Tell Us Dammit

Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like what are your top five favourite albums of all time? Sometimes I like it when we talk about something completely non-game related, so let's give this a shot!

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

My top five goes as follows, but it changes pretty frequently...

1. Illmatic by Nas 2. The Stone Roses by The Stone Roses 3. What's Going On by Marvin Gaye 4. Mecca And The Soul Brother by Pete Rock and CL Smooth 5. Rounds by Fourtet

What about you guys? What kind of music do you listen to? Maybe we can get some good recommendations going!


    Currently my most frequently listened albums are The Man Comes Around by Johnny Cash and Sam's Town by The Killers. Not five, but what are you going to do about it?

      Come to think of it Legend by Bob Marley would probably be an appropriate third entry.

        Eh, you might as well add "Bad by Michael Jackson" and "Favourite Worst Nightmare by Arctic Monkeys" -- I probably could ammend the list a dozen or so times more but I'll leave it there. Five. Done.

          I love Bad - Bought the spec edition when he died with 'Street Walker' on it - they should've used that over 'Another Part of Me'

            Love that special edition - especially the interviews with Quincy Jones.

              I've got that album, but never actually listened to the interviews. :S

                It's worth it to hear some snippets of insight - especially the story behind "Speed Demon" which has one of the weirdest film clips (part of the Moonwalker movie) that MJ ever did!

    Blackheart Revolution by Genitorturers
    You Only Live Twice by Pain
    Psalms of Extinction by Pain
    ReLoad by Metallica
    Toxicity by System of a Down

      Genitorturers? Dude.. full on! lol

        A band everyone should see live at least once.

        Gen shoved a strap on dildo into my mates mouth :P

      +1 for System of a Down

    5. Pornography - The Cure
    4. Disintegration - The Cure
    3. Them Crooked Cultures - Them Crooked Vultures
    2. Once - Nightwish (close call between that and Dark Passion Play)
    1. Whatever I'm listening to right now. Which this week happens to be Probot.

    I'm also impartial to pop-punk. Can I get a whoop whoop for Paramore! ... Anyone?

    Top five albums?

    That's a tricky one, so I'm going to limit myself to one album per artist.

    In no particular order:

    NIN - Year Zero (yes, I know the earlier stuff is probably more popular but this was the point where Reznor started to focus on the softer melodic stuff so it works well for me).

    Dream Theater - Score (I'm so cheating with this one because it's a three disc live album that contains about three albums worth of songs)

    Queen - Jazz (my most listened to Queen album)

    Johnny Cash - American IV: The Man Comes Around (the last album he released before his death, contains so many brilliant covers including Hurt)

    Opeth - Ghost Reveries (Hard to split between this and Damnation but I appear to have listened to this one more).

    There's plenty of others but those are the first five, so I'll go with them.

      I freakin' love The Man Comes Around, "American VI Ain't No Grave" is pretty damn awesome too. Who'd have thought a cover of a Sheryl Crowe song would be one of my favourites? :D

        I didn't even realise they released some of those albums post-humously. I'll have to listen to them when I get a chance.

      Ghost Reveries is brilliant, and is my favourite Opeth album.


    and you have to throw in Johnny Cash as well

    1. Tom Waits - Big Time
    2. Tom Waits - Frank's Wild Years
    3. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Henry's Dream
    4. Van Morrison - The Best Of
    5. The Pogues - The Best Of / The Dubliners - 40th Anniversary Reunion (Live)

    No particular order. They're all number 1.


      You can't tell me this isn't one of the best songs ever written.

        PPS: Mark, where's your list?

          NM, delete this and the prior one, cheers

    Master of Puppets by Metallica
    The Doors by The Doors
    Ace of Spades by Motorhead
    And Justice for All by Metallica
    Battle of Los Angeles by Rage Against the Machine.
    Yeah I'm a bit of a metalhead, absolutely love Metallica.

      I wholeheartedly approve! RATM FTW!

