning Herald

          This article actually makes the inevitable link to the No Russian mission. . .

        "But critics fear it could lead to inappropriate material finding its way to children."

        Makes me wonder how those critics justify saying that, since that pretty much directly insults all Australian parents in terms of raising their children properly

        There's one thing I said in an earlier article on this: Has there been any evidence provided to support the claim he was an avid CoD fan?

        I wouldn't be surprised if he owned the game, however it seems to me the media found out about his WoW accounts (one of the articles actually calls World of Warcraft a violent and offensive video game, which goes to show the level of research they put into the article) and then thought it was a great way to further terrify the masses. The use of Modern Warfare 2 also intrigues me, Black Ops is the more recent game however it was released with barely a whisper for the mainstream media, in comparison MW2 had to endure the all encompassing moral panic sh*tstorm when it was released so maybe using it rather than Black Ops work better to achieve the desired effect.

        There are 2 things that reign true when it comes to news:

        1: Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story

        2: It's their job to keep you terrified.

          He did play Modern Warfare 2.

          More terrifyingly, he said that it was "good training" for himself, and he said that his supposed addiction to WoW was a good way for him to spend time planning the attack, as he could pretend that all the time was spent grinding.

          He wrote a 90? I think, page manifesto detailing all this, which is quite worrying.

            Yeah I've been reading more into it, hopefully O'Connor will be able to hold his ground on this one.

            There were many issues this guy had, the rampant Xenophobic Neo-Nazism, Fundamentalist hatred of Muslims. It'll really suck if all the other equally valid points are brushed aside to conjure up the old 'vidya gaems are teh evils' argument that's been done time and time again.

              Yeah, I just checked, and the manifesto is 1,500 pages.

              Jesus, how many ways are there to write "I am psychopathic"?

    After spending the weekend in the mountains with my 3DS and Zelda 3D, I have come to what I consider the ultimate correctness on the best dungeon/temple in the game. The best temple is the Spirit Temple and anyone who disagrees is clearly wrong.

    A weekend full of trying to fix my PC, 5 different blue screen errors. Long story short, TechStation has become a mess and fingers might point at something Trend Micro failed to protect me from, surprise surprise...

      Have you tried turning it off and on again?

        Many times to no avail sadly. I think I've crushed most of the bugs though... though a few may still be at large.

        Seriously I'm not going to be back on League of Legends until I go 5 days without a blue screen -.-

          Whilst talking about LoL - was thinking of purchasing Mordekaiser as my next champion. Have tried him a few times against bots and he goes well as an off-tank/pusher/ap melee. Havn't tried PVP yet though, which is where I'll prob fall down as he seems very item dependent, so if I start of poorly I'm pretty well screwed. Might also wait to see what the next rotation brings.

            Mordi looks very interesting when I read up on him, though I already have a melee DPS which is Master Yi. I might change to another champion someday down the track, but first,I gotta complete my lineup. Already got:

            Single unit magic DPS/Ganker - Warwick
            Single unit Attack DPS/Ganker - Master Yi
            Mage carry team basher crowd control king and can solo a fricken top lane against two (Successfully took on a Garen and Poppy)! - Kennen
            Tank - Rammus (My next buy)

    Where to start? Shameless gaming was a bit of a bust this weekend. Spent most of my time working on shirt designs and opening my store.

    What? You want a link? Okay, but only because you asked.

    Aaaanyway, on Sunday my PC started acting up. Shotcuts went a bit wonky so, thinks I, time to restart.

    PC shut down okay.

    Had some problems with the starting part.

    So now the light is on (literally) but no one is home (figuratively, unless tiny martian men have moved in and I wasn't aware). Fan is working too. The fan is super important right? But sadly no magic pictures are appearing in the viewing box (sorry for the technical jargon). I think maybe one part broked and is making the rest not work. Problem is, despite my obvious technical prowess, I don't know which bit. I think it might be the samoflange.

    And YES, I tried hitting it. It didn't help.

    Anyway, the kindly AnonymousPessimist has taken it upon himself to help me in this, my hour of need, by helping me build a new rig.

