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    Good morning all. How went the shameless weekend gaming? Mine was disappointment. Badly-sleeping baby meant that my plans to pull some late night gaming were trumped by my own fatigue and I wimped out in favour of sleep.

      I didn't get to start mine at all, I made a fanciful list that I stuck on my wall though!

      I managed to get zero gamage in. I did manage to finish off the two started but unfinished sewing projects I had hanging over my head though, so that was sort of in keeping with the spirit of Pile of Shame eradication.

      I dusted off Overlord II and got in a couple of hours of that. It was actually the first thing I ever won from Kotaku, but I held off playing it till my friend lent me no.1 which I finished more than a year ago. It is a big improvement on number one. I almost wished I had just jumped in to 2 and not bothered with 1, because now I know all the basic strategies that you need to apply.

      Half an hour of mass effect on Saturday morning was all :(

      I decided to forgo sleep on Friday night.

      So I made some progress. My body doesn't seem to agree with my methods though.

      I started off strong, finishing Bioshock 2 and Eden and starting on Batman, then that giant bloody pacman game sucked up the rest of my hours and I got nowhere:

    Nearly died from the flu on the weekend. I JUST survived! You guys wouldv been like, where's Sughly? And welbot wouldv been like 'he had a bad cough at my place... I was the last Kotaku person to see him!'

    Therefore I have been able to make no pile of shame clearances.

      How does someone die from the flu?? Good to hear that your still alive though :D

        I didn't think it was possible before the weekend, but I experienced it. I was so delirious and out of touch with reality that I was having visions of a man in a top hat and monocle making fun of me for having a short fringe. Weirdest... experience... ever.

          It must have been the ghosts of all those guys trying to pull me into their own flu ethereal realm. But I wouldn't let them!

      Sughly always delivers.

      Not even the mighty flu can smote you!

        I dunno, thats not how I was feeling 24 hours ago...

      You should come to melboutne and have bee give you a facial (NO SNICKERING PEOPLE! :P).

      They make me feel all warm and fuzzy.

      Or, if you're sadistic, she can wax you!

    Haha, this game looks like a Bakuganized Evangelion -

    So tell me O all ye people out there older than me.
    Do Mondays ever get any easier?

      Unfortunatly no! They just become easier to deal with!


        I had this open for ages and couldn't for the life of me figure out who would have linked me there. Now it makes sense!

      Nope - never.

      ON the plus side, RB still hasn't written a song about them.

    Didn't play a single game on the weekend, instead purchased more.

    Shameless Gaming Month - You're doing it wrong!

      I spent the entire weekend working on remixes!

      /Hi5 for doin it the wrong way!


    Remixed tracks all this weekend, though I gave bioshock a token effort.

    At least I'm being productive!

    Btw, anyone who wants to be a guinea pig on my listening committee for feedback and such, let me know.

      Given the fact that your Breathe mix has passed triple figures in my play count, this may be relevant to my interests.

        e-mail me at

        the [dot] tsharp [at] gmail [dot] com

        and I'll send you the 4 drafts I have thus far.

        I think I may remix Jay-Z tonight.

      I'd be pleased to listen to some of your work.

        drop me a line at

        the [dot] tsharp [at] gmail [dot] com

        good sir, and I shall involve ye in the committee!

    Greetings people! What a great weekend! I spent Saturday chilling and playing games with Sughly! Much fun was had even though he was a little sick. Playing co-op Magic The Gathering is way fun!! I only discovered we could do that on Saturday, and damn glad I did! And Sughly's a machine at Scene it! Totally whooped my ass! But damn it was a fun day! Thanks muchly for coming Sughly! And Thanks for the muffins!! Super yummp!

      Hey! You forget to mention how running into me at the shops made your Sunday the best Sunday ever....

        LOL That it did indeed!! I was super shocked when I ran in to you! Really did brighten my day substantially :)

      Haha, twas an awesome day indeed. My girlfriend still thinks its weird I baked for you. She was cleaning all my muffin mess as I lay dying on the couch, and she was all 'you make muffins for your friends and I have to clean up after you?!'

      Super jelly of all your warm Brisbane Kotaku feelings!

      Glad to hear you actually had a decent weekend, though! :D

    My first catch of the Shameless Gaming Month - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has been completed... Next target: Vanquish (And boy do I hate all the characters!)

      Crap I forgot about that one...

        What, Lords of Shadow or Vanquish, cuz Lords of Shadow I enjoyed quite a bit, being my first hack'n'slash on the PS3 (Though the story was a little ridiculous and the ending just made me go WTF bigtime)

      I just got angrier and angrier at the characters in Vanquished. After finally accepting that they were weird and annoying, Then they just go and get all Inconsistent. I literally was yelling WTF at the TV every 5 minutes in the end.
      But the gameplay is interesting once you get the hang of the crazy control schemes. A little like Marks Article about metal gear just without so much of the awesome character and story.

