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    Did I win? I hope so.
    I was playing Persona 4 last night, and one of the boss' took around 1 hour and 10 minutes to kill and that doesn't include me dying, 'cause I didn't die.





      (Upper-class English Accent)No wait, no you didn't. My mistake. Carry on.

        Aww, I was all excited. I guess winning the "Be up early to comment on TAY first" will be enough for me.

          I was hoping I could get it, but I went to bed at like, 1 am, and I had had a fair amount of caffeine, so I stayed awake for what felt like ages, so I am amazed that I managed to get up before 10...

      I want to play persona 4 :'(

    Morning? How was Melbourne meetup? I am kinda bored right now.

      The Melbourne meat was absolutely DELICIOUS! Didn't get home till 2-2:30 in the morning and had lots of fun at Galactic Circus. Dual Uzi play FTW!

        Haha man you were rockin the shit out of those uzi's.
        Epic night is epic.

          I finished the whole game if you didn't hear already :) with one uzi left remaining, my fight arm's.

      Someone needs to write up a meet report.

        Chuloopa said he'd make one, pics and all. So stay tuned

        I am - you'll have in sometime today - it'll be big :)

          Why would you do that, when you should be writing the next part in the tale of the good ship KotakAU?

          I kid, I will be sitting here with bated breath!

          As per TAY regulations 3C.part(a).

          Thats what she said.

          Also, was a great night! I had heaps of fun thanks Loops for your orgynizational skills, we'll have to do it again sometime!

        Loops mentioned he may be able to pull together a write up.

          I'll chuck it up on the site - looking forward to reading it.

            I'm about half way through - i think i have verbal diarrhea

            ...of the fingers

      The Melbourne Meet/Meat was a great night. To tide you over until Chuloopa's epic write-up appears on the site, I offer you five (hopefully entertaining) observations from the night.


      1. DDR cannot teach a man to dance. However, the dual-pad gyrations learnt from the game can be used to entrance a crowd of fifteen to twenty people. (Unfortunately, the dual-DDR-pad-pro was not a member of Kotaku.)

      2. Chuloopa has an unhealthy obsession with a game known as "ball drop".

      3. If the undead rise up against the living, whether they be skeletons or zombies, mankind's primary objective should be to put an Uzi in each of Tech Knight's hands. If I was the defence department, I would be cloning him right now.

      4. Air hockey is the most dangerous sport ever conceived.

      5. I'm uncoordinated, and can't play air hockey... However, Chuloopa is much worse.

        At least those future uzis will be calibrated properly so I don't have to constantly compensate my aiming because of it xD

        Oh man, sounded like fun. HOST ANOTHER ONE! AT A TIME CONVENIENT FOR ME!

        haha a few of those points weren't in my article.. in my fluish state i forgot how many people almost got killed during the air hockey games...

    Strange Meat details:
    Saturday 23rd, From 13:00. (time negotiable)
    Significant others and kids welcome.
    Please let me know if you're coming here:
    so I can send you my address.

      I shall be there!

      I gotta shoot you an email actually, I'll be in Brissy at about 9am on Saturday! Can't wait to get my meat on aww yeah she said that.

        Bow Chicka Bow Wow.

        I hope you plan to do some vlogs of the meat.

        It will be just like the rest of us are there!


      I thought I had nothing to say, then I remembered stuffs!

      Shameless Gaming Update

      I was pretty sick at the start of last week which resulted in 3 days off work which, in turn, resulted in 3 days of shamless gaming. Darksiders was finished at last!

      The Kotaku LBP game on Wednesday inspired me to play more and I finally finished every level without dying! (Not including DLC). I then moved on to LBP2 which is starting to grow on me. Might plan some levels out with pen and paper and get to work.

      Hope you all had a good weekend!

        Man, my Shameless gaming update is, "Still haven't done anything since I did the most token finish of OoT."

        I feel like such a bad gamer...

        Yeah, you are turning me into a bit of an lbp nut sir. It's a bit addictive!