    Which amazingly ties in to the begining of my post. You see I have done a few more shirt designs and started others but they are trapped on the hard drive now. I'm assured the HDD is airtight which means they may not have long before they suffocate on the data fumes. How can we free the shirts? Well, oddly enough, if people BUY other shirts, that should ease the financial burden a purchase of a new PC can be thus the shirts will be released sooner.

    It's a win/win situation for everyone.

    Visit to see how YOU could make a Difference

      Hmmm, a conundrum.
      I only want the frankontroller shirt but in order to get it I have to buy a different shirt? I smell bribery!

        Did you just want the controller on a shirt with no text, or with a witty slogan?

        I can make it editable so you can position it till your happy too...

        Well... I can, once I get access to it.

          No text. Slogans get old really fast, even if they're awesomely funny to start with. An image is forever winning.

      haha I LOVE the "trust me, I'm a doctor" design.

      Also, my condolences regarding your PC.

        It was a random doodle I did at work and I thought that I'd make it in to a shirt for me to wear but that most people wouldn't get it/want it. So far, it's EVERYONE's favourite. My sister even asked for one.

        Just goes to show.

      Your technical prowess never ceases to amaze me. [slow-head-shake]™ :P

      I'm going to have to buy a "holy carp" shirt. But I may have problems, due to having to buy them via my parents...

        I see your problem. Obviously your parents will want shirts too, yes? Don't worry! They come in a range of styles and colours to suit everyone.

        Phew! Crisis averted.

    Played a little SSFIV online on the weekend... again.
    Came across an El Fuerte player who was as good with him as I was. God damn he was a slippery little bastard!
    I must make people rage all the time when I play against them as El Fuerte. (feels good man)

    So with that in mind, and to fire up some monday morning conversation, who's your favourite SF character? (or favourite fighting game character in general)

      SSFIV - Crimson Viper
      There's a top Australian player called Robsux who mains her, he's amazing.

      In general - Hmm. That's a tough one! Maybe Angel from the King of Fighter series? I'll have to get back to you on that one.


      Because you feel like a god when you land a Raging Demon.

    Shameless gaming took an interesting turn. While half way through uncharted 2 I started a new game. Not stopping Uncharted at all, but got into NFS Shift(1). Really enjoying both. Now u guess I gotta finish both this month?

    About to hit Tier 4 in shift and am 11/26 levels into uncharted. Shameless no more!

    It's safe to say that the Tour de France has seriously damaged my ability to get to bed on time (as has my discovery that Day 9's videos can be viewed on the iinet freezone) and has also really eaten into the time I could have spent working on Shameless Gaming.

    Still, it was totally worth it. What a brilliant couple of weeks of sporting madness. Cadel Evans is a machine. One of the greatest Australian sportsmen in history.

      I was mostly watching it for the pretty mountains and castles, but by the end of it I was amazed at Evans' determination.

      The last mountain stage was amazing.

        Those Alps... man, both pretty and pretty damned exciting.

    Hey Qumulys, I now it may be a bit late, but I made you a gift
    Happy Late Birthday! (Is that how you'd say it? or should it be "Late Happy Birthday!"?)
    And Rocketman, I'm going to make something for you too :D

      ROFL, that is all flavours of awesome! Can I unwrap it? Or did you hide a creeper spawner in it?? :-P

    And another Sam and Max game "finally" bites the dust! Only 13 more to go... :)

    Due to my XBox being finicky about what discs it will and won't read, I am unable to proceed with the older games on my pile of shame - no amount of coaxing convinces the thing that there is a disc present.

    So as a result I took advantage of sales at JB and EB to get myself a copy of Duke Nukem Forever and Battlefield Bad Company 2.

    Thus I embarked on what I can only refer to as the weekend of terrible games.

    I am saddened that after all that, Duke Nukem Forever really was poor. It was a mechanically solid game but those mechanics don't fit with the Duke. The humour or attempts at thereof sadly fell far too flat.
    Now I'm a big Duke fan, and I enjoy Duke's humour. I do not think Duke's humour is out of place in today's world. The problem is that the dialogue and jokes were simply badly done. They were full of a persistent effort and maybe I missed this playing DN3D 14 years ago but they make the Duke sound insecure, like a juvenile tryhard.

