TF2's Rockets Explained: Pith Helmets, Ray Guns & Mutton Chops Ahoy

WETA, the special effects and design house behind movies like Lord of the Rings and District 9, has teamed up with Valve for a little cross-promotion, with some of its original designs to be featured in Team Fortress 2.

For a while now WETA has peddled its own intellectual property (created by WETA's Greg Broadmore), that of Dr. Grordbort, seller of old-timey ray guns for combat against old-timey aliens.

That universe, previously restricted to comics and high-priced collectibles, is now part of Team Fortress 2, a variety of items now available including a pair of guns, a pith helmet and a beard/pipe combo.

That explains the rockets! oh, and there's also a new comic, available at the link below.

Dr. Grordbort + TF2 [Team Fortress 2]


    The comic shows only one of the 3 rockets that popped up in various maps. Current theory is that there'll be a couple more discoveries to come.


    the weapons are annoying as hell. Not because everyone has one but because they are very overpowered, make annoying noises, dont fit into the style of TF2, litter the screen with annoying (and recyled;HL2) effects.

    I love TF2 alot. Its my go-to. My sure thing. But its iritating now. Its not going to be a fad like everyone going enigie for the engie update. The weapons get kills/ results. balance is gone :(

    Lasers for the soldier. Really?
    From the TF2 "make items for TF2" page:
    >>>Keeping the visual style consistent is important, in that we don't want anything out of theme or out of date. TF is a stylized world set some time in the 50's. Nothing modern, visually hyper-realistic, or overly "cartoony."<<<

    SO I as a Soli now get to blast peoploe with deadly Lasers...


    I wonder what else these lovely rockets will bring.

    (Come on Robots for Engie )

    the cow mangler 5000 is so overpowered it aint funny

      yeha man,

      And I mean shit.
      This could have been for Engine aleast! He didn't even get anything for UBER...and they're lazer guns?! why the hell does the Solider have them. They look amazing but are stupid.


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