The Best Parts Of Super Smash Bros. Melee And Brawl Together = Project M

The Best Parts Of Super Smash Bros. Melee And Brawl Together = Project M

It’s easy to underestimate the broad depth of the Super Smash Bros. franchise, but beneath the simple mechanics lies an incredibly in-depth meta-game and an huge community dedicated to playing and refining their smash skills. Some hardcore Smashers decided that the most recent effort, Brawl, didn’t quite live up to expectations, so they set about tweaking the game. The end result? Project M.

Playing the game does not require any mods to the Wii itself, just a copy of Brawl and an SD card. Instructions on how to set this up can be found here.

For more info check out this incredibly detailed Neogaf post.

Thanks Anth0ny for the heads up!


    • There’s been plenty of mods like this such as Brawl+, Brawl-, etc. I don’t think this will get shut down by Nintendo at all. Some high-profile tournament matches even allow mods such as custom textures and music as long as it doesn’t change the gameplay itself.

    • They are in no way encouraging piracy, so its fine. Nintendo cant do crap to them, these people are making a different work of art, editing something they own :D.

    • If it was going to be shut down it would have happened a long time ago, this isn’t really ‘news’ in the sense it’s far from new 🙂 Been an ongoing project for quite awhile now.

  • Well maybe if Smash Bros Brawl wasnt flawed these guys wouldnt need to do it. Brawl+ is excellent and i highly recommend it.

  • I really don’t get this so called “competitive” side of Smash Bros. It’s not supposed to be a competitive game, it’s supposed to be dumb fun. You’re supposed to play it with friends or kids and supposed to mess around with it.

    • Who cares what it is supposed to be (ignoring the fact that there is no possible way you can say that it was supposed to be played in a specific way)? If people find competition fun, let them compete.

      • There are plenty of other fighting games (even though Smash Bros is more of a party game) that you can play competitive. I find it weird and rather stupid that the only way for people to play this game competitive is to remove 95% of the content.

        • The thing is, Melee didn’t need anything removed, it was an extremely deep and balanced fighting game, Brawl on the other hand was an unbalanced mess (yes it was still dumb fun). These guys just wanted Brawl’s characters and graphics to play more like melee.

          Honestly youtube competitive melee and within 5 minutes it’s pretty clear there’s a whole nother level on which the game works.
          Melee = party game AND deep fighting game
          Brawl = party game >>>>>> enter this project

          • Uh what? Melee had the majority of content removed as well. Every “competitive” video is just Fox or Falco on that Final Destination map. Because every other character was either too weak or too strong and every other stage was broken and could be exploited by glitches.

          • Battlefield, fountain of dreams, Pokemon stadium and a bunch of other stages are considered “neutral” stages, while a few more are legal counter-picks. As far as characters go, in the right hands, almost all of them are viable in tournaments. I’ve seen the best Falco in Japan lose to a Mewtwo several times in a tournament match (obviously one example won’t justify my point, but there are plenty more you can find)

        • hear hear!

          If people want to play melee, then play melee. If you want competitions then play the game as it was intended.

          Hell they spend so much time “fixing” things wrong with brawl to the point of putting in broken and glitchy mechanics that have somehow been accepted as ‘legitimate strategy.’

  • I think that Project M is a pretty neat concept; fixing a game that is very unbalanced *cough*metaknight*cough*. However, I think that Nintendo can add some “advanced techniques” to the Smash series without implementing those used in Melee which, frankly, were all glitches that were never meant to be there in the first place (L-canceling and Wavedashing to name a couple). For example, they could make it so you could cancel the charging of a smash attack by jumping or shielding, which could allow for more mindgames and give slower characters better approach options (kind of like focus attacks in street fighter). Or cancel other moves by jumping or shielding, like they did with bowser’s down special in Project M. And maybe bring back l-canceling to an extent, but only for certain moves (sort of like King Dedede’s up special in Brawl), such as Link’s down air. Time the l-cancel right and he recovers faster; time it wrong and he recovers slower. Do nothing and he recovers at the normal speed. Obviously don’t do this for every character’s moves (as some characters should have a set lag time to balance out powerful air attacks), but do it for some characters to help make more characters better, and make for an overall more balanced game.

    Now, I’ll admit I am not experienced at fighting games, but these are just things that I’d like to see. Oh yeah, and have tripping in the game, but don’t make it random. Perhaps certain moves (like say, Marth’s down tilt) trip the opponent if they’re right next to you or something like that.

  • Honestly, there wavedashing is merely a result of physics and even Sakurai said it was intentional in Melee. If you fall with a diagonally downward momentum, you will slide. It just makes sense. L-cancelling was present in Super Smash bros on N64 as Z-cancelling and was even on the official site. It cancelled the lag of attacks when you hit the ground. In Melee, it was kept and even moderated by 50%. It was intentional again. Furthermore, it is the act of bracing oneself upon landing, which again, makes sense.

    In terms of content removal:

    I am launching a tourney in Montreal in two weeks. There are nine neutral stage, and about 14 counterpicks, Every character is legal and we don’t use items. When people say tournaments for this game are all about “Final destination”, they are wrong. We merely remove elements of “luck” which have no place in tourneys. Of course, even less competitive smashers will find a great deal of fun in Project M. No one if forcing them to play as we do. nALthough I would appreciate if less competitive-minded gamers did not try to impose their playstyle on us. Live and let live, you know?

    Furthermore, we are actually adding content. There will be new stage, moves, advanced techniques, etc… We’re taking the best of every game. If something had potential in Brawl, even if most of us dislike Brawl, we adapt it. Throwing away a good idea out of dislike would be unprofessional.

    Also Nintendo can’t shut Project M down because the mod itself cannot be detected. It runs off your SD card, so you don’t need to mod the Wii at all.

    Anyhow, you tell us to play the game as it was intended to be played. You are talking to a man who hold the controller reversed, so ic an’t help but look at you weird. What you are showing is closed-minded thinking. This is not how a human being evolves or discoveries are made. An eraser is made to erase things. Yep, I have once used an eraser to temporarily level a table during an exam. I did not use the eraser as it was intended, but I used my brain and came up with an alternate use. We found out how to make Smash competitive, and we used out brains and came up with a new way to play. That’s all we did. You’re pretty much telling us to play in a manner we find absolutely boring, which is the equivalent of “Stop having fun!!!”, which casual seem to misquote on.

    Also, about just playing Melee. Why would I go back to Melee when I can get a game with twice the amount of content that plays similarily to Melee with much more balance?

    Please keep an open mind.

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