        I think Sam is pissing me off the most (The guy you're playing as), the world is in peril from this russian madman with a lot of bloody kickarse-looking robots (I die a little inside every time I destroy one of those guys), but oh he has time to stop and enjoy a smoke... seriously WTF.. aren't you on a clock to stop another city from getting destroyed?! The oversized Colonel is pretty stereotypical in the "gruff commander" kind of way, but that can be shrugged off, he's military... American military (Seriously people, enough with the "Hoorah!"s :P)

          Solider- "Colonel I just got my legs shot off!! I need a medic!"

          Colonel - "Suck it up boy! Hoorah!"

          Solider- "Yes SIR! HOORAH! I'm totally fine now sir!"

    Mornin' All, how was everyones weekend?

    Big thanks to Jo(con) and TechKnight for some enjoyable LoL games. I certainly went better in our games than I had previously, but was nice to play with some people who offered constructive advice on how to better play, rather than those who struggle to complete whole sentences ("omg n00b gtfo game").

    Also played my first game of TF2 and did pretty well, placing 5th for points out of my team. Attempted to set up some mates to play some co-op against AI and ran into the steam no-game no-friends limitation. Was thinking of purchasing a cheap game (Garys Mod $2.50) on their accounts to get around this: Does anyone know if this will work? Or does it have to be a fully fledged purchase?

    Anyways back to my coffee....

      Actually this is why I wanted a team together, you avoid those "n00b" moments from other players happening entirely. When you have 4 others on TS helping you and giving you advice, it's awesome.

      Oh yeah, I learned from a more elite player that taking on Intermediate AI is the equivalent of playing level 15 summoners with Korean-style reflexes... no wonder we had trouble lol. I'm almost level 12.

      In any case, always happy to play another with you worthy humans, you both have great potential. Everybody starts from the ground up and very few realise this. :)

        I have a group of mates that play dota regularly - will attempt to bring them over to the dark side and see if we can't get a 5 man team goin.

        Will also be buying a new headset some time this week hopefully, I think my mike had beer spilt into it at the last LAN I hosted.

      Dat Hat Fortress 2, huh?
      After god knows however long, I finally jump into a game and committed myself to playing it for at least an hour.
      You know the payload map with 3 stages? I managed to get top score and MVP twice BECAUSE I WAS THE ONLY HEALER
      I JUST
      YOU DONT

      It did make me feel warm and fuzzy inside when people said thanks after I healed them from the red though, so I guess there was that.

        I tried medic, but healing waves weren't as satisfying as fire.

        Mmmmm, fire.

        I was lucky enough to be on a team with a few good medics so I guess its luck of the draw as to what type of team you end up with.

        I'm yet to find any hats :(

          Hey, I like fire too!
          High fiiiiiive! o/
          But yeah, we just needed a Medic, and were losing.
          I too am hatless, but I did manage to score that class update Spy gun. The Ambassador? You know, that one I already have 4 of. It was pretty rad.

    Well, thats it, I'm officially handing in my 'Binary Enthusiasts' card. I blame FatShady for this. He is a hard-arse man, but those 12 minutes of gloating will be my fondest memory.

      Oh! Even though I want to murder FatShady right now... I must say a big thanks good-sir for gifting me Borderlands! :-D I'm about 1/4 downloaded, but its a 12GB monster!!! Looking forward to giving it a whirly twirly.

        *excited schoolgirl bounce*

        We are getting quite the borderlands posse assembled on Steam! Can't wait for some 4-man-squad action!!

        *Meanwhile: In Qumulys' human mind*

        Step 2: Invite FatShady to a "friendly" game of Borderlands.
        Step 3: Make sure he dies as brutally and as often as possible.

    Morning y'all!

    So, with the Brisbane Meat coming up I decided it was time we had ourselves a poster. So I made this

    Could be considered NSFW.

    Thanks AP for the inspiration.

      Awesome, if not a little disturbing.

      Looking like I'll probably be making the trip up there at this rate. I will start cutting holes in the chests of my t-shirts to keep with the theme.

        More disturbing was my GF helping me 'shop man-nips on a Friday night.

        Best. Date. Ever.

      Thats awesome dude, but makes me sad I'm so far away from these glorious meets..

      Also, am no longer having left-over pizza for lunch. Think I'll eat some pocket-lint instead.

      Holy crap... Dan I'm still trying to recover from my sickness. You're doing a fine job at reserving that effort.

    My wallet certainly was not ready for the Steam summer sale.

      I have not made a single purchase yet - I've already owned all the games on sale, or not wanted to buy them because they're not my style :(

      A little disappoint!

      oh god why did I launch Steam this weekend, so many good deals I ended up buying more games to add to my shameless gaming list. . .