    (List is not definitive and in no particular order)
    1. The Wall - Pink Floyd
    2. Orchestra Phantasma - Vicious Hairy Mary
    3. Can't decide which album, but something by Iron Maiden
    4. Uninvisible - Medeski Martin & Wood
    5. Life on Planet Groove - Maceo Parker

    ...I'm certain this list is wrong, but I'm posting it anyway.

    I could work on this list all day, but given 15 mins to think about it...

    1. Untrue By Burial
    2. Incunabula by Autechre
    3. Lift Your Skinny Fists By Godspeed
    4. Drukqs By Aphex Twin
    5. Takk By Sigur Ros

      Cool list.


        Thought I'd bump my hipster cred up a notch.

        Also Nas?

        I never would have pictured you for the rap type.

        The only rap album i bought recently is Dr. Octagon He is so nonsensical it's like listening to an alzheimers patient rap.

    Serrels! Nice number 1! I'm impressed!

    1. The Black Album by Jay-Z
    2. [Untitled] by Nas
    3. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West
    4. Reasonable Doubt by Jay-Z
    5. The Cool by Lupe Fiasco

      Oh! Also "Live Gothic" by Therion.

    My five currently most listened to. Undecided on all-time faves, but these are definitely always on the playlist:

    Danger Days - MCR
    Black Parade - MCR
    Dead Letters - Rasmus
    Little Eve - Kate Miller Heidke
    ABC For Kids Favourites Compilation (I have a 1 year old)

    Silence- sonata arctica
    Bringer of plagues- devine heresy
    Acendency- trivium
    Master of puppets- metallica
    And justice for all- metallica

      Silence? Nice. I prefer Reckoning Night (and Unia/Days of Grays aren't bad, despite most people's dislike) but that is an album I didn't expect to show up in here even though it is a very good album.

        I personally only ever picked up Ecliptica and winterheart's Guild. I wanted to pick up more of their albums albums (and a million other things) back then and never got around to it.

          They're pretty consistent, so if you like Ecliptica, then the rest of them will definitely suit. The exception to this is the latest two albums (Unia and The Days of Grays), which have a somewhat different sound and don't seem to be as well received.

          Those two take a few listens to really get into, but they did grow on me.

    I'm one of those people who can't choose between my favorites - i'm indecisive like that

    Some of my favorites that i can think of off the top of my head, though

    Mutter - Rammstein
    Sehnsucht - Rammstein
    Lullabies to Paralise - Queens of the Stoneage
    Songs for the deaf - Queens of the stoneage
    HIMMELFAHRT - Megaherz
    Herzwerk 2 - Megaherz
    Hysteria - Def Leppard
    GlaubeLiebeTod - OOMPH!
    Wahrheit oder Pflicht - OOMPH!
    Ego - OOMPH!
    The Sickness - Disturbed
    Believe - Disturbed
    Leviathan EP - Alestorm
    Captain Morgan's Revenge - Alestorm
    Follow the Leader - Korn
    Iowa - Slipknot
    Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses) - Slipknot
    All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot

    Man there are tonnes that i LOVE but my mind is freezing like it always does when i have to write a list

      That is all.

      Also Rammstein.

    Anything IN MY NEW CAR! I got my license and drove to work for the first time today! YAY! :D So much difference to catching the goddamn bus! :D :D :D YAY!!!!!

      Welcome to the awesomeness that is not having to catch public transport.

    "I once farted on the set of the Blue Lagoon..."

    It's so awesome that got Nas and Pete Rock & CL on there!

    For me off the top of my head:
    * Jay-Z - The Blueprint
    * Radiohead - OK Computer
    * Mika Nakashima - Love
    * Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele
    * Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

    (Now I feel bad for not listing Madvillain, Midnight Marauders, De La Soul Is Dead, Below The Heavens, 5 is truly impossible)

      OB4CL and Supreme Clientele.

      They'd prob both be in my top 10.

        You watching Wu-Tang next week at Enmore?

    Ten - Pearl Jam
    Razor's Edge - AC/DC
    Nevermind - Nirvana
    Making Movies - Dire Straights
    East - Cold Chisel

      Ask me again this afternoon, and it will be completely different.

