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    So, Zelda got sold early huh? Was that weird or what? It's good for me though, can go pick it up today! :P

      I've still got my gamecube copy which is getting more and more tempting to play... especially after playing 10 minutes on a n64 emulator that i forgot i had on the weekend..

    So I think it might be a good idea to set up a spam shield before someone decides to beat 3.4k comments :/

      Or they could just ban AnonymousPessimist, that would Seriusly cut back on the number of posts.

      Not that I'm for that idea, he's the only one that routinly replies to my posts, even if his tower is bigger then mine (and makes me think of a giant rain catcher).

        Yeah, if they banned him this'd probably turn into a ghost town... Oh look, tumbleweed!

          When I read that I had a mental image of AnonymousPessimist trapped in the tumbleweed screaming as he goes through the DT's from TAY withdrawal.

          Don't ban him Mark/TadMod, can't make the poor guy go cold turkey, he must be aloud to find a natural level of posting here he dosn't have to replace his keyboard every 3 days as the buttons wear out. Otherwise he'll just find a new supplicer (read: handle) and we won't be able to help him anymore.

    Morning all. I hate mornings, especially ones that follow nights where I didn't sleep well.

    More importantly, I was going through the online applications at work today and there was one for STEVE HOLT! \o/

    Also, the pile of shame month blog thing isn't done yet. Was going to finish it off last night to post this morning but wasn't feeling particularly great, so I tried to sleep instead.

    Trying to sleep whilst watching the Shadowloo Showdown stream was, in hindsight, a bad decision. But I got to see Poongko dominate with Seth and Tokido be beastly in Marvel. So at least there was some good to come of it.

      Hope your felling better now TRJN.

        Yeah, I was just feeling a little craptacular. Feeling a different type of craptacular this morning, the type that comes from not enough sleep.

    Proof of Meat!

    or for those not on the facebooks.

    Much Jimu Kong Racing was played.

    No pictures of me playing anything as I was holding a camera when all these pictures were taken.

    4 sword adventures was much fun, yet sadly, halted for lunch.

    Goldeneye was played. I missed it.

    Tekken was played, I didn’t do too bad. Harli beat me, but less so than at the Arcade. I think I impressed her a little with my spamming of the same few moves over and over. Might have to go pro soon. ;)

    Thanks to all who attended! Special thanks to Dawdle!, Bish and Blaghman who made muffins, Batguy, Shiggy and Bish for bringing games and cables and Harli for picking me up lunch as I stayed back to guard the hoarde.

    Also, Special mention to AP for giving me a lift with all my crap. Mad pops!

      Can I have props instead of pops?

      I took some awesomely horrendous videos. I have a skill.

      The place also sold some wicked dark ale. Turns out Kiwis can brew good beer. Who knew.

        Damn the post I wrote last night was FULL of typos.

        I thought I managed to fix them all today!

        Sorrys, as it is, you are stuck with mad pops. Deal with it.

      Blaghman has no face! He's like that muppet with the hair and the glasses.

        See, Blaghy? Your defining features are just the hair and glasses.

          And guinea pigs, though those were in short supply yesterday...

      Look at how amazing the back of our heads are in the last one. Such lustrous, healthy hair.

      I WRITE READER REVIEW (Not really but kind of)


      After an amazing week of nothing but AnonymousPessimist talking to, well, mostly himself with interjections from some of us, many of you might have missed that we were having a Sydney Meat (2! (Now with more exclamation mark! But no actual Mark). After some taunting about how amazing the Meat was on Sunday’s TAY, we (I) ask ourselves (myself), was it really so great? Yes it was, but let us pretend we don’t know that yet.


      New people: Not to say all the other people I’ve already met have started to bore me, but seeing new people at Meats is always exciting. I ran into CrabJiffy and said hi without actually introducing myself before running away, seeing ShiggyNinty... well, I can see the whole amusement from the ‘Spot-The-Hipster-That-Looks-Like-Dan’ game now, and Blaghman. Oh Blaghman. You are everything I imagined. And more. Minus 10%. Give or take.

      4-player shenanigans: Some of the gaming that went on here was party-grade, raw fun. There was no ultimate aim we were trying to achieve, only messing around in the playspaces the games had provided us. At some point just before lunch, everyone was engaged in some sort of group super-happy-fun-time. Whether you were gruesomely carving people up in Shank, dashing around in Zelda: Four Swords, trying to beat up the person next to you in Super Smash Brothers, or getting run over by buses in Scott Pilgrim, you couldn’t go a half minute without hearing some other group roaring in laughter.

