The Best Death Metal Song About Demon's Soul Sung By A Shadow Of The Colossus Band

This is a death metal song about painfully hard PS3 game Demon's Soul sung be a bad apparently inspired by Shadow of the Colossus. I think that's all you need to know.

OK, if you want to know more here goes: The band is called Wanda and The Colossus and the song is called Sticky White Stuff. Here's the lyrics:

Forgotten realms torn apart by the greed of the old kings. Boletaria will never be the same. Our saviour to prevail gain the souls of the lost withdrawn from its vessle. Each archstone brings you one step closer to freeing you from your torment, the nexus, the place you now call home.

Soul of the mind, the key to life's ether may the maiden guide you through the light and may strength be granted so the world might be mended, so the world might be mended.

But you will fail again and again, your soul in eternal pain and your journey everlasting.

All of this cuz i fucking i deam it to be so for i am the old one, i will break you.

In blood filled water, you will remain. You may have a heart of gold but i will take it from you.

[Thanks Kawaiizilla and 4 Chan!]


    I don't mean to be an irate grammar nazi or anything but 3 errors in the opening sentence? C'mon.

    This is a death metal song about [the] painfully hard PS3 game Demon’s Soul sung [by] a [band] apparently inspired by Shadow of the Colossus.

      Is there like a way to block both Crecente and Ashcraft postings from showing up on my screen when visiting kotaku ?

      Seriously hope those guys don't get a paycheck for the dribble they expect us to read.

      *Demon's Souls

      So there are 4 mistakes in the opening sentance/title of this article.


      It's ok though, it's not like it's his job to write articles or claims to be a journalist or anything... oh. WAIT.

    Americans wouldn't know what Death Metal was even if they were impaled by it.

    my ears

    I like metal but this is meh. Would've been more enjoyable if he was singing about his frustration over how HARD Demon's Souls is haha

    Sound more like metalcore than regular death metal :/

      Death Metal, Metalcore, Hardcore, Black Metal, Grind Core, Djent, Prog Metal. It's all just Metal. And Metal is good.

        You are so wrong by saying that. Are FPS', RTS', Racers, Sports, etc all the same kind of game?

    It's not the best I've heard, but its still done well enough, and the concept along is hilarious enough for me to get into.

    For other VG inspired metal, look up Last Chance to Reason - Upload Complete, Powerglove - Metal Kombat for the Mortal Man, & Horse The Band - Cutman.

    this could've been made tech death or melodic death and it would've been decent, sounds to simple

    try this song again when your soul level is higher and you have placed more points into the "musical talent" skill

    not to bad but death metal it aint, now cannibal corpse or deicide thats death metal

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