      All taken into account my list sits at 102

        I suppose the steam sales...

        *puts on sunglasses*

        Put you in financial ruen.


    Here's an interesting idea I've just had. Does anyone here remember Reader Retrospectives ?
    Well, because of Shameless Gaming Month, undoubtedly people are going to be completing old games, so how about a Kotaku competition on who can write the best Reader Retrospective? Each week until the end of July, Mark will chose the best Reader Retrospective, post it on Kotaku and give that person a small prize.
    What do you guys think?

      I seriously doubt I'd beat Trjn when he makes reviews in this much detail.

        I'm not planning on doing any proper reviews this month. Too damned time consuming, especially when I want to churn out blog posts about Shameless Gaming, keep my LP videos coming and actually complete the odd game or seven.

        Anyhow, I've seen much better reader reviews around here than what I've written.

    I just got up. Kid-free and I only managed to sleep in until 9. I'm disappointed in myself.

    CrazyGuy posted a link to the TAY from a year ago in the dying minutes of last weeks TAY and it happened to be the one where Bishy helped me not to have to quit Resonance of Fate which became one of my favouritest ever games. I think that's when I started to love him.
    Loops, do you still like your RoF T-shirt you won? If not, can I have it? :P

      I've worn it a lot... lol it's quite faded now.
      I wear it to bed because it's too big to wear out.

      I do, however, have the No more Heroes 2 tee, if you'd like that - i've never worn it.. it has too much anime boobage on it. lol

        If you want, I could make it smaller for you so you could wear it while you're out and about. And a huge YES PLEASE for the No More Heroes shirt, I'm not afraid of a bit of anime boobage!

        Also, I haven't actually posted your Overlord II yet, but I'll get it done this week for you.

    Soooo... how did Wimbledon go? Did anybody watch Wimbledon? I didn't see any of it - did Andy Murray win? Come on, somebody tell me how Andy Murray went - did he finally uphold the pride of British sport, or did he crash and burn and walk away from yet another tournament as an utter failure?

    Just wondering...

      I actually kicked a piece of furniture at 4.30am on Saturday morning.

      Kicked a piece of furniture.

      I'll let you fill in the blanks.

        I didn't have the stamina after the Djokovic/Tsonga game to watch him after. But I really wanted Nadal to win last night for some reason. I think it's just caus he was losing and I like a comeback story :(

        It was an epic tale.

        Mark Serrels looked up from his television grimly, a cold, refreshing can of Pepsi Max providing the only comfort in a newly dark world.

        On the screen, things were going badly. Scotland's last hero since William Wallace was down two sets to the mighty underpants-wearing-Spaniard, Nadal. Though he fought on bravely, Serrels could see it was a hopeless task.

        When the end came, it was quick. Sudden. He had a flashback to his own encounter with a pole just a few weeks previously. How quickly the tides could turn! How easily the mighty could fall!

        With a roar of Irn-Bru-fuelled rage, his fiery mane flowing, Super-Saiyan-esque, Serrels kicked the nearest chair; all of Scotland's national fury embodied in one shattering blow and with the force of a thousand suns.

        It never stood a chance. When it was over, and the auburn mist had lifted from his eyes, Serrels surveyed the remains of his living room.

        "That'll do," he said quietly. Then approved some comments.

        Roughly what happened, right?

          I would question your use of the word "newly" when mentioning the "newly dark world". Andy Murray choking in a major tournament is really just the normal, regular, run-of-the-mill level of darkness in the world.

          So did he have a complete meltdown like Luke Wilson in The Royal Tennenbaums? You know, throwing his raquet, sitting down, taking off his shoes etc?

        Little toes were invented to find coffee-tables in the dark.

          I thought that's what shins were invented for?

            Nooooo, shins were invented for this. (thanks Mark for the tip)

    Shameless gaming month is off to a slow start. Kept switching between Darksiders and American McGee's Alice (That's the first one, not Alice: Madness Returns).

    Had to restart Darksiders as it had been so long but once the Zelda aspects became more apparent, I found the game more enjoyable. 6 of 16 chapters down.

    Alice brought about game rage not seen since the olden days.

    Oh, I also played some L.A. Noire. Playing as Jack Kelso now and can't help but prefer him to Cole. Just annoying that his car doesn't have a siren. :\

    No, Wanderlei, nooooooooo!

      I'd like to commiserate with you but I don't know what you're talking about. Wrestling or something, maybe?

        Aww, I was sure there were other MMA fans here that would have watched UFC 132 yesterday.

        Wanderlei Silva, old-school legend, came back from a long hiatus and got knocked out in 29 seconds of the 1st round. Time for him to retire. T_T

          I missed out on it - shame about Silva. Kinda gutted for Bader as well. I guess that's the end of him as a top LHW contender...

      I plan on watching it tonight, I heard Wanderlei didn't fare too well though.