      Streetpasses!: I don’t have a 3DS, but from what I gather, there was much rejoicing.

      Spectator sports: Even if you weren’t playing, there was much amusement to be had watching. Especially the fighting games. I’m sure it’s one thing to watch Wednesday Night Fights for the players’ technical prowess, but there’s a ridiculous hilarity to people who suck at fighting games playing (read: button mashing) simple mode Marvel vs Capcom 3. Especially when practically everyone suffers crushing defeat at the hands of Dawdle!. /o\

      Hate- Well, I don’t really hate things so let’s call it ‘Mild-Dislike’

      Something was missing: You know, it was an odd, peculiar feeling. Like there was a giant, 2 meter elephant in the room, casting a large shadow over the atmosphere of the day. Like there was missing, uh, in-your-endu... yeah I don’t know how to gently or cleverly hint at this anymore. Guys (also First Lady), anyone who has been to a Sydney Meat who wasn’t there, we missed you and your radness. :(

      Turtles in Time Reshelled: You are not the SNES game we loved as a child. Yes, this deserved its own mild-dislike category.

      Are these rose-tinted glasses broken?: So, because we’re old fogeys, we busted out the N64 to relive the glory days. But... was the controller always so awkward to hold? What’s with this rubbish manual aiming system in Goldeneye? I don’t even recognise these blobs that are.... ooohhhhh, I’m the pink one. Wow, I control like a drunken tapeworm. These textures are pretty bad. By golly, have we been spoiled by our new fangled HD pretties and symmetric controllers and fancy technology.

      So how was the Meat? Delicious. A well deserved Kudos to the What for organising it, and it was great seeing all of you, new and old! And for anyone still distracted by the fact that I didn’t properly close the first set of parenthesis properly, I know, and I laugh at you. Ho ho ho! (Because I’m Santa apparently?)

        That was well written Bish. You made me feel like i was there. Except i wasn't, I was at home in my town of 2000 people.

        Mild Dislike - Planes

          Also driving cars into lakes. Every. Single. Lap.

            I got stuck under the bridge twice. :(

              ...and accelerating when it says GO!

                Darnit Blaghs, why didn't you tell us we can press 'R' to turn sharper!

                  Yeah he decides to tell us as hes winning and we crash into walls and gently float in lava.

        How dare you rubbish Goldeneye. I still play that every few months with friends!

        All in all though, this should be an article in it's own right :) Quite wordy, you're a lyrical genius!

        I need to know your scores so I can add them to my Con column for keeping this haircut/glasses/copy of Canterbury Tales permanently in my hand wherever I go.

        Button mashing & muffins FTW!

      If only all of us TAYbies lived in a centralised location so that we could all enjoy the delicious meats.

      I think we forgot how blurry Goldeneye was. My eyeballs are slowly recovering. It was a great day Jamie, thanks alot for organising! Can't wait for the next one!

        I suspect N64 is more eyeball-damaging than 3D.


          Oddjob still is the best. Me trying to convince anyone to pick Jaws so i can slap their knees. Epic crouch strafing laser fights were a highlight for me too!

            Not to mention the horrible realization I couldn't actually jump off ledges.

            So much random strafing/mashing of fire button. Where would consoles be without auto-aim?

              I glanced over to watch you guys play for a few moments... and laughed my ass off. Blaghman was probably the most entertaining to watch :D

      hahaha very very nice guys :)

      Can't wait to come up and be the n00b! :D

      I noticed all the DKR goin ons and was tres jealous. Next Bris meet needs to get some N64 happenin fo sho.

        I own the game on DS, I brought it last time.
        Next time BRING YOUR DS and while everyone else plays those rythym games we can hide in the corner!

          I has it on 64, so all we need is 2 more controllers and we'll be set.

            I think I have snowboard kids somewhere...will have to ask me friends if they borrowed...

            Maybe I know someone with 'trollers too, maybe.

              ME! ME! I have about... 7. I have no idea why, I just do.

      A solid effort by all! Special props to Jamie What? for organising it in such a grand fashion and bringing all his consoles.

      Props to AP for bringing his netbook and games and beating me in worms *shakes fist*

      Bish and Effluvium, I had much fun playing TMNT with you guys. Many lol-worthy moments for me xD We're HARDC0RE!

