The Good, The Bad, And Ugly Of Working Xbox Tech Support

Website Idle Hands has a lengthy series of pieces up of what it's like to work tech support for Xbox. There are insights on customers, policies and refund info. Read part one, two and three. [Idle Hands]


    None of the links work.

    "Ok, so.. Some articles I posted a while back got A LOT of attention very instantly and recently.

    I was given a heads up that it may of crossed the screens of some people and those people notified some higher up people.

    So, I pulled the articles for now.. I am not in any position to shake things up. Financially, mentally or otherwise.

    So with that, Anything in question has been pulled from the page. Apologizes for any offense I brought to anyone."

    because the website creator shat themselves when they saw that their articles were getting attention and they subsequently pulled them from the site.

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