    Now this would be an interesting character dynamic except Duke has it all. He's the king! He's got two hot pop stars, he's rich, he has international fame, every woman wants him! He has absolutely no reason whatsoever to feel insecure.

    That was what made the game feel childish. Duke in DNF was a bad character. I could forgive the two-weapon system, the frustrating and bland level design, the uninteresting boss battles, the constant jibes at other (better) games and the occasional references to pop culture memes... really, a Leroy Jenkins joke in 2011? Come on! Mass Effect did that in 2007.

    But Duke fell flat, a sad ghost of his former self scared that no one can see him even while all eyes are turned his way.

    I couldn't bring myself to finish it. My wife finished it, determined to plough through it with the intent of squeezing as many achievements out of it as possible before I try to return it. I watched most of this and failed to be impressed at any point.

    After turning my back on DNF I turned to Bad Company 2. This was the rival to Modern Warfare 2, a game that I am told was far greater, more interesting than MW2 could hope to be. A game that required skill, teamwork, strategy and tactics. I was dubious, but thought now was the time to try. It was only going to cost me $30 to find out for myself.

    I am convinced now that people have deluded themselves into liking BC2 just to spite the Call of Duty franchise.
    The combat and gunplay is far more generic and uninteresting than in MW2. The single player campaign had some interesting ideas thrown in, but it felt too much like "let's throw this in because it's interesting and try to make it make sense", like the part where you slowly freeze to death in the snow level with the sattelite unless you make it to shelter.

    I quickly grew tired of the way in which Bad Company 2 was basically the same game as MW2, but with some arbitrary changes. I could almost believe DICE took MW2 as a template and set out to prove they could do it better.

    The Russians have a plan to bring down the US power grid and invade? Really? That makes more sense than jamming a sattelite to sneak their forces in over the ocean?
    Instead of a mission where you wirelessly download data from a computer, your characters crash a sattelite so they can just steal the data server from inside it. This would almost have made me laugh at the sheer audacity if fans of the Battlefield series had not ruined my perceptions of the game by constantly harping on about how the Modern Warfare series is "like a Michael Bay movie".
    Sure, MW2 had a special forces captain fire a nuke to discharge an EMP and knock out the Russian forces and that pushed the boundaries of ridiculous. But some grunt with a hardon for killing has the knownhow to knock a sattelite out of orbit and crash land it within walking distance? Sure, ok, that's not at all over the top.

    Oh, and after this you do a driving set piece where you shoot at pursuers. Pretty stock standard FPS fare these days. You can pretty much just spam grendades which is the only way to reliably stop the vehicles anyway. except you get to a point where you can't get a bead on the vehicles following you. You have to survive until your driver takes an alternate route, then when you pull back onto the main road there's a scripted event where they crash into each other. I realised at the point you simply cannot take out those vehicles before that point.
    My problem with that? THOSE VEHICLES CAN STILL KILL YOU.

    I had to do that sequence 7 goddamn times because the invincible, impossible to hit pursuers that were part of an upcoming scripted event were still capable of killing me!

    I carried on through the campaign a little longer and tried out the multiplayer.

    One of the big criticisms I hear about the MoD multiplayer is that as you level up you unlock better stuff which gives you advantage and makes it harder for new players. I heard complaints about overpowered killstreak rewards and perks. And those are semi valid complaints except in MW2 you have the most reliable weapons from the start - the UMP45 is the best SMG, the M4A1 is the best assault rifle and the FAMAS is the best burst fire. On top of that, levelling up takes no time at all.