      MvC3 was fun, maybe I should pick up this game too.. mwahahahhaa

      Sounds like much fun was had by all. Unfortunately there is only a 50:50 chance I can make these things as I generally work every second weekend, last weekend was the second.

    So... Mr. WHAT!? and I were talking last night.

    We've (He) have decided that CrabJiffy shall hereby be renamed to Bawble! to fit in with naming conventions around here, given that he is Dawdle!'s BF.


      To be fair, it was suggested by someone other than I in a previous TAY. Not my creation.

        IT WAS MEEEEE! :D

          Ok ok, so as long as he writes his name like this:


          And ends every post in this:

          *Copyright Sughly 2011

          It will be ok?

            I would prefer this, yes.

        IT WAS the glory of SUGHLY(apparently he's a mail man or someting).

          Someone remembered me! Its always you brudda... always you...

            I thought it was you, but I didn't want to say incase I was wrong. Major faux pas.

      Oh, so you talk to the What, but you don't talk to me? That's how it is, is it?

        You keep turning off all the lights and hiding under the sofa until I go away.

        You make me feel like a Jehovah's witness :(

    So my home internet is capped until Friday :( absolutely crawling.

      I feel for you.

      At least you've only gotta make it through to Friday - I've managed to cap it halfway through the month once.

      That was a memorable month. There was a lot of crying.

        Yeah, when I first got my cable connection I went over the limit in the first week. That sucked!

      Dude.. that sucks sooooo bad :( i feel for you!

      We really need to up our cap.. i'm pretty sure we're going to go over this month as well..

      Hey, think of it as a good opportunity to knock anything off your pile of shame! :D

      But it's bad for us, because who's going to kick arse in L4D/TF2 now?! :(

        Oh you! I'm sure you'll manage without me.

        My pile of shame shall remain as pile-ish and shameful as ever, however, as I pretty much don't want to play my PS3 during the week and have none of my other games installed on my PC.


          Don't worry, there's all of July to defeat your pile of shame!

    Well my car battery had to get replaced over the weekend, another $144 dollars down the drain, but that battery that died lasted 5+ years so not bad.

    Finally got more League of Legends time over the weekend and getting a lot better with one of my alternates, Master Yi :D, had the most creep kills by 100+ kills in front of second, though my kill score on players needed work, the fights were mainly over before I could get in to lend a hand xD

    In other news I hate Steam more than ever, twice I've tried to leave the PC on overnight to download the TF2 massive update and twice it autopaused quickly after I went to bed URGH! -.- I'm also almost capped on my internet for the month so no more totalbiscuit/Yogscast at home until the new month, ah well.

      Unlucky. techy. But i do this thing thats pretty unbelievable and turn my computer off when i go to bed. It's pretty rad, just shut it down when you power down.

        I leave it on to try and get off peak downloading, that's the only reason I'd leave the computer on

      The more you guys talk about LoL, the more i want to try it

        Way more enjoyable than HoN will ever be if you're new to the whole DoTA thing, or just not an "elite player" yet like myself.

          What I meant by that was I'm not an "elite player" either, hence why I hate playing on HoN, they treat you brutally if you don't meet their meta standards :P

        Oh yeah to add to this, it's 100% free to try for as long as you want. You need real money if you want to permabuy champions/runes early or get in-game skins for your champions.

      Hey Tech, I had the same problem with TF2. Make sure your Steam folder isn't set to "read-only". That fixed it for me.

        Huh... an interesting thing to happen under my nose part for the TechStation. I will look into this tonight, thank you for your input human. :)

    Thanks to that SFII tournament last week, I finally got my hands of a copy of SSF4 :P

      lol - does that mean you won?

      Also, super or regular?

    Did a fair bit of gaming on the weekend.

    Friday night I was hanging out with friends and we ended up playing a few games of DotA at a net cafe. None of us who had played before have played in a long while, but my team won both times because I was the only one that remembered that you're meant to try and push your creeps into their base. So while one friend was going around amassing kills, my paltry 2 kills for 8 deaths was enough to win the day compared to his 15+ kills.

    Playing DotA made me break down and buy Starcraft 2, although I haven't played more than the first few campaign missions to get a taste of it. Instead I went and finished Infamous, which I enjoyed although there were some extremely frustrating missions (as those on TeamSpeak know all to well).

    i know how to beat piracy, give all of the pirates a job, because as soon as i got a job, i stopped pirating games and starting buying them...

