The Cosplay Of Comic-Con—Day 3: Venti Snake

Being a Saturday, day three of Comic-Con 2011 saw no letup in the parade of cosplay across the halls of the San Diego Convention centre. And those who have braved the stampeding horde know why the in-house Starbucks would need an armed patrol by this old soldier.

Saturday saw appearances by Obi-Wan, Han Solo, the Assassin's Creed apothecary, D.C. Universe Online-authentic Harley Quinn and Joker; an utterly ripped Hawkman, and Captain America exercising his First Amendment rights in the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 panel. See 'em inside!

We'll have more tomorrow. (If you've spotted some great cosplay at the 'Con, let us know and/or drop your own pics in the comments.)


    HOLY CRAP its Obi Wan! by far the most accurate, cos hes actually old!!!! thats AWESOME!!!

    What character is the girl in the grey suit and suspenders?

    I thought maybe it looked like a metal gear raiden crossplay but I don't think so.

        Lol, so it is metal gear! I haven't played 4 yet. My friend and I are playing through them and I've finished the first and second ones so far. Thanks :)

    Snow White is hot.

    Saw that duck thing, felt a little uncomfortable.
    Saw the companion cube, gonna replace my sweet Portal dreams with hobo nightmares.
    Then saw the gangsta Ronald McDonald, never eating maccas again.

    Cheers Kotaku ;)

    Most people would probably think cosplay is sad, but enthusiasm is one of the most admirable qualities a person can have in my opinion.

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