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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like how do you feel about R18+ at this stage? Have you given up hope? Happy to keep trying to import? Is it still an issue you feel strongly about?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Personally, I feel like the wind has been knocked out of my sails a little, and it has sort of shook my faith in political process. The fact that now, despite the overwhelming public support, despite the fact that the Federal government supports it, we're still waiting, messing around with t. At the SCAG meeting in December the issue seemed to have an incredible tidal wave of support, I remember watching it build and truly believing we would have a result.

Now it feels like a whimper. Like people are over it - done caring. I'm keen to hear your thoughts.


    Over it.
    Done caring.

    As i have said before, its a constant reminder at how retarded our own government is.

    Yeah I've almost given up hope, as it just seems to be going in circles. Lost track of the amount of surveys and crap that I've filled in for R18! No problems importing though, you get the games you want, at the right price, so no complaints there :) just annoying to see it constantly delayed

      Hey Denaz is the xbox forum community still around on another forum atm?

      I felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway for the last 6 months.


        haha yeah we've got our forum back finally!! But i've been hanging out here, and a couple other forums, as its too much effort to navigate around :P

        my name is voit dumbass!

    The SCAG should just get on with it.

    The whole debate is completely ridiculous. Those opposing the rating have been clutching at straws for so long, have been debunked so many times I just can't understand why they're given a seat at the table. Yet there they are, saying the same tired bullshit and still being listened to.

    It doesn't help that the way the SCAG operates makes it impossible to quickly enact change, or that after a decade of this madness there is still someone who says they don't want to rush things.

    Not over it. Will still support it and still care.

    As soon as we stop caring, the other side has won and I won't let minority groups like the ACL win. Letting them win sets a dangerous precedent. Religion does NOT belong in politics.

    I think its ridiculous the pollies pandering to special interest groups think they can tell us they aren't doing just that because they technically haven't rejected any R18+ proprosal but rather keep delaying the decision indefinately. Shame on all the cowards involved.

    I think we're likely to see a pricing reform on Steam before we see an R18 rating anytime soon.

    Sorry Mark, I don't even read your R18 articles anymore, wake me when there's a date set either for it's implementation, or the amount of time the discussion has been delayed again.

      Quick mark make a fake article that just links to a Rick roll :D

    I think so many of us are exhausted on the whole thing. Which I still think was some peoples hidden agendas so they could cull the issue entirely.

    But rest assured, it will only take one game to be RC'd for us to vibrate back into a fury of angry berserkers (Saints Row 3...)

    I'm no longer caring.

    I'll continue to import or if it's a PC game then I'll just get a uncut version cd key (just like L4D2). That way I get the game I want for up to 70% less than what it'd cost me to buy locally if it were available.

    It is ridiculous. I too feel like I'm also over it. Piracy and importing feel like the dishonest answer to an honestly stupid situation harming an industry I love but leaving me feeling like I have no choice.

    When you have the masses screaming for it and the very, minorly few holding the power, where's the true democracy? Where? The AG's are not there to serve as they should be, they're there to dictate. There's a term for that kind of leadership...

      Theres masses screaming for alot of things like the terrorists say death to America

      Things should never be changes just because of mass opinion they should be changed because it's the right move

      Over reacting because of public outcry makes things worse not better

      The issue here is that the debate is over we won long ago there is no valid reason to not have it. But they are pandering to the chance that public opinion could swing against them

        "Theres masses screaming for alot of things like the terrorists say death to America"

        Wtf? Huh?

        The relevance is the fact they asked peoples opinion on the matter, they said to us 'What do you think?' they put out a bloody paper on it. We responded with OVER 80 - 85% of the people in favour of it. Infact when surveyed in newspapers, they constantly get hits of over 90%. Seven Sunrise got a 90%+ result on their own survey, it's CLEAR what the people want.

        I don't understand your point for one. In this case, they asked, we responded, they scratched their head and said 'But we wanted the OTHER result...' and we said 'But... you're meant to be fair and impartial...' and we now see where that got us. Nowhere.

    I'm done, I don't care anymore. They can bring in an R Rating in 200 years time when the moons align, or ban everything above a G rating, but I've given up on these people embracing logic. I'm bypassing the whole thing and importing more.

    By buying locally I feel like I'm endorsing a broken rating system, so I'll throw my little hissy fit by sending my money overseas.

    I know this will make no noticable difference to the people responsible for our current predicament (and probably hurt local retail more than it hurts them), but what more can you do?

    It's the same old thing with government agencies. They aren't interested in it, and will make it drag on through various quantities of bureaucracy till we tire of it.

    I, for one, am still very much for it and will continue to lobby for it's inclusion.