    Morning Ladies and Gents! :D

    So i didn't have internet for all of Sunday... and when i got back on i found out that the deadline for the Shadows of the Damned comp was last night!!!

    So i went hard at work to get my entry done, which looks awful, but is hopefully funny enough to at least get a runners up prize...

    I say runners up because in my mind arabel (page two) has won it. Her entry is AMAZING and HILARIOUS!

    Why am i saying this?

    Because i am perplexed.

    There have been some really awesome entries, and most of the awesome is coming from people who just don't post, or very rarely post here on Kotaku.

    These people look like they have a great sense of humor, and perhaps even somehting great to contribute, but for some reason they just don't until Competition time rolls around.

    If you go through TAY there may be 3000 comments, but those comments will be from the same 20 people.

    When a competition rolls around, we can get up to 400 comments from 300 different people..

    And you know what? That kind of bothers me. t makes me wonder why they don't want to join the community unless Mark is giving something away.

    I mean sure, i first joined the community because of a comp, but i stuck around and really dug myself in a grew to love you guys.. i just wonder why other people don't?

    For one, we're not haters. Everyone here has varying opinions that live in harmony, and even if there is something strongly dissagreed on, it's usually with respect..

    Anyway.. i urge you guys to check out the entries.. they're pretty rad. Especially the meatier page 2 ones...

      So I guess the question is, how do we entice these people to post on TAY?

      Lure them in with cash prizes and lock the doors?

      Because most humans never bother getting involved unless they get something out of it in return more than just friendship (Which means little to them on the internet). I get that a lot with humans I know locally that are non-Kotaku. They never speak to me unless they want something from me or they're bored out of their mind and they got nobody else to talk to.

      This is why I enjoy it here and on Teamspeak especially. There are people here that ask little in return for contributing to others, from gifts to others to just cheering people up and your occasional humour of course.

      Aw im one of the 'rubbish' page 1 entries am i?... lol

      I agree and I think we just need to make more of an effort of recruiting others. I think comps are a good way to get people on the site and the regular posts will keep them coming back.

      I have spoken to a few lurkers around here that i know and TAY is just so damn scary for a new entrant. Imagine if you didnt know anyoe and you see 3400 comments. There is no forum, no introduce yourself and no organisation to speak of. It is just a little daunting.

      We know that it isnt that bad but for an outsider, it is a bit much.

      Perhaps we (read - Mark) could do a small write up of the meat, highlight that this is a community run thingy that is based around TAY and that others should join in... (and make sure that spam is kept to a minimum...)

      There's a lot of people who read Kotaku, even TAY but don't post. Before I began posting regularly(the first one is the most difficult, which is why I'll often try and respond to new people lest they think we don't want newcomers)I'd been reading TAY since it started and felt like I knew everyone already. It's actually a bit scary realising people you don't know or talk to yet are reading everything you write on here!

      I have often wondered this.

      I think people find TAY hard to read. When there is more than a page of comments a day, most of which have to be read before the latter pages in order to make sense, well a lot of people don't have the time. I know I almost dropped out of TAY last week because it was getting hard to keep up. I think a few regulars stopped trying... well, for a little bit. Then came back for their TAY fix. I easily missed 30% of the week's happenings because there was just so much to read. So, if people who are already part of th ecommunity are being discouraged from posting, what would it be like for new peeps?

      Also, intigrating yourself in to a pretty well established group can be hard. I had trouble with it at first. I'd say I didn't become a proper member of the 'group' till the first Sydney Meat.

        We're trying to find methods to combat this in our redesign!

        Actually come to think of it this is also true. I don't think it was until Jimu claimed me as his brudda that people actually really realised I was hanging around.

      Yeah I totes agree. I did the same thing, came to kotaku for a comp. But then I stayed because it was awesome. It bothers me to see so many people pop their heads in for free stuff then run away. Don't know why... just does. It's unfwendly :'(

        I think I'm the opposite - I haven't entered a comp yet (I'm no-where near clever enough) but found the site through an in google news and stayed because of the awesome community.

      I've started going through the entries and responding to people in them.

      I think I'll make this a point from now on - I feel a lot of the time my posts are generally restricted to TAY.

      Maybe if all us TAYbies get out and make an effort to integrate the posters into our little community we'll have more luck with people hanging around?

