Tasmania's Major Newspaper Is Down With Shameless Gaming!

This month is Shameless Gaming month on Kotaku. July is typically quite sparse on the new and exciting games front so, after Trjn suggested it, we've been trying to blast through our collective piles of shame - finishing the games that got left on the shelf once something new and exciting came along. Hilariously The Mercury, the largest circulating newspaper in Tasmania, has picked up the story and gotten onboard!

We have a scan of the story here. The Mercury syndicates a lot of content, so its possible that Shameless Gaming is being covered in different newspapers across the country. Let us know if you guys find anything!

Thanks for the scan Ruen!


    I am quite happy about this. Quite happy indeed.

      Well done! Wich I'd been paying more attention to MX. They do a gaming section I believe.

      Maybe you'll get to go on GGTV too!

      Cookies for you

      I Hat you!

      Goofie beenie hat with a pom-pom!

    A certain level of mainstream acknowledgement is not a bad thing indeed. However I think Attitude is a Mercury only feature but like Mark I would love to see if this little article made it into any of the other papers.

    Trjn, you are an absolute legend and this gets my tick of approval on a massive scale - i certainly won't be surprised if you score Kudos this week, which i think you should anyway.

    You're popular!

      Thanks :)

      I don't think I should get another Kudos for Shameless Gaming. Got one the first week, haven't done anything this week.

    Well done! I've found the majority of my pile of shame all end with 2: dead rising 2, just cause 2 , Killzone 2, dead space 2, uncharted 2 andonandon

      Although I'm not sure why I said 'majority' just thinking about it I still have to finish
      3-d dot heroes
      Alan wake
      AC Brotherhood
      Call of duty world at war
      Call of duty black ops
      Socom special forces
      LA noire
      RDR undead nightmare
      Shadow complex
      Dragon age origins


    Just had a quick look through today's Courier Mail. There was no mention and now I feel just a little dirty.

      we all know that the courier mail is a pile of shit anyway. couldn't expect them to give a toss about something like this.
      I'm stoked for you though! Looks like Kotaku is really whoring itself around lately ;) With FatShady getting his mug on tv, and you in the papers.. damn! Soon we'll be taking over all media!! mwoooohahhahahahahahahaha

    Great news, but I had to laugh at the phrase: "If the facts are anything to go by..."

    Anyway, nice one Trjn. :)

      They rarely are.

    Yay for Tassie. The greatest and most forward-thinking state of all... guys?

      I've always liked Tasmania. Not only does great beer come from there, but there's a steady supply of Tasmanians who have been stars for the Brisbane Lions.

      This is just icing on the cake.

      You've got to give them credit for somehow managing to get the NBN installed there first :P

    I want to swear.. I want to swear I am so excited about this.

    OK, here goes... poo!

    OK, perhaps that is not the swear I was thinking about.. but this is effing amazing work mate.

    Real big congrats.. we are changing the world!! (or at least Tassie!).

    Congrats dude!

    Heh, nice Trjn!

    The Mercury is a News Ltd paper but haven't been able to find anything on their main website or other News tabloids.

    The Good old 'Mockery' news paper, how I have missed your copy and paste stories, and front page news of 'Mrs Miggins Cat Stuck Up A Tree' Stories for the past 6 years.

    This article will be up over on Attitude's website later today.

      unfortunately the link doesn't work Trjn.

      Hopefully they'll allow people to post comments on the article. (from the looks of previous articles the possibility of that is high)

    This is great for us Tassie peeps, since the 360 was released down here last week!

      Hehe, gold. Powered by the caged hampster in the wheel?

      These jokes are not as funny since they got the NBN...

      Now they laugh at us!

    Hey Mark, just letting you know, we've taken on board the Month of Shame idea. My friends and I are altering it though a little. Six weeks to finish the most games we can from scratch in our collection that we haven't finished before. I'm fronting a prize of 20 dollars on Steam (might increase, never know) to the person who can complete the most. Obviously honesty is required for starting from scratch but a screenshot of the final credits/finish screen is required from each entrant. We've been part of the Good Game forums for a while now, then branched off to our own Facebook page 'The Time Wasting Thread'. Should be awesome :D
    The rules are that 4 games minimum have to be finished in this time period. That's the starting point. We're all game addicts so it should escalate brilliantly :) Thanks for the idea!!!

      Cool! Thanks Trjn - he's the creator. I just hopped on board with his idea.

      Good luck. And GODSPEED!

      I like the sound of this. Here's hoping it goes well for you guys.

      Feel free to leave a comment on one of the Shameless Gaming articles on my site (link in name) or email me at adam (at) trjn [dot] net to let me know how far the madness escalates.

        Will definitely do :) they don't know it but to keep up the momentum each payday I'm gifting a free cheap indie game to the current leader. I'll join and keep you all up to date :)

        And thanks Trjn! Legendary idea, thanks Mark for bringing it to my attention :D awesome guys :D

    Congrats Trjn!!

    Spent most of my time so far on Oblivion. I should probably finish a few of the others I have sitting at 80-90%. Red dead for one. Who else is sitting in the farm house with your freshly rescued family wondering weather the end is worth sitting through another hour of teaching your kid to herd cattle.

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