    Morning all! Not a really eventful weekend for me, but not totally dull either. Firstly I'd like to thank Sughly for the MTG games yesterday! awesome stuff! Can't wait to have some more once I unlock some better cards ;)
    This week is looking to be a sort of semi-eventful one at this point. Probably have a couple of jobs to do, but nothing super exciting, and also need to go see my doc later on in the week to follow up from my neurologist appointment. Finally time to get something happening with my migraine treatment at last! I'm excitied! Never know.. one of these days I might be normal again!!! ;)

      Hey mr welbot
      If I wanted to play a few games of mtg with you and sughly what time would be good for you.

        most evenings would be good i guess.. best thing is to just jump on steam and see if we're available. I'm usually on there all day unless I'm out doing a job.

          I think I'm going to pick up mtg tonight, welbot's many words of praise have me intrigued. Not sure if want special edition?

            What makes that edition "special"? If it includes the 3 Expansions then definitely, they give you the ability to unlock extra decks and cards. If it unlocks some or all of the cards, then maybe - it will save you time unlocking them, but removes any reason at all to play single player (though some people see this as a good thing). If it gives you foil decks, then no way - they're pointless and actually look worse than the basic cards!

            Special edition would be a waste of money. You don't get anything extra except for a some shiny borders on cards and mp3's of the soundtrack.

        More MTG players! Woo! Also we're playing 2012, on steam, if that wasnt clear. Also, thank YOU welbot... for giving me someone to beat! Muahahahaha :D

      Semi-eventful Five!

      *Sound of hands slapping together?*

    It's quiet...

      Too quite, that's right pessimist isn't here cause he switched jobs.

      Shhh, shhhh.

        You people should be thankful I have to be.productive now ;)

          Hang on, isn't this your first day!? If so, I'm not sure I should be impressed or appalled at your TAYing on first day. I mean, shouldn't you be busting your butt to impress? Then again, you might as well set an example early to train your new bosses. Tay needs you!

      Not for much longer, if I have any say in the matter.

    I hate Quicktime Events. Not so much because it robs me of the satisfaction of manually controlling a character to some sort of success, but because there must be some major M4-style traffic jam in my brain where you could shove a giant neon sign in face going "PRESS X TO NOT DIE. NO SERIOUSLY, LIKE, RIGHT NOW" and I'd still be all "man what is this thing, I don't even know what to do, oh hey I guess I have to do a thing? Press X, huh. *looks down at controller* which one is X again? oh, bottom one. *presses O*"

      You know what I also hate as well?
      Action combat mechanics reliant on specific timing of countering.
      They flash blue, and Nariko blocks and I press triangle and... nothing. So then when they next flash blue and Nariko blocks and I mash X, she starts attacking but then gets hit by the blue aura people and takes damage. What the heck, mang.
      I know my fingers don't possess the finesse to chain together a specific sequence of buttons to maximise the amount of damage to an enemy mid-air, nor do I have the reflexes to react quickly (as stated above), but introducing characters that block 95% of the time and having to counter them to kill them effectively is jerk. I daresay Assassin's Creed's 'Press X to Counter/Win' actually worked pretty well here.

        And you know what else I hate!?
        Whenever I successfully pull off a counter, I also then have to complete a QTE which I then promptly fail and they go back to auto-blocking everything. DAMN YOU, BUSTY NINJA LADIES.

          Also, another thing I hate?
          Drawn out final boss battles.
          Actually, not even drawn out ones, just horribly sucky ones like the ones in fighting games. "HAY GUYS HERE'S AN UNBLOCKABLE MOVE ENJOY". Screw you, Capcom.
          And multi stage bosses. Congrats, you beat his first form! Lemme heal him up so you can fight his second form. Congrats you beat his second form! Lemme heal him up for his third form. RPGs (ie. RADIANT HISTORIA), I'm looking at you. Yes, it can be satisfying to take down a hard boss. But there's a fine line between that and just inducing rage or making things tedious.

            Also also also also, I hate stairs.