      I definetly agree with people finding it hard to comment at first. I stalked TAY for 2 months before i commented just trying to find a opening. It's like a normal group of people. Unless your rely outgoing you don't just walk up to a bunch of strangers and say how do you do. It's like getting into a cold pool. You gotta ease into it.

      From my experience, it is definitely just an issue of time. All the articles appear while I'm at work, so it's hard enough to find time to read all the content, as well as the plentiful comments. If I want to post, I can only really do that after work, and by that time the discussion has largely come to a close. If people only knew the number of times that I have replied to them, but many hours after the fact.

      TAY has those same issues, but multiplied by a million. Discussions only really last while they are located on the last (or second to last) page. And considering how many posts there are, it's hard to cover it all.

      Last week, my Monday through Wednesday was lost to travel. When I examined TAY on Thursday, the shear volume of content (and the number of those comments that referred to previous discussions and pages), made it impossible for me to catch up, so I abandoned any thought of doing so.

      You guys are also a tonne funnier than myself, and lightning fast. How can I compete?

      *back to skulking*

      I think a lot of people don't regularly post on TAY because of the overwhelming community... It's like walking into a room where there is already a clique formed and everyone but you knows the in-jokes...

      Definitely don't think that is a bad thing - I read the comments and think the community is amazing. I think it might just be a bit daunting for some - cyber-shyness maybe?

      I'm the opposite. When I first moved to Brissy I moved in with a Dev who used to float here all the time (He was the dude who won the 3Dtv from Giz like a year or so ago)

      He introduced me to the wonderful world of Kotaku and not a day has gone by that I haven't floated or posted somewhere here.

      As for TAY, I have faint memories of randomly posting here and there but I reckon it's only in the last 6-12months (really ever since Mark took over) that the community has really come into it's own.

      I also try to post on stories that are interesting to me, but it's usually hard to get a conversation going on individual articles.

      Anyway, I've got work to do.

      TAY is just daunting, I post a lot on the news posts because I can usually think of something interesting or relevant to say.

      Here its butting in on the world's longest conversation and keeping up with everything that's getting posted here is probably a full time job!

      As for competitions, I mainly come here for the news and the occassional thought-provoking article. I suspect most others do too.

        I don't think many of the regulars keep up with all the in-jokes and extensive conversations. The trick is to just jump in with a zinger and hold on tight!

      SERIOUSLY guys? You think TAY is daunting? I really don't get that vibe at all.. this is the interwebz after all. Forums make for awesome trolling fun.

      I remember when i first started posting around the Wildgoose era. It wasn't hard.

        Ah, way back when we had less than 300 comments per week...

          I remember when we were happy we got 1000 comments in a week... how foolish we were. :P

      I only comment occasionally, as it is a time thing.

      I do try and read most of TAY, but most of the time when you've read something. There are heaps of comments afterwards, and no one will go back to read earlier replies once they're approved.

      Also timezones!!

      I think it's hard to keep up with the NEW comments on TAY, especially if they're replies to things on something pages back...there's no ability to know which page has updated.
      Unless I'm missing something. Which is highly likely.

      And then there's just the general volume which everyone else talked about

    What an awesome birthday weekend - caught up with some great mates, enjoyed an hour or two (or four, things got a bit blurry) of 2$ cocktails courtesy of some mates-rates and a halo session on a 65-inch tv followed by some good old dota lannage action.

    I allowed myself some cash to splurge on a new vidya game, but instead of EB I accidentally ended up in the Bottle-O next door. DotA still remains my favorite lan game however so all was not lost, plus I see that Team Fortress 2 is going free-2-play so my new-game cravings will still be satiated. Any chance there will be a TF2 night for kotakians sometime?

      Twas your day of birthing?!?!


      *man hugs*

        Nawww, thanks Chuloopa.

        Man hug, this is nice.

        Yep, nothin beats a nice hug...

        Ok you can let go now...


        Also thought I'd share a birthday message I recieved from a mate: "Happy birthday you hideous chud of a human, I hope you die in a fire."

        He always finds the right words :)

      HAPPY B'DAY!

      *gets party hats and noisemakers*


      Sounds like you gave your liver a good crystallizing. I approve.

      I imagine there will be plenty of TF2 in the near future... are you on the Kotaku AU steam group? Might have to get one of the admins to set up some matches over the next week or two.

      w00! Happy belated birthday sire! sounds like mucho fun was had! Great to hear!