    I think I'm addicted to TF2 again. My first inkling came when all I wanted to do was find hats. I even played Alien Swarm online (which is a pretty sweet game!) just to get the alien hat...

    Salutations, TAYbies!

    JB HiFi have announced the price ( for the Mass Effect 3 CE - $129 AUD for a game version that retails in the US for USD $80.

    With the exchange rate as it is, that's $86 AUD or $43 less than the Australian price for the same game.

    No amount of population differences, market share, geography problems or shipping prices could possibly justify a 50% price increase.

    Ridiculous. The whole thing is borked.

      I've struggled to get into Mass Effect myself, but hot damn... thats a sexy collectors edition. More games should come with art books I tell ya! I like purdy pics and concept sketches and whatnot.

      See, I've always thought that consoles and collectors editions have been priced based off a normal retail game. Example. PS3 in the US = $299. PS3 game in US = $60. Therefore, PS3 = 5 x $60 = $300. In Australia, a new game is $100. Therefore, new PS3 = $100 x 5 = $500.

      Second example. Normal is $60, ME3 collectors is $80, which is a 33% increase. Normal game in Australia is $100, collectors edition of ME3 is $130, roughly a 33% increase.

      Of course, this in no way justifies the bullcrap prices we pay, but nonetheless, it makes some sense. I think.

        (Late reply)

        Yeah, I see your logic here - but the difference between the base prices is ridiculous.

        At exchange rate parity (or at even higher than parity, now that the AUD is USD $1.10) the fact that games are almost twice as expensive here just can't be accounted for by all the geographic/market factors.

        The exchange rate's risen from ~60c to $1.10 in about five years and there's been just about no change in retail price, unless the retailers want to compete for each other.

    Sorry all but I had a small issue with the server payment over the weekend. This has impacted the MC server and I suspect the TS one also. It is not big deal as it has been sorted now, just FYI.

    If anyone sees them come back online through the day then let us know. Otherwise, Ill give them a call later this afternoon.

    Thanks all.

      Ahhh, so that's why I couldn't get into it yesterday.
      When the server does come back up, we should probably start a new map, cause we're missing out on long grass and shrubs right now.

        Q-bo had an idea about that... he was going to load a new map anyway, so if he wants and no one else has any issues, we can start a new one again using 1.7.

    So I got my 'welcome back' games last month in the nick of time (thanks for reminding me, Mr. What!) - Dead Nation and Wipeout HD.

    I also managed to finally put us over the quota for the month so multiplayer goodness is out until Friday :( I was looking forward to the littlebigplanets with Mr. What and putting #1 and #2 out of my pile of shame in co-op style.

    Now I just need to resist the urge to play GT5 again and work on Bioshock!

      4 player LBP co-op shouild be arranged!


        I'll need to pick up those LBP level expansions to get a few extra costume pieces... addicted to costume pieces.

        Who else has LBP? Let's organise a day for an LBP night... maybe next week sometime?

          I HAVE IT !! PICK ME PICK ME!!!!



            What days are you free next week, busy bee? Need to make it earlyish in the night so that Mr. What! can make an attendance.

        I'd tap that.

          As in, you will join us for playing?

          What times are good for you?

            Looks like we have our 4 players. We can play my crappy custom levels AND YOU MUST ALL HEART THEM SO I GETS TROPHIES!

            Team Speak for communications? I have a crappy PS headset so I'm good however you want to communicate.

              yeah, teamspeak works best for me!

              Man, these costume/dlc packs... taking a look at a few of them now. This surely won't end well. Recommendations? Or just all the big packs?

              Will talk with you tonight to find out what a good time is for you!

                Pirates of the Carribean (ads water to the game & 5 levels), Metal Gear Solid (Ads guns & 5 levels) and Marvel (5 awesome levels). Then any costumes you want.

                Just so you know, water and guns are useable to all, but you need these packs to add them to levels you create. If you don't plan on making levels (and you should) then they aren't necessary.

                  Awesome! I'll grab these tonight!

                  I wonder if this will still work co-op seeing as I've gone over my quota? Hmm...

    If anyone has a beastly PC... ARMA II on sale on steam today.

    PLZ buy so you can play with your privates with me.


    In case anyone is wondering, here is how my first weekend of Shameless Gaming went.

    I must be getting old because I'm still recovering from it.

    On another note, trying to pick games that I can see many other people have on their piles of shame. Looks like Bioshock, Darksiders and Infamous might be the most common three games. Should these be the games for the book club-like thing?

      Book-club like thing?

      This sounds interesting. I'm currently playing Darksiders and Bishock is on my pile. I'd definitely be interested in this.

      Unless what have to sit around and talk about how the game made me feel and other girly (Sorry ladies) crap.


        I still have no idea what the book club thing will entail. I have until Thursday to work it out.

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