              I hate lawyers, when are they gonna get done practising law?

                I hate Ayn Rand.

                  You know what I don't hate?
                  I don't hate vests.

                  I... I like Ayn Rand :(
                  Sometimes ranty, yes. Sterotypical characters... yes, they are there too. But dammit, I like them!

      It's bad for me.

      I have pretty good reflexes, trained by years of sitting on my arse doing bugger all.

      But I still have to look down at the controller, to make sure I press the right button.

    I finally got Kennen last night on League of Legends, and I gotta say, IP well spent! :D

      Yeah, you were ripping it up.

      As was Jo.

      I'mma gonna need to refine my style to stay competitive... EXCEL, HERE I COME!

        Jo's brilliant performance was why Rammus is going to be my next champion purchase, cuz he's just that darn good! How did the Soraka/Rammus team up actually go, was it a good champ combo?

      Finally downloaded and started playing LoL, so far I'm impressed, having a lot of fun. However, almost without fail LoL will completely lock up my PC and I'll have to restart.

      Until I resolve the issue, I really don't want to play too often as I'll end up getting banned for leaving the game too often.

        What OS are you running it on? Cuz recently I've been getting game crashes in game (Costing me deaths since I crash mid battle) and it may be cuz of my Windows 7 64 bit OS not liking the latest patches, so try running it in XP compatibility mode (If you are using Vista/7.

          Win 7 32 bit. I'll try XP compatibility mode tonight and see what happens.

    So friends and I went to Mana Bar Melbourne on Saturday.
    It's a pretty cool place. But we had to line up for over 2 hours, to line up to get a drink then by the time went to get a second drink, we had to leave as they were doing 1 hour then everyone out and next 50 in.
    Definitely somewhere to go with a few mates on a quiet night.
    Thanks to Loops for organizing the Melb Meat. Too bad Mana Bar was a no go, but still had a blast. I don't remember leaving, but I woke up in my mates car with a Maccas burger so must have been an awesome time. Good to put a face to people!
    In personal news, I announced my lovely girlfriend (she may be reading) is pregnant.
    Oshi- I'm going to be a dad! I'm not sure if this means more or less gaming yet though.

      It was a pleasure meeting you human, hopefully we do that again soon.

        For sure!
        I think we need to organise a Mana Bar night when the hy

          When the hype dies down and it's not so packed.

            Yeah agreed, and book a good time too with plenty of advanced warning so we don't get stuck with an awkward time.

              Yeah, would be a good idea. But not if they stick to that silly 45 minute rule. And klutar, if it wasn't for your shirt I would have possibly left thinking I was at the wrong place! Lucky I stuck around, otherwise I would have missed your dance skills!

      Do they make mattel 360 controllers? You should look into this.

        That hour rule was put in place because we had the police come down and tell us we had to get rid of the line because there were too many people blocking the footpath!

        That was just for the opening night, as of right now (cause we're open, right now!) we don't have the ticketing system in place anymore :)

          Woah Yug!
          Yeah I know. I was in line when the Police turned up and the liquor licence people also.
          I'm telling ya, it was the French guy 2 shops up. French are always spies.

          Yug sees/hears all Mana Bar discussions. Right now he's off somewhere with a glass to a wall listening in on a conversation...

            Please tell me you're going to draw this...

              Haha, I so should have! But alas, the moment has passed... just you and me left now buddy ol blagh.

      I couldn't go to the Melb meet since it started too late for me :(

      You're gonna be a dad?! Congrats! Teach him/her how to game starting from the classics (NES, etc). That's what I would do.

        This is the plan.
        But not too much, I don't want them getting better than me!

      Awesome day, awesome night.
      I haven't had that much fun queuing up in ages. My throat was a little raw from all the yelling and singing though.`

      If you leave me now, you take away the biggest paaart of meee,

      It was awesome to finally meet everyone.

      I'm a little bit pissed at Mana Bar. By the time we were going to head over, we got a message saying they were fully booked for the rest of the night.