    Aah sadly I missed the MEAT! I was out to see Downlink at the Manning Bar on Saturday night and didn't get home til 6.. Planned to get a few hours sleep and wander down, but my weary mortal shell needed much rest so I piked it!! Glad you all had a great time, will trty and make the next one!

      Try?! Just not good enough!! I demand your presence with us next time.

    weee! a new week and I'm feeling a bit better now! Cept the stichtes in my back are killing me atm :\ But still.. nice to start the week on a positive note for a change!
    I watched Sucker Punch yesterday..... I might have possibly had a little more than the standard dose of cough syrup.. but damn.. that movie was weeeeeeeeeeeeird!!! I loved it!!!! Anyone else seen it? Thoughts?

      The robot-nazi war scene gave me goosebumps. Was kinda annoying sitting next to my girlfriend who was trying to analyse it though. Just a great movie to kick back and be entertained by in my opinion.

        I was totally wiggin out at the scene with the 3 samurai.. just totally didn't see that coming.. blew me away!

      Stitches? What happened?

      Were we too funny for you?

        I had a cyst cut off my spine!

          Fcking... ouch!

          I hope they at least gave you some awesome drugs.

          Any chewable morphine to share with the class?

            They didn't give me anything for that, but I normally have morphine tabs for my migraines anyway, so it's all good ;) Gotta restock supply on wednesday, so shall be a happy day for me then hehehe

      haha i thought it was rad too, if not a major buzz-kill at the end...

      I LOVED the first samurai robot scene and CREAMED for the steampunk nazi zombie scene, but the dragon scene left me a little cold... especially when she slit the baby dragons throat.. that just made me feel sad... i didn't like that at all

      OH! and sorry dude, i totally didn't even realise you were going under the knife (that's what happened, yeah?)...
      *extra tender man hugs*
      hope you'll feel better for it

        Thanks for all the kind words guys :) Really nice to have friends like y'all! I've had a pretty rough couple of weeks, and that slicing was just the icing on the cake. Things are definitly looking up now. Just have to take it easy for a while. Nice relaxing weekend of muffins and MTG with Sughly will no doubt aid my recovery wonderfully :)

      Ouch about the stitches but good to hear that you're feeling better fellow robot!

      Good to see that the bot of well is doing well.

      Or less unwell.

      Whichever it is, huzzah and hoorah!

      I watched it on Saturday night. Was OK, but it never quite hit the level I hoped it would. It just felt a little flat - which is weird for a movie with so many fights and explosions!

      I was just bout to be all heeeey wheres my tweet reply? And then I noticed it. So ah... now I dont know what to talk about.... awkwaaard!

        lolol we can always talk about how awesome this weekend will be!! ;) I told LittleJJ last night and she's cool with it, so it's all good to go if you are :)

    So this TF2 going free to play thing sucks. I can't get onto any of my old servers and am stuck with lame 24/7 egypt or insta-spawn etc.


      They'll lose interest soon enough, then you will have your servers back - it is the way of the world..

      ...i mean especially when they realise there's no blood

      If my Steam ever decides to download my TF2 update instead of trolling me with autopausing while I leave it to download overnight, I'll be joining you guys for TF2 madness

      It's like a free weekend that never ends!

      I kind of always treated it as F2P since I got it in the Orange Box. And played like 3 rounds before going back to HL:2.

      I on the other hand love that Killing Floor and MONDAY NIGHT COMBAT were on special recently because it means there's actually people on the servers now.

      Haaaaah, yeah, it's kind of like the Class Updates when they were coming out.
      Everyone's focused on getting new items for whatever class they're playing, rather than just... playing the game.
      Sniping other snipers does not poosh littuhl kart, people.

        I swear, the worst one was the Engineer update. A billion sentry guns everywhere!

          Best was Sniper.
          So long as you managed to get by the ten million sniper dots hovering around the main entrance, you pretty much had a free pass to melee some good 'ole sitting ducks.

      NO, I quite like it here. I stumbled across a server that only lets premium users play in it though, so maybe you can contact your old servers to deny us newbies who decided to freeload on Valve's goodwill. :3


    You know, the more I play Tekken the more I seem to like it in comparison to the other fighting games on the market at the moment. It feels more tactical, like an actual fight is involved instead of knowledge around special moves or insane button mashing.