    Like most of us, I'm over it all. So much politics and crap that it's just ridiculous now. But its still something I feel strongly about and support till the end. R18 makes sense.

    I'm kind of over the whole reporting on it now, the endless This is why we shoudl have it, the ACL saying "blah blah blah". I think it will but at the moment it's the same thing over and over.

    campaigning for #R18au is now a waste of time. Should campaign more widely, with other "stakeholders" for Federal takeover of classification so that uniform classification laws exist throughout the country, and are not beholden to yahoos from hicksville.

    Considering it is only an in principle decision I feel if they can't even do that then what chance do we have. Once the ALRC bring down their recommendations then we will have to wait until the next SCAG meeting where one of them will probably say "I need moar info" and around it will go again.

    I have been an active participant in this from day one and have lost count of the letters/emails/submissions I have sent (I've even sent them to the PM).

    I'm not giving up, but f*ck it's frustrating!

    'Scuse my french, but just give us the fucking rating. Is it so hard? Our politicians have proven time and time again that they are completely ignorant to the world outside Australia, so it's not really surprising that in many regards we're a laughing stock. While politicians continue to be fools, foolish things shall continue to happen. I wish we'd get the rating, but it will be caught up in the bureaucratic quagmire of politics for years.

    As bad as it sounds, I pretty much don't care anymore. This issue never really affected me in the first place (I don't really play any games that would warrant an R18+ sticker anyway).

    I was only involved because the principle of having an R18+ sticker for everything else but video games is illogical.

      I'm like you, I have no interest in playing the games that are RC and probably never will but I am still passionate about the principle, about Games and Gamers being treated with the maturity they have earned and deserve.

    I'm in for the duration, all the ups and downs included.
    While the latest statement is full of disappoint, there's still a slight chance a decision will be made.
    If not, it's another six months. I just have to find some distractions to keep fromdirecting my rage into unproductive areas, like hate e-mails and other overly aggressive correspondence

    Its exhausting, yes.
    But I don't want to roll over and die.
    That's what they want us to do. If we give up now, they win.
    They can take my R18+ but they can never take my freeeedddooommmmmm

    The wheels of change turn slowly. We all at times feel frustrated by how long some of these things take. In the end MOST law ends up reflecting society (for better or worse). Just as Gay Marriage is an inevitability for Australia, an R18+ for video games is too. We just need to continue to have a voice.
    Apathy is the greatest danger to our freedom.

    As an aside, I sometimes wonder whether our country is slowly creeeping toward a scary Orwellian future. One where we are increasingly censored and controlled. But that might just be the tin-foil-hat voice in my head?

    Im over it
    Let the ACL think they have one and we will just import everything we want, win/win.

    The classification system is actually needed but the ACL broke it, well done ACL way to protect the children.

      Though, that being said I still want Kotaku to write articles about the R18+ debates and articles about games that have been banned or modified. So I can stay up to date on the matter and also feel that moral outrage that we all secretly crave.

      (caveat: i'm not a religion-hater) but fuck the ACL.

      If they see this as a "win", they will advance onto their next goal, and then their next, and the next. See:

      These stoneage luddite happyclappers need to be kept locked away where they cannot harm society (whether christian, muslim, jewish etC). Whether the ACL or that fruitloop sharia dude on the Negus's 6.30pm show the other night, they're all a threat to a secular, democratic Australia.

    Logic tells me that giving up hope is silly, but then again, what kind of logic is at play with the government?

    I'm not over the fight! But it is definitely getting disheartening!

    The no R18+ rating has very little impact on me personally so I have lost interest.

    Left 4 Dead 2 has a trainer "Left 4 Uncut" which lets my mates and I play online and with unedited gore enabled. All played through Steam.

    That's the only game I have really wanted to play.

    Australia is turning into a nanny state. It's a joke.

    (shameless copy-paste job from buried deep in TAY)

    So it looks like most of the news sites are covering the Attorney Generals meeting today, all of the news articles I’ve found seem to be primarily covering the topic of parental authority in regards to children’s facebook profiles. While I’m all for giving parents more power to protect their children (A child’s right to privacy should always come after a parent’s right to keep them safe) I fear that because the R rating discussion is being discussed at the same time that this could possibly have a flow on effect into the R18+ discussion. . .

      Which news sites are covering the AG's meeting?
      I'd like to keep uptodate with things while I'm at work.

      Anybody else think it's odd that the same people who reckon parent's are capable of supervising their own kids use of Facebook seem to be the same people who think those parents aren't capable of supervising their own kids videogame playing?

        Can't believe I said parent's instead of parents. Grammar fail.

        Serrels! Fix it!

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