The End Of The World Is The Beginning Of Rage

The latest developer documentary for id Software's Rage demonstrates just how similar the story of this game is to a Fallout title.

The world is ending. You're packed inside an underground vault to ride out the apocalypse, only to awaken as the sole survival of your particular ark. You wander the wastelands, fighting mutants and humans alike. At first you struggle to survive, but then you get caught up in events much larger than yourself. It's like a 'what if?' Fallout story where the apocalypse doesn't happen until the middle of the next century.

I'm perfectly fine with this.


    This is why I haven't been following Rage all that much. It looks to much like Fallout meets Borderlands meets Bulletsorm meets the colour brown.

    Some folks are, "ZOMG The graphics." But I'm totally over graphic fidelity. Give me graphic design.

    Rage looks technically great, but the gameplay, tone and art design all looks super familiar and fails to draw me in.

    Why are all these 'technically great looking' games boring as hell to look at? Even Crysis 2 was set in New York City, the most overused backdrop in entertainment media.

    Is there no creativity in this inidustry anymore? Can we only remake what's come before but with more graphical detail?

    Fallout did not come up with the idea of bomb shelters. That's like saying wolfenstein came up with the concept of guns and every fps since is just an alternative version of doom. Either way, the apocalypse rocks, looking forward to this...

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