    When playing street fighter, I look retarded (moreso than usual). Not knowing any special moves means I jump around like a frenzied crack monkey that's about to go on a fecal flinging rampage.
    When playing marvel vs capcom, I get seizures (although mashing the buttons gives pleasing results). While I can see some semblance of tactics most of the time it seems to devolve to 'hit these buttons quick enough then get the super special move in at the right time'.

    I am hoping this kudos arcade stick is PS3 so I can practice up my skillz!

      Mokujin vs Mokujin is where it's at.

    I've got to ask, did anyone else try out the Sonic Generations demo they released?

    did anyone else think like I did that its an absolute rip off?

      Of what?

        Man, it's totally like that other game from those other guys. Them Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 games.

        Totally not like the awesome Werehog game

        well I think its just a rip off in general. . .

        for one the file is 600+MB which might not sound like much but when you realise you've downloaded that much for a Demo which consists of only a single act played by only one character (Classic Sonic thank god) which at most would take a person only about 2 minutes to complete, I felt a little ripped off.

        To make matters worse, you can only play the demo for 20 days from the moment it was released(about 14 days remain now I think) so you use over half a GB for a single act demo that you can't play after an allotted time, which lead me to believe I was ripped off

      I agree with Jimu, a rip-off of what/how?

      It's pretty crap, but it's free. And it is exactly what people keep asking for (2D side-scrolling Sonic) so, I'm not sure that rip-off applies.

      It is lame though. Only one level and it's only active for 2 weeks.

        Maybe rip-off wasn't the best word, but I stand by my point.

        As you noted the Demo is only one act and only available for 20 days (as already noted 20 days from becoming available, not 20 days from download) before becoming unusable.

        While it is free and I'd admit fun to play, The lack of substance plus the fleeting nature of the demo itself make it not worth the download, especially since the United States is heading into the introduction of data caps for their internet it would be very hard to try to justify this download

      I get unmetered data from XBL thanks to iiNet so that doesn't worry me.
      The game itself though was pretty fun - much better than the recent Sonic attempts, it seemed to have much tighter controls than the Sonic 4 tragedy... whilst the demo was limited it's piqued my interest for the full game.

    ALP (WA) passed a motion supporting marriage equality (ie: gay marriage rights) over the weekend. That's pretty much every state ALP branch excluding Vic and NSW I think - pressure will be on at this year's Federal conference to endorse it at a Fed level.

    How awesome is that?

      Federal Labor won't do it when it is still a vote loser in key swing seats. Of course, should they get kicked out at the next election (which seems pretty likely), odds are they'll change leaders and their position on gay marriage.

      Shame it won't happen sooner.

        Not so sure - they've lost the ultra conservative vote anyway, so supporting this might mean that they'll reclaim the socialist/progressive vote, at least in the lower house.

          I'm not confident when the leader of the Federal party is being so ridiculous about it.

          Then again, if it's adopted as part of the Federal Labor policy platform she might have to at least take it to a vote.

          I suspect though, that it might take at least a few years. The current ALP is way too risk-averse and the Coalition is full of a fair number of the hard Right.

    Happy MONDAY everyone!

    You know what MONDAY means, right? That toNIGHT, is the MONDAY NIGHT COMBAT playdate! I hope the practice COMBAT last week prepared you for toNIGHT! I may or may not have played some games last NIGHT too :P

    P.S. I really like MONDAY NIGHT COMBAT

    P.P.S. HoN's still broken. I think I broke it, since I bought it a week before the big crash

      What about our Pokemeat??

        That makes me think of like a Pikaburger. Maybe because I'm hungry.

        Don't think I'm too busy this weekend, what about you?

      Sorta makes me wish I joined the practice match last week, though remix duties had my attention at the time.

      I shall make a concerted effort to engage in pewpewpew. That is, as long as Ms. Imogen Heap and my latest musical project doesn't hog all the attention again.

        Hey baby, you doing anything tonight? ;)

          I'm notch-eq'ing your tracks while I slow down the bpm to something a little more suitable, if you know what I mean ;)

          ...I'm not really sure what I mean, so if you do please let me know.

    Games on the weekend! Who played them? I did! After sitting on 120 stars with Mario and 116 stars with Luigi in Mario Galaxy I finally decided to get the last few and the fabled 121st star. That occupied most of my Sunday.

    Also threw in some Infamous 2 and Dungeon Seige 3.

    My daughter is playing Assassin's Creed for the first time. Her favourite thing to do is hide in haystacks. She's hopping into every haystack she finds. "No-one can see me. Hehehee".