    In BC2 I was running a 5:1 k/d ratio, capturing flag points like a champ, even got the rewards for being the best player in the game on my first ever game of Conquest. It still took me about 2 hours to level up once. My rewards for finally hitting tier 2 of engineer and recon? For the engineer I finally get the power tool so I can actually do my job. For recon I get a proximity detector. Well, now we're getting somewhere.

    then I was playing a game of conquest on a ridiculously large map, and lost badly. Why? Because for some reason there was only two people on my team - myself and my squadmate. We were covering each other well, but could not capture a single point. Some guy at level 18 had a UAV that would rain rockets and gunfire down on us every time we tried to take one. He held us off single-handed. Occasionally I'd get killed by his buddy who was neatly sniping us off spawn, but mostly I'd get his by a rocket from the UAV. I managed to snipe it from the sky three times, but it always came back.

    This is tactical combat and teamwork? This is the game that doesn't reward people for 'lone wolf' behaviour? Sorry, I'd rather get quickscoped and put up with chopper gunners than that nonsense. At least to earn a chopper gunner a guy has to get eleven kills without dying.

    I was pretty excited for Battlefield 3, but I'll want to see some major changes before I put it on my must-have list.

      Woooah, what is this! Summarise, go!

        Duke Nuken Forever wasn't very good and Bad Company 2 was a MW2 rip-off that makes the anti-CoD fanboys look like raging hypocrites.

        He said that Duke Nukem Forever was a drity shisno, and then bitched about Bad Company 2, and all the people who said it was better than Modern Warfare 2.

          maybe this could best be told in the form of a knock knock joke

          knock knock
          Who's there?
          you are
          You are who?
          you are a dirty dirty shisno

      Fair assessment IMHO

      I think MW2 was a seriously unbalanced game and probably the worst in the recent CoD franchise.. Black Ops fixed the majority of criticisms and complaints (ie quick scoping, overpowered killstreaks)

      My experience with BC 2 was largely the same. The single player storyline was boring as hell (still struggling to finish it out of sheer apathy) and every time I have played multiplayer I either get sniped from across the map when trying to assault an objecting or blow up by a tank or something.

      I never found it a fun game, and the MP discourages interacting with random people and making new online friends through its stupid insular squad system.

      The Bad Company brand failed for me, but I am hopeful BF 3 will fix a lot of those issues.

        Me too. I'm a pretty huge Modern Warfare fanboy (I really haven't liked the other COD games that much) but I'm concerned that Modern Warfare 3 won't turn out any good. I'm going to need somewhere else to turn if that's the case since I don't really play Halo anymore.

        I know as a confessed MW2 fan my assessment of BC2 might seemed biased and maybe I'm being too hard on it - really, it's the fans of BC2 that have ruined the game making simply outrageous claims about it.

          Here's my take on it - if Call of Duty is what you love, you actually may not get that much out of Bad Company 2 - it can be ridiculously hard sometimes (I'm talking about Multiplayer here) especially when facing off against a team proficient with helicopters and tanks.

          Having said that I didn't come to Bad Company via COD

          My online multiplayer experience started in 2010 -

          I tried Halo 3 - didn't like it so much, found it full of floaty jumps and cheap melee kills - my opinion has changed since getting better at it.

          Bought Call of Duty 4 - loved it - first game this generation which I finished the campaign on, and the multiplayer was something else, fast, realistic feel, easy to get into a match.

          On recommendation from Friends bought The Orange Box, got addicted to TF2 (on the Xbox) for the rest of that year.

          In Nov 2010 finally tried out Bad Company 2 on my brother's insistance (he got both it and MW2 on release and quickly became hooked on Battlefield)

          I find coming from Team Fortress 2 to Bad Company 2 was an easy transition, the idea of Medics, Engineers and Snipers as their own classes was an easy sell for me, the whole addition of vehicles and destruction was different but compelling.

          But the real thing that hooked me in - the spotting! On Modern Warfare - even on a big screen I have trouble picking out the guy 50 metres away with a sniper rifle dressed in camo in a desert, by the time I've even figured out someone is there - I'm dead.

          TF2 has no such issue because the characters stand out so well, you always know what you're up against.

          Battlefield hits a pleasing middle ground between the two - everyone's still in Army fatigues - but with those orange markers over people's heads you have a fighting chance of taking out distant snipers and campers.

    So is that special pre-order version of Xenoblade Chronicles with the red classic controller only an instore thing, or will I get it if I order from Ozgameshop or Zavvi I wonder?

