Tell Us Dammit

Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like what ISP do you use? And what kind of plans are you on?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

I must admit, I have a bit of an ulterior motive for this question. I've been using Exetel since way back when. At the time I think they provided the best bang for my buck (I joined about three years ago) but now with price increases and a bunch of other issues, I'm thinking about moving onwards and upwards.

What are you guys using, and what do you recommend?


    Internode for about 80 bucks a month with phone and 50 gig limit. Never had any trouble with them. Steam downloads are also unlimited.

      Also I am sure you have heard of and used Whirlpool.
      That will send you in the right direction.

      You should check their plans, they update them relatively frequently. I'm pretty sure you can get a bit more with you $80 with them nowadays.

    Bigpond, they actually offer the best price on ADSL2 in my area. On a 200GB plan and I use anywhere from 100-150GB a month... Stupid Steam downloads! Can top almost 2MB per second in downloads at times though...

      Same. The speed for me is a little sporadic, but it's good most of the time. I would have liked to get a cheaper deal, or an unlimited one but Bigpond is the only ADSL2 in my area. Don't usually go over the 200GB limit.

    I use SuperNerd (no, I'm not joking. look:

    They have really good plans, and we haven't had any issues with them of far. we had some downtime for 2 hours last month, but they were gracious and emailed us letting us know why it happened.

    I'm pretty happy with them.

    Westnet (basically the iinet regional division)
    50Gb peak / 50Gb off peak @ 1.5mbps
    $50 a month bundled with a phone plan $60 if it wasn't. Can't get ADSL2 here.

    I've been using iiNet for over 3 years. Happy with their service.

    But I'm moving to Werribee next year. Anyone know what my options will be?

      im with iinet too on the nbn
      were with them before the nbn was rolled out and stayed with them havnt had any major problems with them yet just the occasional quota mishap. but i have 1tb to play with each month so im pretty happy

    TPG ADSL2+. $50 a month, 200Gb download quota (no distinction between peak or off-peak, just a flat 200Gb). If you go over quota it shapes to 1Mbps.

    All I know is I have Telstra fibre optic and it's fast and have never been capped. Yep, I have an awesome attention spaa... Ooh a butterfly

    Just recently 'upgraded', if you can call it that, to the home and internet bundle with 30gig on peak and 70 off peak

    ...hey thats actually not too bad... i thought it was less, considering the plan we were on before was 5gig on 5 gig off... (kill me now)

    Including line rental it's $50 a month, compared to the $40 we used to pay...

    TPG is super cheap, but if you don't have one of their "recomended modem brands" you can have a few problems like us...

    TPG. $50 per month for ADSL 1, 20GB limit.

    Ouch, but... They're the only provider that could even find our phone line - including Telstra, who are providing our fixed line service. (And we live IN CANBERRA.)

    iiNet Naked ADSL, 300gb/300gb with FetchTV2.

    $109.85 per month with my staff discount.

    Optus, 150 gigs a month 75 peak / 75 off peak

    iiNet ADSL2+ + Phone bundle, about $90/mth for 100gb peak/100gb offpeak downloads.

    Pretty good, was the best option when we changed over from BigPond cable and haven't had any major issues with them.


      Usually get around 1.2 mb/s in dload speeds where I am. Happy with service except when Steam servers meltdown during sales. :P

      I'm using iiNet's ADSL2+ with netphone bundle, with 200GB on/200GB off download limits, all for $70 a month. Usually get around 800kB/s downloads with it.
      Love how iiNet decides to upgrade your plan's limits every few months for free, too.

    Unlimited TPG bundled with phone for $60.
    The phone is never used (don't even have a handset anymore) and for the same price, naked would have been 200gb limit.


      Crap customer service, but nothing ever really goes wrong so it doesn't matter.

    I mentioned our data allowances to my American friend. And his response was "Internet usage allowance? I always knew Australia would be the next socialist paradise"

      I think your american friend may be disappointed to learn that one of the biggest net providers over there quietly slipped in data limits (i think it was 200gb, cant remember who they were now tho...)

        Yep, when I moved here from the US 5 years ago, I was flabbergasted at data limits. Now we have TPG's unlimited plan and people back home are learning what download limits are like! Ha!

        I mean... ahem, I'm not bitter.

      Just wait till that internet filter kicks in!


    Always been Naked DSL since I arrived in country. Was on an old 100+100 plan, but that got grandfathered, as as I moved house a few months ago, had to go to the
    Naked Home-2 Plan, 200+200, $90/month (but then I don't have to pay for a phone)

    Never had an issue with them, and 3 years ago they were the only company that'd sign you up for NakedDSL without an existing phone number.

    I was with Pacific Internet for 8 years with a 512K unlimited d/l for $50/mth.

    Now been with iiNet for 6months and it rules.
    Bundled phone and internet for $79/mth and I get ADSL2+ with 200GB - including free Xbox traffic

      *sniffle* have a thought for me.... I'm still with Pacific! Don't go with them Mark! First step is to see if you have telstra or optus lines, or both. I want to move, but am limited to companies using telstra only.

    Unlimited TPG NakedDSL. $69.99 a month. Been with them for years, they've been great. Never having to worry about download limits is awesome.

    iinet phone+net for about $90/mth has 50GB peak + 50GB offpeak

    Adam Internet ADSL2+, 50Gb peak / 50Gb off peak @ $50 a month. Never had an issue with them and I seem to consistently get around 9Mbs connected to the PSN on the Flinders exchange.

    Optus cable 500gigs for 70 bucks p/m.

    Naked ADSL 2+ via Netspace

    $59 a month for 50G/50G

    Been with them for a few years, looking to change but couldn't be arsed. They have been good and i never use that cap!

    I'm on TPG ADSL with 120GB (60/60 on/off peak, naturally). $49.99/month.

    They're really not as fast as I'd like but at the end of the day if I paid the same elsewhere I'd have a lower download cap - much lower. Did I need 60 gigs? No, not usually, unless I accidentally download a 7 gig game 4 times by accident like I did last month.

    But other ISPs seem to offer really poor amounts like 20 gigs or 25/25 on/off peak, and that just doesn't feel like enough.

    TPG's customer service is terrible though. Just terrible.

    Exetel - double digit daily drop-outs.

    Just noticed that TPG are doing Unlimited ADSL2+ and home phone for $60 a month. Goodbye Exetel. Don't think it hasn't been a little slice of heaven.

    Because it hasn't.

    TPG for me. $49 a month and 75 on 75 off. I also get capped at 1Mbps if i go over. I loves it!

    Well i am on the 200 GB 88 dollar phone and adsl2+ bundle, but after promising that i would upgrade to 200 gb on the next monday a month ago, that was a lie then told they would upgrade me next month. Well its the 7th and i am still on 50 gb without knowing.

    Time to call up and complain :D

    Also i only get 4.5mbps despite being promised 20mbps speeds, i was told because i live in a old area. I better be the area that is quickly updated to fibre soon. Melbourne is the next place to be fully upgraded right.

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