      My brother and I did that just for laughs, just jumping into hay with the "Hey, cuz I can!" attitude while the people around you just don't care about a guy cloaked in white jumping in and out of hay having the time of his life xD

      Very cute.

      I wish I could have played Assassin's Creed as a child. It was always my dream to become an assassin but with no early training I was destined for a simple, mundane job.

      remember to celebrate her first kill!

      It's great to watch other people play a game they may not completely 'understand' and see them end up having way more fun doing random stuff than perhaps, even you did.

      Examples from my life include watching someone race a Mario Kart race backwards (because that way, 'it never has to end!')... etc

      Makes me wonder if somewhere along the way we began to prioritise progress (through a game) to the detriment of enjoyment, and just revelling in a game world...

    Don't you just hate it when you are trying to get the plat trophy in one playthrough. You get to the end of the game on the hardest difficulty only to find that you have missed only one collectable somewhere along the line and have to spend hours backtracking every room to find it? I hate that.

    I hate you Darksiders

      I have never NOT ONCE got all the trophies/Acheivements in a game.

      I find it hard enough just finding the time to play a game through before the next TEN blockbusters come out.

        I usually don't bother either. But for some reason i decided to do it with Darksiders.

    I spend all weekend playing LA Noire. Well not ALL weekend. I did sleep, eat, and... sigh... let my wife play LA Noire too.

    She's actually impressed by how well I've kept up with her... normally I seem to get distracted and she finishes a game well ahead of me but I've stuck with LA Noire and I'm only a few cases behind her. We've bought a Rockstar pass and picked up the DLC too, and are only just now getting into the arson cases.

    We're definitely getting our moeny's worth out of this one, and I really hope we see more of this in the future.

    It's also the game that has convinced me, moreso than Duke Nukem Forever, to quit paying attention to game reviews. I don't know why but after the first few days there was a huge backlash against LA Noire and suddenly people were crapping on it like it personally offended them. I don't get it - the timing was just bizarre. I have seen the tide of public opinion turn against games before, but LA Noire was particularly jarring.

    Then there's the Duke... look, we all knew this game was going to suck, even if we didn't want to admit it. But I'm gonig to buy it, and play it, and like every person on my XBox Live friendslist I will probably enjoy it.

    Everyone I have asked says it's fun. The only people who say it sucks are reviewers, and people who read those reviews and haven't actually played it.

    Gamespot once fired a reviewer for giving a game a 6.0 when the developer had bought advertising space on their site. They gave Duke a 3.0, putting it between Big Rigs 2 and Pimp My Ride.

    So... I'm pretty much done with professional game reviews. Seems like they only write what they think people want to read.

      Your wife is a gaming machine.

      I tend to ignore reviews. Most of them seem to focus too much on technical issues, which doesn't give an indication if the game is enjoyable or not.

      Something might be buggy with poor graphics but still ridiculously run, whilst another might be a technical masterpiece that is simply boring as hell.

      Really, community response is a lot more reliable than reviews.

        Another thing that I find pretty reliable is Giant Bomb's Quick Looks.

        Half an hour to an hour of gameplay, typically with a person who has played the game and someone who has not, gives a pretty good idea of what it is like and if there is fun to be had.

          Actually that sounds kind of reasonable, as long as the reviews are generally fairly spoiler-free. Usually my first chance to see what a game is actually like is when my wife plays it, and at that point I have already been parted from my money.

      You know what? Lately I've been having more luck going by metacritic user reviews than the actual site reviews themselves.

      Lately there seems to be such a disparity between the two that it's becoming ridiculous. You can't trust reviewers these days and it's getting really annoying.

      I find game previews to be particularly annoying - game journalists spend months and months hyping up games over the preview builds, then the games themselves come out and are universally panned. FRUSTRATING.

        While I could (and probably should) go by Metacritic/community reviews, I think I want to stop entirely. Remember the old days when friends just told you to try a game because they did and that was a positive experience, or you bought a game based on an advertisement or the cover art?

        I think I might just do that for awhile. I mean I pretty much already know what games I want this year anyway, so I don't really care if they review poorly. And if I don't get a game at launch, I can always wait and see what my friends liked and didn't like.

        I'll generally look at the Metacritic average as well as looking at other discussion forums to get a feel for how people like it.
        So far this year I have picked up The Saboteur, Alpha Protocol and Mafia 2 based on feedback and have found them all to be really solid games - great value at $20 each.

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