The Cosplay Of Comic-Con - Day Two: Tinker, Yoshi, Birdo, Spy

What could bring together Yoshi and Birdo, Tinkerbell and Team Fortress 2's Spy? Only Comic-Con, where hundreds, maybe thousands of costumed comic book, anime and video game characters roamed the halls of the Con. Many dressed up, only a few were photobombed by a TF2 character.

Day two of Comic-Con cosplay saw some impressive get ups, including Darth Mario, Dark Link and one spot-on Jill Valentine from Resident Evil. Please, enjoy the hard work of these San Diego Comic-Con superfans in the cosplay gallery above.

We'll have more tomorrow. (If you've spotted some great cosplay at the 'Con, let us know and/or drop your own pics in the comments.)


    The image titled 'wtfisthis' is a group cosplay of characters from The Venture Bros.

    Lots of SPARTAN fans there too!

    what makes fat people think they can cosplay as a skinny person..

    news for you, wearing spartan armour doesnt make you look skinny

    I like how all the Spartans are fat.


    The cake was not a lie. <3

    hahaha sniper has a jar of piss!

      It's.... JARATE!!!!

    It just ain't Comic Con without the muffin tops.

      Tell me about it. Captain Marvel there needs to lay off the donuts...

    That Tinkerbell is making me sexist.

    Technically pyramid head wore a full sized butchers apron in SH2. The topless one is the movie one...not to mention he was taller then any human. Just saying.
    The Jill valentine one is great, but she needs a lockpick, being the master of unlocking and all.

      Thanks ;) I'll try to get my hands on one

    What is it with fat guys dressing as the JD Mad Hatter?

    I've seen quite a few of them at events and in pictures online. Do big guys think dressing as a character played by Johnny Depp makes them appear slimmer or something?

    HEY! Its Captain Marvel!

    lol @ the ? over the MGS Genome Soldier.

    Anyone else here the sound associated with that in their head when they saw that pic haha

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