      What kind of bar only holds 50 people and only allows you to stay for 45 minutes at a time? Novelty bars like Minus5 Ice bar, that's what.
      I understand it's opening night, but they should have just had a door list and left it at that.
      From what I'm hearing Mana Bar is not a place to go for a night out, but for a little novelty trip.

        Yeah was a bit of a bummer. But we still all had fun. (well I did anyways!). Thanks for the smooth directions, ace navigator!

          I just wanted you to drive down King St.. you know.. just in case.

      Congrats for your impending, uh, squalling offspring :D

      Grats on the family expansion.

      I'd say less gaming. Definitely less money for games though.

    How likely do you guys think it is that the next xbox might be running windows 8?

      Rather unlikely.

      It won't be, well, not really.

      If it does, it will simply be a similarly based OS, with the same design decisions in terms of ui.

      The only way consoles can stay competitive is to have their OS based very specifically around them, the fact that 360 games look as they do, when the console only has half a gig of RAM is testament to just how low-key the OS is. If they tried to actually run the same OS, with all the same features, then they would burn horribly, and gaming functions would be reduced horrendously.

        I'm not sure if this would be a problem for the xbox "720", seeing as though these days you can make a decent gaming PC that's way faster than an xbox 360 for less than $600, with a 3.1 ghz dual core sandy bridge CPU, 4 gigs of ram, a gtx 560 and 1tb of HDD space. And seeing as though Windows 8 will have the same system requirements as Windows Vista did back in 2007, I really think it might work. Besides, it wouldn't be the full Windows 8, it'd be a cut down version with no access to the old desktop, just the new metro UI, all it's apps and it's app store, and xbox live. Also xbox 360 backwards compatibility might be built in if the rumours about that are true.

          Also, about the $600 gaming PC, microsoft wouldn't have to pay half a million companies wanting profits when buying the components so that cuts off maybe $100 (I've got no idea about this amount though, so I just made an uneducated guess), plus Microsoft sells xboxes at a loss of ~$100, so that means that Microsoft might be able to sell a next-gen xbox for about $400.

            But then, what's the point of the console?

            The fact of the matter is, they can call it whatever they like, but the actual OS will be about as similar as OSX Lion is to iOS.

      I wouldn't be exactly against it if they did it right. It could be possible, seeing they want to have some joint experience with PCs, tablets and phones.

      Aren't they updating the xbox dash to be inline with the windows 8 theme anyway?

      I think there's some chance they might, they kinda seem to want to make Windows Phone and tablet and 8 and probably the xbox all running under a unified scheme.

    Finished the Starcraft 2 campaign this weekend, so much success there. Also played some Trauma Center: Second Opinion, the people of TeamSpeak land seemed to enjoy hearing my comments on that game so I'll be doing a rage quit style video for that game later today. I'm also getting near the end, so that's nice.

    Oh and spam bot on twitter keep posting: "Now to make some progress on some other games for #ShamelessGaming" I dislike that.

    So I played portal 2 coop with a friend who had never played it before. Most frustrating thing ever. In the end I had both controllers showing him where to put portals

      This is when you find new friends.


    So far today I've had a coffee. Waiting for logins so I'm chillin like a villain. Got handed what appears to be an epic laptop. Itching to get my details so I can check the specs like the nerd I am. Excite!


      Sounds like your one hour of work has been about as productive as my five weeks as a labourer.

      And please, keep me updated (I'm perfectly serious, and don't call me Shirley).

      Oooo do share when you get them.

      I spent most of Saturday messing around with my shiny new netbook. It's now just the way I like it <3

    Oh, hey everyone, didn't see you there.

    I was too busy being BACK BITCHES!

    I don't really have much to say, jut thought I'd announce my return, so, I guess, prepare for a loud week.

      and then I breathed a sigh of relief.

        Half an hour since I posted this, and only one person proclaiming their relief at my return?

        I am so disappointed.

        I thought you guys cared!

        I thought I was part of the community, not some loud-mouthed twat to be thrown away like the rest!