    Kind Of Blue - Miles Davis
    Ain't That Good News - Sam Cooke
    Super Bad - Terminator X & The Godfathers Of Threatt
    Blade Runner - Original Soundtrack
    Escape From New York - Original Soundtrack

    Engel - Threnody
    Devildriver - Last Kind Words
    Trivium - Ascendancy
    In Flames - Sounds of a Playground Fading
    Nightwish - Dark Passion Play

    Listening to:

    1. Cage the Elephant - Cage the Elephant
    2. Babylon - Skindred
    3. Roots Rock Riot - Skindred
    4. Mirror's Edge OST
    5. Perfect In Between - Champion

    Pendulum's Immersion sometimes get thrown into the mix, but only for the In Flames collab.

    I have goldfish memory, and this list changes everytime I rediscover albums or buy new ones xD

    Deep River - Utada Hikaru
    Any album by The Cat Empire
    The Hard Road: Restrung - Hilltop Hoods
    Franz Ferdinand - Franz Ferdinand
    Nightmare Before Christmas OST - Danny Elfman

      Also I'm pretty sure I'm the only person in this blog that doesn't listen to hard rock or metal. Go me!

        I totally noticed that too. I am scared to admit that my favorite genre of music is pop - and am a huge Celine Dion fan. I am also a huge gamer owning every gaming system. Guess I am just some sort of freak :)

    Another Stone Roses fan. Good work.

    I left out Best of's because that's too easy.

    The Stone Roses - The Stone Roses
    Is this it - The Strokes
    Ritual De Lo Habitual - Janes Addiction
    Ben Folds Five - The Unauthorized Diary of Reinhold Meisner
    The Go! Team - Thunder, Lightning, Strike.

      As soon as you press enter you think of albums you forgot.

      On my subs bench are

      Air - Moon Safari
      Def Leppard - Hysteria
      Fear of a Black Planet - Public Enemy

      I'm going to have to stop or i'll be here all bloody day.

        Unicron - seeing your name has made me think of No 6 - 'Artistic Transformations' - Vince DiCola.

        What that man does with a piano blows my mind!

    No order whatsoever and also I don't have favourites, so I'll use best of if needed.
    The Who - various albums.
    Rolling Stones - various albums
    Justin Timberlake - Justified (what!? You wanna fight about it!?)
    Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
    Andrea Bocelli - most works.
    Prince - pretty much everything he does.

      Oh and I was watching The Last Samurai blu-ray last night I F'N LOVE that soundtrack.
      And I may still shed a man tear at the end.

        Oh and Daft Punk - Alive

      I like both JT albums, the productions were amazing! The Neptunes and especially Timbaland did their thing big time.

        I went to his concert and it's probably the best one I've ever been to.

    In no particular order

    We Are Not Alone - Breaking Benjamin
    Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin
    Bat out of Hell - Meat Loaf

    And yes it's cheating picking best of albums but...
    1 - The Beatles
    Greatest Hits - Queen

    I'm usually don't like to expose my music tastes because think they're terrible and people will make fun of me... but hey, I like what I like.

    It's also been a pretty long time since I bought a new album or even bothered to listen to entire albums, so this list is probably less of a strict "top five" and more of a "this is what I remember playing on my iPod most frequently".

    5. No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom

    4. Spiderbait - Grand Slam

    3. Meatloaf - Bat Out of Hell

    2. Garbage - Garbage

    1. Muse - Black Holes and Revelations

    Honourable mentions to:
    Guns & Roses - Appetite for Destruction
    Sonata Arctica - Ecliptica
    Area 7 - Bitter & Twisted
    The Living End - Modern ARTillery
    Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts

      Not terrible at all, if you were to bust out a Top 5 that included...

      Rebecca Black
      Miley Cyrus
      Justin Beiber

      Then certainly, GTFO now! :p

      Man Area 7 takes me back to early high school. Loved seeing them live. I'm a heavy music fan first and foremost but I still believe that 'Ska' is far and away the funnest musical genre. Nothing beats it live.

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