The Baggy Pants And Silly Hats Of The Fable Universe

Englishman Mike McCarthy, of Lionhead Studios, has for many a year now been working on the Fable series, bringing us some of the weirdest and most wonderful characters going around.

In a world where angry bald space marines are the norm, and brown and grey the extent of most colour palettes, Fable's bright, comical character designs have been a welcome reprieve from the seriousness of most other big-budget role-playing games. And it's those character designs we're looking at today.

In the gallery above, you'll find many of McCarthy's sketches and paintings for Fables II & III, including character concepts, environmental pieces and advertising material.

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    I love the art style, and his imagination in particular, but one has to wonder how these awesome concepts were so totally mangled when it came to the actual game.

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