        Probably best if you don't sigh in relief, at least if you have any plans on making sure you can keep up in TAY.

        Although, I don't think I'm really creative enough to come up with my own posts, so I'll just be spamming EVERYTHING ELSE which is posted. Aww Yeah!

          I had a reply written about it being a given that we missed you so I didn't think we needed to reply telling you we missed you but I confused even myself so I didn't post it.

            I know, I know.

            I just assumed you all missed the debonair charm, and roguish good looks of the Blaghs.

            I'm not being pretentious if it's true. *Flicks hair*

      Yay Blaghman! Welcome back to the daily fun! We've missed you so!

      FINALLY! So many times you dashed my hopes of returning! I was like, yessss he's quitting, but nooooooo you must like munnies or something!

        I'm sorry about that Q, but I needed me a new computer.

        The best part was, I didn't even have to quit, because I got fired!


        (and thanks too you too welbot, I figure it would be a bit too spammilicious if I responded to both of these saying "thanks."


          Goddamn it. I hate it when I leave parentheses unresolved.

            this is my fav post of the day... (I do that all the time

            welcome back mate.

            You come back to spam just as I stop... coincidence, or conspiracy?


              The conspiracy would be if we were both free to spam together, pissing off everyone to no end!

          Fired!??? Really!!????

          *fist bump*

          Mediocrity ftw!

          Did it involve a lack of pants? Please tell me it involved a lack of pants.

            I was "made redundant."

            Essentially, they had no more work for me to do, so I was told to call them back in a week or two to see if they had more stuff.

            But PSHHHHHHHHHH, Feck that.

            I'm gonna keep pretending I was fired, because it's way manlier.

            Don't you hate pants!

              Yeah, boo to pants!! Oh to feel the rush of wind betwixt thy curlies as you sprint merrily across a meadow, sure there is a risk of snaring ones sack on a barbed wire fence, but you could also be locked in a room with Michael Bay for all eternity. I know which I'd prefer.

                Hey Q, this may seem like a bit of a "poor form" question, but have you ever considered using your chair as an excuse to get away with things?

                No pants? "Look at me, pants are difficult!"

                I know some people simply go for the "I'm not wearing pants, what'cha gonna do about it?" approach, but I've always been a fan of "What do you mean? Of course I'm wearing pants, don't be stupid."

                  I do find it helpful to get into full parking lots, and occasionally at markets I ask for 4 wheel discounts, but otherwise not really. I do complain a bit outside shops with bad or no wc access though.

    Not trying to hassle anyone, but I wanted to enquire about the Shadow's of the Damned and X-Men DVD comps. Has anyone received their prizes?

      I got my game in the mail today, so keep an eye out. :)

    Awesome idea.

      I like the fact that hes not making his target, because people keep coming up and talking to him, and getting pictures taken with him, and that he's perfectly cool with that, particularly if it spreads the message.

      I may have a few problems with our communities obsession with Children and Charities, but it's still a wonderful idea, so good work to him.

        But, won't somebody PLEASE think of the CHILDREN!!

          "I want to meet Zac Efron!"

          "What's that? You want to meet Zac Efron do you? Well I tell you what, how about you have this nice stick instead."

          (I'm sorry people, I found that skit funny, and I did not think it was paying out the children. Our protective nanny state can suck my - wait, I called it a nanny state. That's a term Bob Katter used... FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU)

    I dont get the classification board, (sorry i have just discovered this considering there was no Kotaku article on it) The ACB has classified Dead Island is MA15+, the thing is that this game looks way more violent then L4D2.

      I don't know - I just think a game getting an MA15+ classification is such a non-story. When it gets refused classification - of course, that's big news - but a news story because a game didn't get banned? So many violent games haven't been banned here.

        Maybe a retrospective article on this would be worth while?