    So, I finally got around to installing a dictionary into Firefox. This should mean a reduction in spelling errors of about 0%...

    Oh, and I took Kyoto, and held it, and became Shogun.

    And then nobody declared war on me.

    I HAVE A MASSIVE ARMY! It's just chilling by Kyoto, smoking some cigs, having a beer or two. Damn AI, don't make me crush you under my iron fist!

    You know when you wake-up your vision is all fuzzy and then having a shower usually gets rid of it?
    I skipped a shower this morning because I had one at like 1 in the morning last night after sitting in bed terrified that someone in my family line had made a deal with the devil for wealth in return for the first born male.

    I figured if I was gonna get taken by a demon in the night, I may as well be warm and soaking wet.

    So when I woke up, sans demonic episode, I decided to head to the bus without showering and start my day early.

    Everything was going fine until I stopped at a set of traffic lights and I saw those weird dots/squiggles in the corner of my eye.

    Usually I'd just ignore them or play that game where you try and catch them by blinking only to have them squirm their way back to the top of your vision and start their descent anew, but my lack of sleep coupled with my extreme paranoia led me to believe that someone was approaching (I'm not sure why I settled on a person, surely a demon/ghost would have made more sense in this instance) me from the rear, intent on causing me harm.

    Instead of spinning around like a normal person, or moving, or ducking or thinking "You're in public, on a busy street, in a major city. No one is sneaking up on you, you maniac" I simply shrugged my shoulders violently upward and yelled incoherently "Niiiaaaoooowwwww" which sounded like the sound middle aged women make when they see a new baby.

    I also clenched my eyes/butt cheeks tighter than I thought possible.

    After the panic subsided and I opened my eyes to the wealth of bystanders looking at me like I'd just acted like a middle aged woman around a baby, I quickly ducked into the closest business.

    Point? Three Sisters Art House Cafe has great coffee on Melbourne Street in West End.

      But... Uhhh... What?

      OK, sure.

      I guess I can only pretend that I've never done anything weird in public.

      You're a hipster!

      That makes your story even funnier.

      You and your crazy fringe.

        I'm the hipster equivalent of a self-hating jew.

    Steven Seagal, Great actor? Or Greatest actor?

      Also see: amazing cop.

        That show is so amazing. He's the man of a thousand skills and one face.


    OK, so, correct me if I'm wrong (and I'm talking about my thoughts here, so I'm correct in the sense that I "thought" something, it's just that what I thought may in fact have been incorrect), but when the R18+ is introduced, weren't they not going to reclassify games that had been refused classification? I've seen all the people going "yay, I'll go buy Left 4 Dead 2 now!" but won't we still be stuck with the cut down version, and with the fun, gory version, stuck in this weird moral gray-zone?

    This leads to my second point, lots of things are saying that currently MA rated games will be reclassified. Firstly, even if the terms for what should be an MA game are changed (which they will be), it implies that some of the decisions made by the classification board were dodgy to begin with (which they were). Not to mention, if they're reclassifying MA games, then they might as well reclassify the ones which were refused ratings.

      A game needs to be resubmitted for classification to get a new rating once the R18+ classification comes in.

      Do you really think publishers are going to bother resubmitting MA15+ games to get them bumped up to R18+?

      Left 4 Dead 2 is a weird case where Valve may resubmit, but there is no evidence to say that they will, just that they could.

        That's what I thought, but I wasn't really sure. People do seem to have a habit of letting their mouths run away from their brains. Or even with their brains, where they just don't think it through.

      Nothing currently classified will be reclassified without being resubmitted. This means publishers of an RC game can request it ber reclassified and therefore it might be given an R18+.

      Anything that is currently MA15+ is unlikely to be re-rated, though it is possible for interest groups to force a review of the rating by lodging a complaint - this is essentially the same as resubmitting it except it's being done forcibly. In that case a game can be re-rated up to R18+ in view of the complaint (kind of like how Dead or Alive Dimensions was bumped from PG to M15 after the issue about it being classified as child porn in Finland or something).

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