        Just look at ones like Black Ops, all the "innovation" stuff aside, you can fricken shoot limbs off of enemies in campaign and they don't die right away, instead you hear them screaming in intense agony for about 10-20 seconds before they finally die. Could be an arm or a leg, pretty gruesome though. Even I cringe looking at that

        But you ran a story about Duke Nukem Forever getting rated here and everyone thought that it would be banned, i honestly thought Dead Island would be banned.

        Anyways what happened to the feature where you would round up what games had been classified?

          I just found that pointless as well - it ended up being a list of strange children's games and games getting M ratings - just dry, and a big time suck.

          The classification board is so inconsistent you never know what's going to get through and what won't MK was the first time in a ridiculous amount of time that something got refused classification. I don't want to be setting a precedent of writing a story every time a slightly violent game doesn't get banned. Seems a bit pointless to me.

      One word.


      Valve were stupid enough to call their Zombies infected humans, whereas Dead Island has gone for Zombies.

      Also, from what I've seen of it, I thought it had less of the amazeballs character destruction that L4D2 has, but I could be wrong.

    Been playing SSFIV a lot online lately, I lose often so I just thought I was bad at it. Then I see an Ibuki player I get beasted by a lot by in the elite replay channel, so I look his name up on Shadowloo and it turns out he came 24th in the tournament.

    Turns out I've been playing online against some of the best Australia has to offer. I feel a lot better about losing online now, and a WHOLE lot better about winning online too :)

      Might I ask, PC or console?

      I have a PS3 copy of the game, and should probably take it online at some point. I'm not sure how I would fair... not too well I should imagine. Hopefully the tournament champs are all playing it on Xbox360.

        Yeah it's the 360 version. You get all sorts of players online but when you come across a pro they will NOT hold back. As long as you accept that it's all in good fun.

    I don't understand why people say they were disappointed by the length of Shadows of the Damned. My wife's first playthrough clocked about 10 hours on her savefile, and granted, while that's not Resident Evil 4 length, it was an excellently done 10.5 hours. It still took her 10 hours to finish her second playthrough on easy (though granted, a couple of hours of that was farming infinitely respawning enemies for white gems so she could buy red gems to get the achievement for filling all her upgrade slots).

    Based on this evidence I'm assuming that people who say Shadows of the Damned was too short are also the same people who say that every game is too short.

    It's fascinating how people comparing their e-penises online turns into a indictment of the product itself - this is how I generally see the conversation devolve on internet message boards:

    Player 1: Modern Warfare 2 had such a short campaign, on my first playthrough it only took 8 hours!
    Player 2: Haha, you suck. I clocked it at 6 hours on my first playthrough on veteran difficulty!
    Player 1: Oh yeah, will on my second playthrough on veteran I speedran it in 4 hours AND found all the intel items. WITH MY FEET.

    It's the incredible shrinking campaign length! I actually saw one guy say his first playthrough of Call of Duty Black Ops took only 3 hours. I lolled merrily.

    Suddenly a game that in actuality takes a respectable 8 hours to complete is "too short". My bullshit detector starts going off anytime someone claims they're finishing modern FPS games in under 6 hours because either:
    a) they're lying, or;
    b) they were speedrunning from the outset just so they could brag about being the first to finish it or complain about it not being long enough.

    Then these people who finish a game in under 6 hours have the audacity to complain about the story not making any sense. Well buddy, maybe if you chilled and bit and listened to some of the dialogue instead of running through everything and skipping the 'tween-level exposition, you might have followed it a bit better.

    But this is turning into a rant about how people think Modern Warfare 2 had a bad story because they didn't understand it, but kneel at the alter of Black Ops because it had a story that they considered complex and interesting, while also affording them the opportunity to show off how knowledgeable they are by throwing around terms like "manchurian candidate".

    I don't want to sound like the intellectual equivalent of the speedrunners I hate so much, but I literally figured out about 75% of the story of Black Ops from the fact the title menu is your dude strapped into a chair, and the opening cutscene where the woman is reciting numbers into a radio.

    Then I have to listen to Sam Worthington grumble "F**KING NUMBERS, WHAT DO THEY MEEEEEAN" about 40 times.
    By the end of the prison level, which is the second level of the game, I had figured out the other 25% of the story, including the "plot twists".

    Ah... I've gone on long enough.

    Anyway, Shadows of the Damned is one of the best games this year. I'm frankly amazed at how consistently entertaining it was, especially when pretty much every line of dialogue is a penis joke to some degree.
    I'm not fond of Shinji Mikami's particular brand of over-the-shoulder 3PS action, but it's definitely more functional here than it was in RE5.

      Still waiting for my copy to arrive :(

        I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I actually bought it locally for the retail price of $99 (frankly it's been a long time since I paid more than $89 for a new game from JB) but I certainly feel like we're gettingo ur money's worth.

      Yeah, people are full of it. I tune out when people start talking about campaign length, because it's rarely an appropriate appraisal of the time that I will spend on a game. Whether this is because they were lying, or because I take my time, it doesn't matter all that much.

      And on the topic of length, I would prefer that campaigns were shorter. I understand some people can't afford too many games, and care about value for money, but that isn't as important to me. I just want a quality experience. And the shorter a game is, the more likely I'll be able to finish it in amongst all the other games.

        Yeah, I'd rather a quality game that isn't as long as a shit game that never ends.
        Some games overstay their appeal *cough* Madness Returns *cough* and by the end you just want it over.
        I'd rather 8-10 hours of constant fun that 12+ plus of crap.
        Only exception for me is RPG's.
        I mean, i have completed Baldur's Gate 2 about 30 times now.

      Stephen Fry thinks length is important.

      Seriously though, I've said this many times in the past. I'd prefer a good short game than a game that just draws out the content as long as possible. There might only be 5 hours worth of gameplay in a campaign. If a game takes 5 hours to play that campaign, it will be a good 5 hours. If that 5 hours is drawn out to 10+ hours (which is often the case) then the pacing will be completely off and the game will suffer.

      Also, is this your first TAY post Kermi? Normally I only see you in the comments of the normal articles.

        Normally, I don't think to check Kotaku until after Mark starts retweeting articles into my feed, so by the time I get around to checking TAY, it's onto page 2 or 3. Sometimes I don't even think to check TAY until mid-week. If I do post by that stage I'm usually just replying to other people.

        So I guess this is my first TAY post. Yay!

          In that case, huzzahs are in order.

      FWIW I'm impressed you have 21 hours to put into a game, Lack of time is the biggest contributor to my pile of shame and lot of the time I'd be happy for games to be shorter - or more to the point, I'd be appy for shorter campaign levels, in games like Halo 3 or Half Life 2 the levels go on for friggin ever - it feels like you're not making any progress whatsoever in some of those games.

        Well, it's actually my wife that's finished it twice (now three times as she finished her last "Legion Hunter" difficulty playthrough today - so make that 30 hours). As she doesn't work, se has the time to pour into the pursuit.

        I personally haven't even finished it once yet.

      Personally I like it when a game is 8-10 hours. Then I can actually complete it in the same year I buy it!

    Finally had time to start working on my pineapple of shame, but instead worked on getting all achievements for Dragon Age 2.
    I am really surprised, I really hated it at first, but I have now come to love this game.
    Except for the fact that it won't unlock my last achievement for gaining a companions rivalry. Played as a mage and got fenris to hate my guts, but the damn thing still won't unlock, argh.
    Oh well, the new achievements have also come out for the upcoming DLC, so I will retry when that comes out.
    Has anyone else had any issues with getting achievements on this game? The first batch I had was with the Sebastian related ones, but it just needed to be deleted then downloaded again. The second was with getting every resource and the third was with completing a companion romance. Grrr.
    I remember having problems with the first game as well, especially with the dlc.

      Apparently a lot of people were having trouble with achievements, yeah. Have you tried all the patches?

      I have very mixed feelings about the game, on its own it stands up as a decent-to-good action-RPG, but in comparison to the first the whole thing feels very underbaked. Narrative-wise it was really hard to get excited or even invest in the story, and the abuse of repetitive environments is a bit of a slap in the face.

      Hopefully the DLC is an improvement and I know they're taking a lot of the feedback into consideration for future titles.

        Yeah, after the first game I was really disappointed with both the story and the gameplay of the second. Yet after playing through it a few times, I have really started to enjoy it.
        The repetitious environments was just pathetic. There is no real excuse for this.
        The dlc should be interesting, as they say they are aiming for more tactical combat, which is something I enjoyed from the first game, instead of the hack and slash the second one seemed to be.

      Have you tried hitting it?

      That seems to be the cause and solution to most problems...

        "Have you tried hitting it?"
        My first action in every single situation.
        It is surprising the number of times this doesn't actually help... weird.

          I'll admit, this time I got a girl pregnant (incidentally, by "hitting it"), I realised that the solution to the problem was most definitely not "to hit it."

          Too far?

      For the romance achievement maybe try some chloroform.

      Not Dragon Age and not achievements but you reminded me I've been having problems in Assassin's Creed:Brotherhood getting the full sync requirements to register.
      The one where I had to kill a particular someone by throwing them into a scaffolding seemed to be fine, but then after doing that I killed someone else(just an unmarked, unimportant-seeming guard on the rooftops) with my hidden blade on my way back to the checkpoint and it came up as failing to fully sync.
      Then another time I had to lose no health, and I swear I didn't get hit once and my bar was full at the end but it said I failed again. Frustration!

        I have the exact same problem with the scaffolding mission. I have 100% sync in most other chapters, however no matter how many times I retry this mission, well only twice so far but still, I cannot seem to get the 100% sync for this.
        The other one I cannot seem to get is when you break into the tower to rescue, umm can't remember her name Catherine?, without anyone spotting you, I managed to do this, yet I didn't get the 100% sync, Grrr.

      Well done Hugo! I am still playing through my second playthrough with a less-than honourable female mage Hawke..

      I thought that the Arishok storyline kept the game above average.. It was my favourite part of the DA 2 story. Everything else was kind of 'meh,' I think they can do a lot better through DLC or the next instalment.

        I love the Qunari, mostly because they are so intense and devoted to their lot in life as decided by the Qun.
        I wish there had been more story inspired elements in relation to the Tal-Vashoth. Considering how devoted the Qunari are to the Qun, to have a whole bunch suddenly become renegades, was a situation that a whole act could have been dedicated too.

    Hi all.

    I am officially Pile of shame -1. Operation flashpoint Red River off the list. I actually enjoyed it heaps. The game has crappy team mate AI but the enemies are great. I had to drop difficulty to normal so I could get through without too much hassle so i could move on,. but I will def play this again once the month is over.

    Also, I am on the last level of the last thing I have to do in backbreaker and it is impossible hard. I think I will make a video of it just to show you what i mean. Doing my freaking head in. I will finish this next then move onto Unchartered 2.

    It felt really good to play games again. .I have not played much lately so i enjoyed it..

    Also, I got trackmania last week and i have already put in 5 hours in single player. fun game!

    Also got Trials story posted on screenplay so YAY...

      I saw your tweet, was very impressed!

      Talking of TrackMania. Lets sort a track or two for this week.
      Times must be in by 5pm Friday, we shall choose 2 tracks. How does this sound?

      (We should pick tracks from free version I think so more can join in if they want)

        Ill join in... free tracks only please.

        Hang on, this month is about pile of shame.. should we wait til August..

        FREEEE TRAAAAACKS! *brooooom-brooooooom!*

    Ok... meat write-up is done.. i think i forgot a few things, but the article is already massive.. all that's left now is for mark to approve it.

    I tweeted this, but what the hell, its the funniest ebay ad I've ever seen. How on earth it didn't sell is beyond me! (errr, the ladies might want to avoid this click...)

      "Competitive/Sport modes | Vindictive Modus Operandi"

      "Brembo Four Piston Disc Brake Systems | Doesn’t Know when To Stop"


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